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  1. I guess this would allow some seniors to get and advanced degree or work toward it!
  2. Many Covid cases in the student population. Don't see how they will prevent it among the football players.
  3. No further comment Reported coronavirus deaths yesterday: • France: 0 • United Kingdom: 0 • Canada: 4 • Germany: 6 • Italy: 6 • United States: 1,450
  4. Go Army beat Navy! I root for Navy in all other matches. :)
  5. If you look at the wrestling schedule at least for men's freestyle there is also a woman's weight scheduled. The popularity of the women in Japan made the demand for these sessions increase. In the past I had no trouble getting tickets for wrestling (96, 04, 08, 16).
  6. They combined the one Women's weight with the Men's freestyle each day therefore with the Japanese women being so popular these tickets would be sold out with the locals getting first shot at them.
  7. They could have Iran compete as another country. Why does Israel have to compromise?
  8. Before reading this I wasn't aware that the event was free outside the US. I will be in Europe during the event so I can watch for free :)
  9. Geez, he started this topic as "FUN FACT" and then it goes off the rails. Some of the posters have to start having some FUN on here!!!!
  10. First I said I didn't see the match and my point was that basically the only scoring was for step outs. Was not denigrating Sumo. Based on the many comments many were surprised that there was not more scoring especially from Dieringer.
  11. I didn't see the match but 12 minutes without a takedown seems like SUMO!
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