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  1. Prediction: Gross vs Lizak in NCAA finals.
  2. If he's walking around at 93/94 that cut to 86 would be pretty tough, especially with the current weigh-ins unless he devotes some time to making his body simply smaller. I don't think he looks small for the weight and it's not like he's carrying extra weight on him. I would expect him to stay up at 97 and just keep growing into the weight. And at this point for the sport of wrestling that's an awesome thing. Two phenomenal wrestlers, one from USA and the other from Russia. That's about as good as you can get.
  3. It is a great draw. As for the no reason he should not make the finals part...no reason except the fact that it's the World Championships and pretty much anything can happen. There's a heck of a lot that goes into what a guy does this tournament and a little bit of luck is absolutely part of it.
  4. I'm perfectly fine with the draw itself and do think Taylor will win. That being said, I do find it rather silly that the defending World Champion who was also the Olympic Champion the year before does not get seeded. I know they have their criteria for this but let's be honest, if you are the defending World Champ you at least should be seeded somewhere and if you have done it 2 years in a row I'd be seeding you 1 regardless of what happened in between. You're the king until they knock you off.
  5. Link to brackets that are finally posted. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/586a5daf-a661-b0e9-d1a3-24e74c3a0357
  6. For some reason this event is on FloArena.
  7. Where? I refresh FloArena and still don't see them.
  8. So wrestling starts in 30 minutes and I'm not seeing Men's FS brackets posted yet. Am I missing something?
  9. What is their reasoning for no true 2nd? Seems that with what's at stake they could take the time for one more match.
  10. Most of you will say I'm insane for saying this but I honestly think he can medal. Most people thought JB had zero chance at a medal in 2011.
  11. Sitting in the stands this weekend and you could literally hear his hands make contact with guys...it was like anvils coming down on the backs of their necks/heads. I've seen it on video but that was the first time I have ever watched him in person and those snaps are all I could talk about when he was on the mat. Fun to watch.
  12. The fact that Howe is not there at any weight tells me he's probably injured. I've never thought of him as the kind of guy to avoid anybody, even if that person has beaten him multiple times in the past. As for the rest of the guys you are saying are avoiding people...I'm guessing a few of them are at the weights they are at because it's a more natural fit for their size. Sorry but 4 kilos one way or the 12 another is a huge difference for a lot of guys. And I'm guessing that realistically a guy like Brown did this more for experience and less with the idea of thinking he's going to make this years World Team.
  13. Come on man, you can't say "you guys"...you have to say "some of you guys"...you and I are on the same page. I'm partially just being a smarta$$ here and partially pointing out that I agree with your post.
  14. Right, because the other candidates had such better recruiting credentials with today's youth. I'd be surprised if most of them could even recognize most of the other names. who were the other candidates? Because I didn't ask the person I talked to about this if I could say who they were I won't post the names I heard. What I will say is I hope like h3ll that Terry reaches out to them and brings them in to work with him. I don't think hiring Terry was the worst thing for Greco in this country. Terry has always liked Greco. And the position itself is not one where he would be sitting there saying "ok guys, this is our new American greco technique and this is how we will do it". It's a lot of coordinating and as somebody else definitely mentioned, from every other aspect of training in wrestling (forget style, just wrestling in general) he knows what he's doing...strength, conditioning, mental, peaking, etc. There's no way Terry takes that job thinking that he now has to be the guy showing all the technique. I am quite certain that he's sitting there looking at the pool of talented coaches out there and trying to think of how to best uitlize each of them, assuming they are willing to work with him.
  15. You can get an Icee at Target though and in my opinion those are better than Slurpee's. Absolutely love those things. Fill your cup, walk around Target wandering aimlessly while accidentally buying $300 worth of stuff you didn't know you needed and then fill it up on the way out.
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