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  1. The Strip is a fun place to walk on a Saturday morning. Check out the Korean food cart guy. He makes delish Chicken on a Stick and Mung Bean Pancakes. Also, Wholey's Fish Market has a lunch menu. Excellent Shrimp Po Boys and Lobster Mac and Cheese. https://wholey.com/kitchen-menu/ Also, the candy shop is pretty cool too...(Grandpa Joe's Candy)
  2. PSU has MSU tonight....
  3. I think you mean racism.
  4. Supposably, it is frowned appon to eat a sammich in the liberry.
  5. The mission will become possible if they keep playing it....my ears are bleeding.
  6. One of the first good turns I learned as a kid. Also a handy tool, like me.
  7. First finalist since some guy named Kolat.
  8. ...and Penn State takes the lead.
  9. McKenna took neutral to start 3rd?
  10. Love how Snyder shut down Quint.
  11. Moore v Rasheed on backside now.
  12. https://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/
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