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    pipewrench reacted to Housebuye in Iowa ranked #1 by WIN magazine   
    WIN rankings are always terrible
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    pipewrench reacted to MadMardigain in DT out for this year’s worlds   
    Downey will either walk away from Worlds with a highlight reel of throws that will wow the wrestling community or will have an epic meltdown that would embarrass even the Mongolian coaches.  
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    pipewrench got a reaction from PSUMike in All Things Pittsburgh   
    The Strip is a fun place to walk on a Saturday morning.  Check out the Korean food cart guy.  He makes delish Chicken on a Stick and Mung Bean Pancakes.  Also, Wholey's Fish Market has a lunch menu.  Excellent Shrimp Po Boys and Lobster Mac and Cheese. https://wholey.com/kitchen-menu/  Also, the candy shop is pretty cool too...(Grandpa Joe's Candy)
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    pipewrench reacted to Coach_J in Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st   
    Made an observation that obviously strikes a sensitive nerve for you; you can travel down any hole you please.  Again, your problem, not mine.
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    pipewrench reacted to Lurker in McCoy Steps down. It is official   
    Actually just the opposite, I’ve interacted with him, but it’s been minimal. I haven’t said anywhere he’s a great guy, I’ve said everyone who’s worked with him closely has said so. You on the other had, have completely blasted him as a person, have lied in this very thread, and refuse to answer what your personal experience with him that has lead you to this. 
    So basically, all I’ve really done is called you out for being a scumbag with no backing of your opinion of him other than he hasn’t been successful coaching for the last five-six years. (People seem to forget he was successful as a coach before Maryland joined the big 10). 
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    pipewrench reacted to lu_alum in McCoy Steps down. It is official   
    Nope. Not since Santoro left. When he was at Maryland, you could see the influence of his strong roots to the Lehigh Valley and SW PA - the two strongest areas of the state.
    Regarding McCoy... his placement at Maryland was pretty much orchestrated by Greg Strobel, when he stepped down at Lehigh. Santoro worked out his exit agreement at Maryland to go to Lehigh (for which he had an exit clause in his contract at MD), and Strobel made a call to McCoy (at Stanford) and got him connected with Maryland.
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    pipewrench reacted to boconnell in Forfeiting Conference Final   
    Micic forfeits out of the semis.  Rasheed forfeits out of the finals.  Both are seeded #2.  
    Steveson wrestles and loses to the #3 guy in the country and ends up seeded 3rd.  I think it's safe to assume wrestling the match hurt him and if he forfeits he is probably the #1 seed.  
    It makes no sense to me how willing the committee is to ignore forfeits in the 2nd most important tournaments of the year.  The way they treated those who forfeited all but guarantees even more guys will do it next year.  
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    pipewrench reacted to BobDole in 9-5 Sam Stoll is going to NCAAs!   
    Losing to an 11-25 kid at the conference tournament should disqualify you from the at large bid.
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    pipewrench got a reaction from leshismore in Big Ten Finals Thread   
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    pipewrench reacted to stp in The cut above Suriano's eye   
    The cut came from Mick.
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    pipewrench reacted to TBar1977 in Big Ten Session 2 Thread   
    Cenzo PINS Massa, but nobody sees it because the camera man is an idiot. 
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    pipewrench reacted to buckshot1969 in Big Ten Session 1 Thread   
    We all need to take a beat and remember that Iowa are dual meet co-champions.
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    pipewrench reacted to ScarletKnight in Princeton vs Rutgers, featuring Ashnault vs. Kolodzik...   
    Too bad he was injured last year.  Would have taken down Retherford. 
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    pipewrench reacted to PSUSMC in Hair Cut   
    When that's what you begin your response with, it's time to move on to other things...
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    pipewrench reacted to Plasmodium in Day 2 Thread   
    I think you don't know  what a VPN is and its probably too late to learn.
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    pipewrench reacted to JasonBryant in Day 2 Thread   
    Honestly, it started when I first covered the World Championships in 2003 in NYC. I've been around it since then. My first non-U.S. worlds was in 2007, then haven't missed a World or Olympics since 2009. I've been on a broadcast/announcing role every year since 2013, so it's years of of piling this stuff up, understanding naming conventions. I've kept a massive announcing sheet Google Doc that I've shared with Ken Berger, Bryan Hazard and other announcers and it's just familiarity and practice. I don't nail everything, but I do spend heavy time between when I get the entry list and the start of the event hammering out the details of the athletes. 
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    pipewrench reacted to Ching in Stoll and Turk   
    I wrote a song called "Sam Stohl" (only has one verse)   Sam Stohl came home,
    To his roomate's par-tee
    After serving in the conflict at Erie.
    And the time that he served,
    Had shattered all his nerves,
    And left a little shrapnel in his knees.
    But the Yuengling eased the pain,
    And the grass grew round his brain,
    And gave him all the confidence he lacked,
    With a wooden trophy and a monkey on his back.   There's a hole in Sammy's knee where all the scholly goes,
    Tommy lied for nothin I suppose.
    Little froshies have big ears,
    Don't stop to count the years,
    Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.
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    pipewrench reacted to pamela in Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee   
    And people complain that Iowa wrestlers don't take enough shots...
    It's great to see that he will be OK. 
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    pipewrench reacted to Cletus_Tucker in DeSanto to...   
    Trying to figure out this riddle.   
    "Neither wrestler ever wrestled a single bout at state"
    Correct!   They wrestled all their bouts at "states"!      
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    pipewrench reacted to BooHawk18 in Schools you’d like to see add wrestling   
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    In western PA. Could join the EWL. Great wrestling area and would draw crowds.
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    pipewrench reacted to buckshot1969 in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    I agree, since when are sports supposed to be fun?  Bo Nickal should be ashamed of himself for celebrating a sudden victory like that.
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    pipewrench reacted to pamela in NCAA FINALS   
    People who read too much into what wrestlers say - like me - will say Bo was throwing a little shade to Suriano there.
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    pipewrench reacted to BigTimeFan in NCAA FINALS   
    It was terrible. Same with Dake. I don’t enjoy it.
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    pipewrench got a reaction from TFBJR in Every year PSU could lose   
    Tremendous, actually.  #tywebb
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    pipewrench reacted to tightwaist in Session 4 Thread   
    All Pa @ 149 & 157
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