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  1. Wow... someone here is a bit hypersensitive and guess what... its not me!
  2. Horrible analogy... Wreckless driving is against the law and gets many people hurt or killed all the time. Your analogy seems to be promoting breaking the law, being wreckless, and taking unnecessary risks. What Pico is doing IMO is not wreckless. Hes taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity and using his tremendous talents to accomplish some pretty incredible goals. Kudos to him for having the courage to go after it, but horrible horrible analogy on your part.
  3. Who will be the face of NCAA Wrestling next season? Last season it was David Taylor... The year before was Dake and Taylor... Others over the years were Brent Metcalf and Ben Askren...
  4. While I am a big fan of Taylor and was rooting for him last year.. You do realize that Taylor and Dake are the same age. Dake did not take a redshirt while Taylor did so the "more mature" argument doesn't really fly...
  5. In the NCAA final? Nothing. In the previous 2 times they wrestled this season? A whole lot! Howe IMO was screwed over in the conference finals. Again I state IMO which stands for IN MY OPINION, Howe wins 8/10 times. That being said Perry showed up to wrestle and Howe didn't! Perry got the job done Howe didn't! And like I said earlier Howe looked TERRIBLY flat. This is my opinion. Agree or disagree it doesn't matter. It's just an opinion!
  6. Hummer.. Horrible idea. What's the difference between a forfeit and an injury default? How does scoring a forfeit and a fall being equal in a dual meet make sense but not in a tournament? If you take away bonus points then you could see coaches strategically withdrawing wrestlers from tournaments in order to prevent the opposing team from scoring bonus points. Example... Let's say going INTO the 165lbs match Oklahoma State was in first place over PSU by 4.5 points. Instead of wrestling Caldwell where he could lose by a major and give the team title to PSU... They could withdraw Caldwell giving Taylor a forfeit win, but no bonus points and Okie State wins by .5
  7. Howe absolutely is a stud, but being a stud and being over rated are two completely different things. My overrated comment was explaining the flaw the the argument that because Howe was 2-1-3-2 he can't possibly be overrated. If Someone was expected to be a 4 time champion and he comes out with 4 runner up finishes you agree that they were overrated? IMO I don't think Howe was overrated. I think if Howe and Perry wrestled 10 times.. Howe wins 8 of them. With that said, hats off to Perry for winning when it counted most.
  8. You can absolutely go 2-1-3-2 and be overrated. Being overrated means you were EXPECTED to accomplish more than you actually did. Regardless of who he faced most people believe that Howe was hands down going to win the NCAA title. Most people didn't give Perry Much a chance of repeating. I think Howe wrestled terribly flat and Perry took full advantage. Personally I was pretty shocked not only that Howe lost.. But also how the match wasn't even close!
  9. I remember back in 2009 someone on this board swore up and down that Taylor was going to be too small and not strong enough to have any success at 149lbs (his redshirt year) and that he was totally going to wash out... I totally forget his username but I wonder what he has to say now...
  10. I remember back in 2009 someone on this board swore up and down that Taylor was going to be too small and not strong enough to have any success at 149lbs (his redshirt year) and that he was totally going to wash out... I totally forget his username but I wonder what he has to say now...
  11. Hey, he only needed one. D.T. And DT was NEVER an ISU guy so saying Cael Had 2 recruiting classes is really just a case of sour grapes! When Cael first got the job as PSU head coach in spring of 2009 there was a huge buzz of excitement in PA. I took my team to camp up in Happy Valley that summer and let me tell you the entire group of PSU wrestlers and staff members were incredibly excited about their new coach. You could just tell that the program was about to embark on an era of greatness!
  12. I've read a couple times on here how Sanderson had 2 recruiting classes... Don't you think that's a bit exaggerated? Yes, David Taylor came with him after commiting to Iowa State, but Taylor NEVER ENROLLED at ISU and was going to go wherever Sanderson went. He never would have signed with ISU without Cael. Andrew Long transferred over to PSU from Iowa State saw ell, but it wasn't like the huge exodus that took places with Tom Brands and the Virginia Tech transfers... So which guys during the past 5 years were really ISU recruits that ended up at PSU causing Cael's ability to win 4 NCAA titles?
  13. Amazing.. Kid just becomes his schools first 3x champion overcoming a lot of personal adversity and closes out an amazing NCAA career.. And it's still not enough..
  14. 4 points for winning the match... Bonus points are 1 for major, 1.5 for Tech, 2 for pin...
  15. District 3 has a full week off.. That will definitely come in handy for Chance...
  16. I agree 100% with you snapspinscore! How the heck can we expect anyone else to promote or be interested in the sport or wrestling if we aren't even willing to promote it ourselves! We got lucky this time around with the whole Save Olympic Wrestling campaign but truth be told it should have never even gotten to that state and if you think that it wont come up again.. think again. Our sport will ALWAYS be on the chopping block when its int he hands of non-wrestling people.
  17. Adidas wrestling shoes that were made in Germany before they went mass market and moved production to China(before 1995). I'm talking about the ORGINAL Combat Speed and Elite International.. German Made...
  18. Where does Pat Smith rank amongst NCAA Wrestling's All Time list. People seem to only mention Cael and Dake when speaking of the greatest ever...
  19. We NEED the 2 piece uniform! They are cooler looking and more stylish than the singlet.
  20. The problem with arguing that one sport is tougher than the other is that people have different definitions of what tough means. Lets take Baseball for instance. I wouldn't consider Baseball to be a tremendously "Tough" sport. However I will say that it requires a tremendous amount of skill and a DIFFICULT sport to be good at. Batting requires outstanding hand eye coordination, finely tunes instincts, great reflexes, and an explosive amount of power. I could NEVER be a good Baseball player. Its just not in me. My definition of "Tough" is the ability to absorb a tremendous amount of wear and tear, push through tremendous grueling physical strain, and keep moving forward at a high rate of intensity. I think MOST people would agree with that definition. The reason I dont think long distance running is the TOUGHEST (while still being very tough) is because while you're pushing your body to its limits, there is also a certain amount of restraint that you use while running. A marathon runner will not explode out of the gate as fast as he possibly can. In fact at no point in the race does a marathon runner do that. You are required to remain as comfortable as possible and maintain it throughout the duration of the race in order to run well. IMO College Wrestling and Boxing are the two toughest sports out there, not just because the tremendous and grueling effort you have to put forth, but also because you need to withstand the pressure of another who is trying to beat down on you.
  21. That's DF's problem it's full of inconsistencies. As for marathon running yes it's incredibly difficult, however you could argue that the point of a long distance runner is the remain as comfortable as possible for the duration of the race as well as go at a steady and consistent pace. A marathon runner has to be disciplined enough to run races trying to SAVE his/her energy through out the race. Also deny that same runner food and drink for a few days prior to the race and you would have a big old mess. A runner will carbo load for days prior to the competition and MUST be well hydrated otherwise he or she will not be able to compete. It's a completely different type of training and takes a tremendous amount of focus and determination, however it's also really a race to push yourself. I've run a full marathon and several half marathons. I also coach the distance runners for my schools track and field team. One of my distance runners was 4th in the state this past year and earned a full athletic scholarship to run cross country in college at a division one school. Wrestling training at the highest level is still tougher than training for a marathon a sentiment that my best runners share with me, including my D1 recruit who competes in marathons and ironman competitions.
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