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    IMO - the 165lb match is 100% guarantee the rematch of the NCAA final.... Why wouldn't it. The other matches will be good but that would be the highlight.
  2. Rutgers room vs PSU room - ENOUGH SAID Rutgers room vs Iowa room - ENOUGH SAID Rutgers room vs Okie State room - ENOUGH SAID Seriously, you must not be on the same planet or just live and breathe NJ. Doesn't Rutgers have the only other 4X undefeated state champ in history who in likelihood won't win a NCAA title? 1 year out of direct tournament competition (Big 10/NCAA). Lack of the best of the best work out partners. How much more do you want? Those two will be the stars at that weight for 4 years.
  3. People - GET IT STRAIGHT- BIG10 rules are what they are and if they don't budge it is what it is with Suriano. Think about the this: Yes, if he is happy being in NJ go to Rider and deal. In all likelihood this is really his last year to be the favorite (depending on NATO) to win a NCAA title at 125. Staying at PSU would give me a much better chance at future success in both college and freestyle. Rutgers just doesn't have the fire power to keep him going in the room or at their club. His chance on winning an individual NCAA title in his career would probably diminish by roughly 75%. If he stays at PSU there is probably a high possibility of a NCAA title this year and in the future. Not at PSU the favorites in 2018 - going forward with be Dalton Fix and Spencer Lee NOT Nick Suriano. This is just fact.
  4. How about this regarding transfers in the future. A coach will agree as long as the student-athlete refunds all scholarship monies for the time at the university? Big 10 rules are what they are and probably not going to change. Let all schools make a stance on monies given to the student-athlete.
  5. Cheapest drinks and food you will find in NYC will be in Murray Hill (28th - 40th Streets on 3rd Ave). Food is good but not your trendy/overpriced one would expect. Very walkable from MSG. Within those 12 blocks you will find roughly 20+ bars and restaurants. At night the crowd will be 22-30 year old who live on mommy and daddy dime or a budget.
  6. Go Geno.... Your dad would be proud...
  7. John79 - this is at the midtown Ainsworth on 33rd and NOT chelsea. They gave me the option to rent out the entire place. We have it segmented based on #s. Up to 75 people we get front bar and as it grows we get bigger sections throughout the spot.
  8. It is actually walk under 5 blocks... NYC = $8-$12 a beer on St. Patty day. Trust me when I say best deal in NY on the 17th.
  9. Check out this event near MSG. NYC will be crazy with St. Patty Day, NCAA wrestling/basketball. If you have any questions please let me know. Good times for all. St. Patrick’s Day in NYC means packed bars, long lines and pricey drinks. Don’t waste precious celebration time and money! All wrestling fans and supporters can stop in for an open bar (wine and beer) for only $40 per person from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on March 17. No waiting and no hassle! No matter if you’re an alumni, enthusiast or spectator, everyone in the wrestling community is welcome to join us and make new friends. The social will take place between the first and second sessions at the NCAA Tournament at the Ainsworth, Midtown (45. E 33rd Street between Madison and Park Ave), just five short blocks from Madison Square Garden. Tickets are $40 per person and can be purchased online (BUY TICKETS).
  10. Thank you all for the interest. I have firmed up a commitment. If something changes I will repost.
  11. I will be unable to make it this year and selling my 2 lower bowl tickets. email me if interested. ryandabbott1@gmail.com
  12. Nobody thinks about higher end hotels - I got the Four Seasons which is connected to the casino for $215/night. That is their corporate rate. 1.5 miles away.
  13. Does it really matter? At the end of the year this is Kyle Snyder's weight to lose.
  14. Until Rutgers actually does something in March you can't really compare to anyone including the TERPS. They produced 1, yes 1 All American in about 25 years. Good luck to both schools but at some point you have to get off the Rutgers top recruit with little upside bandwagon.
  15. Another blow to Rutgers staff? I see Cael just hit up twitter welcoming him back to NLWC.
  16. I will sell in pairs as well
  17. Face value section 326. All together. I get to OKC tomorrow night and can meet before first session Thursday. Email me rabbott@crsco.com or call 917-414-9515 if interested. Got the tix through PSU wrestling club.
  18. I may have 2 for all sections in section 326 for face value. Should know by EOW. If I do I get to OKC at 9pm wed and can meet. Email me at rabbott@crsco.com
  19. Here you go - didn't Ruth take 5th at that same weight class as Sheptock that year.
  20. I just looked it up and Ashnault lost in the semi-finals of the clarion open to Laike Gardner from Lehigh. I think the distance between him and Retherford is now much much much greater than it was 4 months ago.
  21. Questions? 1. Will they ever be in the same league after this season? 2. Will Ashnault end up lost in Rutgers wrestling?
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