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  1. The mission will become possible if they keep playing it....my ears are bleeding.
  2. pipewrench

    UWW steaming up and running.

    Only Mat 4 with sound? Or is that just me?
  3. pipewrench

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    One of the first good turns I learned as a kid. Also a handy tool, like me.
  4. pipewrench


    Someone shut Quint up....
  5. pipewrench

    Ronnie Perry

    First finalist since some guy named Kolat.
  6. pipewrench

    Every year PSU could lose

    Tremendous, actually. #tywebb
  7. pipewrench

    Session 4 Thread

    ...and Penn State takes the lead.
  8. pipewrench

    Session 4 Thread

    15-16 record
  9. pipewrench

    Session 4 Thread

    McKenna took neutral to start 3rd?
  10. pipewrench

    Session Three Thread

    Love how Snyder shut down Quint.
  11. pipewrench

    Session Three Thread

    Moore v Rasheed on backside now.
  12. pipewrench

    Least-Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team

    Like an orange on a toothpick.
  13. pipewrench

    link to that site

  14. pipewrench

    ESPN3 Multi Screen Gone?

    Can't seem to find it anymore...is it gone?
  15. They need that PA connection.