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  1. PAFAN01

    Yasar Dogu

    Not a seed! Order of the draw.
  2. PAFAN01

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    Looks like Zain has a chance 10-4
  3. I wrestled but didn't consider myself a wrestler so they were all better than me :)
  4. PAFAN01

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Has Nolf IMar started? Can someone provide update?
  5. PAFAN01

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Gas tank could determine Nolf IMar!
  6. PAFAN01

    WTT Trial Finals Thread

    Nolf era not over yet!!!!!!!!
  7. PAFAN01

    Watered Down Olympics

    My comment of "watered down" was referring to only 6 weight initially and now only 16 per weight class. I would prefer 10 weight Worlds every year. And also the Olympics causing extra premium $$$$ to attend are really not worth it.
  8. PAFAN01

    Watered Down Olympics

    6 weights and 16 qualified guys per weight is terrible, but it will be the very opposite of "watered down". This would be true but the qualification procedure requires wrestlers from each global region and consequently the 16 qualifiers are not necessarily the 16 best.
  9. PAFAN01

    Watered Down Olympics

    I have been to several Olympics and primarily for wrestling. I have attended the other events and agree that the Olympics are more than just wrestling. Might say that i am spoiled and for this reason I was looking to go only for FS wrestling and consequently thought that the overall expense outweighed the only limited 16 wrestlers per weight. The Olympics is also an opportunity to visit the country. I have been to Tokyo Japan so this is also part of my reasoning. Bottom line for me is that you have to pay extra premium prices because it is the Olympics so I am going to spend my dollars at World Championships and see more wrestling. Oslo Norway, here I come (2021).
  10. PAFAN01

    Watered Down Olympics

    Yes but considering the cut to 16 wrestlers per weight some possible contenders will not be there.
  11. PAFAN01

    Watered Down Olympics

    Well maybe the least they could do is to have wrestle backs (double elimination) since time to complete should not be an issue.
  12. I was considering the 2020 Olympics. After looking at the schedule, the drop of number of competitors to 16 per weight and only 6 weights per discipline I felt that the expense would not be worth it. The World Championships are a better deal and I feel being a World Champion is now more valuable or prestigious. I will save my dollars to attend World Championships. UWW should have World Championships every year including Olympic years.
  13. Bo has 2 pins in 52 seconds.
  14. Jake won FS right after losing Greco.
  15. PAFAN01

    45th NCAA in a row- annual post

    23 out of the last 24. Missed last year. Great to get back to the BURGH! Starting a new streak!