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  1. Dont want the team, coach or wrestlers to influence opinion, because that will definitely be the case here. Very favorable towards the 5th yr wrestler. I am far to close to the situation to think without blowing a gasket right now. Hence the reason for someone without knowing all of the players involved to give me rational thought.
  2. Here is the scenario ...2x All American, Tri Captain, 5th year senior. Vs redshirt freshman. Your captain coming back grinding from multiple surgeries is ready to go get it on. Wins 1st bout in an open tournament, yet still has to wrestle in the room. He proceeds to loose the next 2 by 1 point then a triple overtime bout. Even though the open tournament he won by a larger margin than the next 2 bouts combined. Do you sit your 2x all-american 5th yr senior captain in favor of the young man? Should they even have had to go to this wrestle off once the captain was back fully healthy? I fully understand winning it off, but we all know that the room is a different ball game than live bout, tournament atmosphere. I am embarrassed the coaching staff even let it go past the open tournament, let alone a triple ot loss to end a career. Thoughts anyone
  3. http://s201.trackwrestling.com/tw/TWHom ... anced=true
  4. Although some of them take way to long, it is a lot better to have the right call made than to not and have the wrong wrestler win. This rule came a year too late in my opinion.
  5. 3rd for myself, and i'm ashamed to say i'm a bit disappointed in my seats. In Philly and St. Louis i was center mat 10th row both years and now im not in the center. Damn Des Moines making tickets so hard to get. HaHa. I can't wait for next week. Last year i met so many, with incredible credentials because of who i go with, it is an amazing few days. National champs, Olympic gold medalist, World Champs, Coaches, officials, the list goes on. The stories i get to hear first hand brings chills and goose bumps. Man i love this sport. Wish you all a safe trip and a great weekend of wrestling. Go JO.
  6. Don't look for Kindig against Iowa. I was told he is not close to making 141 and is not even trying for that. He is redshirting this year and will be back next year at 149.
  7. ltp280


    Dake this year:7 falls, 4 majors, and 5 decisions
  8. Outstanding tournament over all. It was great to be able to watch it all from my office, and even better with the news of Jordan Oliver getting the OW. Great few days of wrestling. I can't wait for this Friday night, Iowa vs Ohio State. Is there any live feed of it or does BTN have it scheduled?
  9. Should be up on Flo within the next hour or so. They are uploading them now.
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