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  1. Marty Morgan never won a state title but went on to do the following: Div. II National Champ (as true frosh) Div. I National Champ Div. I National Runner-up 2X World Team member Member of World Cup Team Coached 3 NCAA Championship Teams Not too Shabby.
  2. Coolbeans

    Who was Coach of the Year

    With Cael being the frontrunner, who else could it be?
  3. Coolbeans

    Remember these posts....

    Good stuff. I guess Cael just made more bonus point warriors!
  4. Coolbeans

    Big Ten Dominance

    I wonder what conference the PSU wrestlers would be a part of if they hadn't selected Penn State. Guessing the Big ten still retains most of these wrestlers.
  5. Coolbeans

    Spaghetti wrestling

    I am addressing this from a neutral perspective. For bottom wrestling (and I'm dating myself) Coach Strobel (former Lehigh Coach) really does have all the answers. Ethnocentric I know, but that style of bottom wrestling would be highly successful with today's wrestlers. I saw a lot of Randy Lewis this weekend with the single leg defense, which I like, but it still seems to me that a drag or an elbow pass (of which I saw little of) would bring back the Metcalf, et. al era and negate a lot of the dropping over the back to ankles stuff. Maybe my old age has gotten the best of me but there are many of my era that were masters of creating an angle. It would be interesting to see someone like Brands/Zuniga against todays wrestlers.
  6. Coolbeans

    2X Champ Dean Heil

    Good sh*t! Heil is a stud! You need look no further than tonight to realize winning this tournament is not a given. Heil, regardless of what the fans think, EARNED it. Everyone in Mn. knew Schlatter's day was coming and then it did. I keep waiting for it with Heil but it doesn't...fair play to him.
  7. Coolbeans

    Rank NCAA Finals Performances

    Great post wrestlingnerd! For me it was Joseph pinning Imart. Wow. A close second was Clark. What a tough son of a gun.
  8. Coolbeans

    Spaghetti wrestling

    So strange for me as an "old timer" to see wrestling today. You see kids winning Olympic medals (Snyder/Cox), Freshman winning national titles regularly and still, the wrestling seems so poor in many ways. Adding funk to the sport ....Askren (lol), has taken a lot away from it as well. The last college wrestler that I can think of who knew how to truly turn a corner on his feet was Metcalf. To me, that is why he was so successful. Love the sport but kind of hate watching two studs in a dryer at the same time. Anyone else?
  9. Coolbeans

    Why have stalling?

    Agree. I've known Mark since he got to the state of Minn., classy kid who has always wrestled cognitively. Not necessarily my style but give him some credit, first National finals against an obviously bigger guy. I wonder how many of those complaining would have done anything different if they were in his shoes with the exception that they wouldn't have been able to close the deal in the last seconds, like Hall did, behind their keyboard.
  10. Coolbeans

    Throw me

    No two coaches are the same, that's why I liked it. Perfectly within the Brands/Iowa mold to ask his athlete to throw him while Cael does not. In the end, if you are a blue chip recruit and/or a parent of one, you are definitely looking at PSU and what those kids say about their Coach. On the other hand, you also witnessed another example of a coach/athlete interaction not commonly seen.
  11. Coolbeans


    What the hell....good stuff Pamela! Board is mostly funny tonight with the exception of a few debbie downers.
  12. Coolbeans

    Season is over. Who is changing weights?

    Funny stuff! I was going to say Hall is moving up but yours is better. Well played!
  13. Coolbeans


  14. Coolbeans

    Throw me

    I, for one loved it. To me it was a reflection of the bond between a coach and their athlete. That Brands was so excited for Clark that he didn't know what else to do with his feelings is indicative of Brands love for the sport and his athletes. That Clark didn't want to do it, I saw as a show of respect for his coach, yet he dutifully did as instructed. Great gesture from both in an exciting and fitting time. Hope others see it the same way. Congratulations Cory Clark...class act! p.s. wrestled Terry in college and didn't much care for him so this is a change in my opinion, long overdue I suspect.
  15. Ethan Lizak quote taken off the mat.com..." Especially working with Zach Sanders. He's helping me a lot especially on my feet wrestling. I think it's been showing I've been getting more takedowns in the Big Ten and in this tournament."