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  1. pipewrench

    NCAA approves shorts

  2. pipewrench

    Calling it now - Kollin Moore is the 2020 197 pound champ

    I order fish on a Monday. Just sayin'.
  3. pipewrench

    All Things Pittsburgh

    The Strip is a fun place to walk on a Saturday morning. Check out the Korean food cart guy. He makes delish Chicken on a Stick and Mung Bean Pancakes. Also, Wholey's Fish Market has a lunch menu. Excellent Shrimp Po Boys and Lobster Mac and Cheese. https://wholey.com/kitchen-menu/ Also, the candy shop is pretty cool too...(Grandpa Joe's Candy)
  4. pipewrench

    Big Ten Finals Thread

  5. pipewrench

    Big Ten Session 3 Thread

  6. pipewrench

    Iowa in Stillwater

    oh snap
  7. pipewrench


    holy christ....
  8. pipewrench


    PSU has MSU tonight....
  9. pipewrench

    Flo's headline links to the wrong dual

    Really, bro?
  10. pipewrench

    UM v PSU

    I think you mean racism.
  11. pipewrench

    Pitt Vs okie state

    Phillippi 3-1
  12. pipewrench

    Excape? WTF?

    Supposably, it is frowned appon to eat a sammich in the liberry.
  13. The mission will become possible if they keep playing it....my ears are bleeding.
  14. pipewrench

    UWW steaming up and running.

    Only Mat 4 with sound? Or is that just me?
  15. pipewrench

    So what's the deal with your screen name?

    One of the first good turns I learned as a kid. Also a handy tool, like me.