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  1. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto # 1 I don't think they should have had anything playing for them these games.
  2. You spelled it wrong....It's Streiblerer. ;-) *Damn, that feels good....
  3. And why isn't Nickal/Zahid on the TV? JFC.
  4. I think you would see a lot more pissed off and/or sympathetic posters. You know, fan bases and all.
  5. Does Marstellar have a chance to be a last chancer with a chance?
  6. Spring Basho for sumo ending soon: Kintamayama posts condensed days: Kintamayama Chris Sumo posts select matches with commentary: Chris Sumo
  7. The good old days....
  8. WTF, Tim. That was disgusting.
  9. Tom Ryan incapable of wearing a mask.
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