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    weh got a reaction from littlepun in Richard Perry accident   
    From what I have heard - the accident occurred on a military base (Marines?) and happened during an exercise w/ what sounds like Pugil sticks.  Apparently Richard was hit in the head by another wrestler on the team and his helmet broke/shattered and pieces from the helmet hit him in the eye area penetrating his skull.  My information source is 3rd hand so any corrections are welcome.
    Richard Perry is a wonderful person - praying he recovers 100%.
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    weh got a reaction from HuskyHero133 in National Duals is DEAD????   
    Many duals are poorly attended because they are boring.
    Two reasons for this; coaching that does not encourage aggressive wrestling (not a problem where coaches do otherwise, e.g. Penn State, Iowa, Minny, Ok St, etc), and refs that do not call stalling, which is most of them (but not all).
    NCAAs are exciting because the stakes are high, thus even boring matches become very interesting.
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    weh got a reaction from Tofurky in Top staffs in terms of developing talent   
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    weh got a reaction from piggy in For those who have seen Foxcatcher, I'm looking for your comments   
    I watched the movie on Dec 27th w/ my son (who was also a college wrestler) and my wife.  Overall I/we thought the movie was very slow moving and close to being boring.  The acting was excellent especially Rufalo playing Dave Schultz.  From an actual video I saw of DuPont doing a self-promotion, DuPont was weirder than Steve Carell's acting portrayed, but he did terrific job.  Not sure why the movie skipped from 1988 to 1996, but it would have been cool to show Dave carrying Kenny Monday after Monday won the '88 Olympics after Monday beat him out for the spot on the team (that story alone would have made the movie a lot more interesting).  I wished I had saved the $10 and waited until it was 'free' on cable.
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