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  1. He was wrestling for the USA, not Iowa or Pennsylvania!
  2. If the clock is not synced then maybe don't show it!
  3. When you win a World Title and are called Champion they don't list the losers!
  4. Hope this puts an end to who is better (Dake or Taylor)! Irrelevant at this point!
  5. If Dake were injured and Burroughs at 79Kg it looks like Nolf would be the rep at 74Kg.
  6. Yes, said the same thing last night! John is coaching and Jordan is commentating! At first John was annoying but after thinking about it I thought he was doing what he is used to by being in the corner and Jordan is being an observer. Two different perspectives which is good.
  7. This was my complaint in 2019 I was considering the 2020 Olympics. After looking at the schedule, the drop of number of competitors to 16 per weight and only 6 weights per discipline I felt that the expense would not be worth it. The World Championships are a better deal and I feel being a World Champion is now more valuable or prestigious. I will save my dollars to attend World Championships. UWW should have World Championships every year including Olympic years.
  8. Don't forget Denny! Didn't see the previous post.
  9. Sad news. Enjoyed his posts. RIP!
  10. If he fails to qualify then it is questionable how well he would do at Olympics. I am certainly a JO fan!
  11. Lee beats 1 and 2 seeds!!!!! Yianni and Zain never happened!
  12. All they say is missed weight. We all know that! Are there any extenuating circumstances? Reason for appeal?
  13. 27 pages of speculation and no official accounting. Where is USAW?
  14. He wrestled 43 of 159 matches against Big 10 opponents (27%).
  15. What other bracket(s) beside 285 have changed?
  16. IOWA has more from PA other than Lehigh (6) 125 Spencer Lee Iowa Senior Murrysville Pennsylvania Big Ten 1st 133 Austin DeSanto Iowa Senior Exeter Pennsylvania Big Ten 2nd 149 Max Murin Iowa Junior Ebensburg Pennsylvania Big Ten ATL 157 Kaleb Young Iowa Senior Punxsutawney Pennsylvania Big Ten 2nd 174 Michael Kemerer Iowa Senior Murrysville Pennsylvania Big Ten 1st
  17. Just doing a public service :)
  18. Anyone from any state can go to PA schools :)
  19. I know there is someone always asking: Home State Qualifiers Pennsylvania 50 Illinois 29 Ohio 27 California 24 New Jersey 19 New York 15 Iowa 14 Indiana 13 Michigan 13 Georgia 12 Missouri 12 Minnesota 11 Colorado 10 Wisconsin 8 Florida 6 Kansas 6 Oklahoma 6 Virginia 6 Arizona 4 Oregon 4 Texas 4 Idaho 3 Montana 3 North Carolina 3 North Dakota 3 Utah 3 Washington 3 Connecticut 2 Kentucky 2 Maryland 2 New Hampshire 2 West Virginia 2 Alabama 1 Alaska 1 Hawaii 1 Massachusetts 1 Nebraska 1 Nevada 1 New Mexico 1 Tennessee 1 Wyoming 1
  20. Get this over the top today! Come on Hawkeye wrestling fans!
  21. I guess this would allow some seniors to get and advanced degree or work toward it!
  22. Many Covid cases in the student population. Don't see how they will prevent it among the football players.
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