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  1. Question 1 wasn't difficult. Question 2...there was zero chance I'd have come up with that one.
  2. Has he not scored when he needed to any time in the last few years? I'm not sure how you win 2 world golds and then the trials (beating JB) if you don't score when you need to. This is a different Kyle Dake than it was in 2016.
  3. "If you don't want it to happen again, don't let it happen again" - paraphrased quote from Terry "You get what you earn" - paraphrased quote from Terry "Hey you can't pick your team, you ain't picking your team" - paraphrased quote from Terry I say paraphrased because I don't remember if those are the exact words or not. lol
  4. "BC. That's what we are talking about here, BC" - paraphrased quote from Terry
  5. Can you imagine an organization where one man would have such power to ignore the rules/policies/guidelines/procedures and do whatever they felt like?
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again...can you imagine the $hit$how this would be if they let somebody into the tournament who didn't make weight just because of where they were seeded or ranked? A rule that has literally been followed and never questioned for as long as I can remember and now they make the exception. Holy crap would that be a bad look. Far worse than making all wrestlers follow the rule and eliminating the person who didn't.
  7. I don't actually think everybody has moved on but I also doubt anybody who is actually involved is coming here to get jross' expert takes on it. I do not think anything will come of any appeals or anything like that but I also am smart enough to know that this pertains to a spot on an Olympic team so J'den likely will exhaust all possible avenues and I don't blame him one bit for that. Most of these that I can think of over the years (yianni/Zain, Lindland/Sieracki, Smith/Lewis) from what I recall only had life due to a violation of procedure. From what I know and have read, proper procedure was followed here whether some people like it or not. I don't think the USOC or any arbitrator could grant J'den some kind of wrestle-off unless procedures were not followed and I'm fairly certain they have zero ability to say "well that's a dumb procedure" when those procedures were known by all and communicated to all well in advance.
  8. Comparing 202One to 1980 is silly. I think you'd be a whole lot more pissed off if they went back to how things were done back then.
  9. I highly doubt any USAW employee was on the committee. To a level of certainness that I would tell you to stop barking up that tree. Also, (and the part you don't like) is that the committee seems to have made their decision by following the rules/regulations/procedures for the event by following the UWW rules that indicate the athletes have a 30 minute window to make weight. I know, now is when you'll refer to me as "rules guy" yet again and start talking about how rules are not always black or white and are sometimes black and white and don't always need to be followed and blah, blah, blah.
  10. Dude, those are the March 2016 rules you just linked. They changed the weigh-in rules a while ago. Here are the Feb 2021 rules which say that weigh-ins take place the morning of the concerned weight-category. I even copied pasted and utilized the bold feature just like you did but for the correct rules. CHAPTER 3 – COMPETITION PROCEDURE Article 11– Weigh-In For all competitions, the weigh-in is organized each morning of the concerned weight-category. The weigh-in and the medical control lasts 30 minutes. The second morning of the concerned weight category only the wrestlers who participate in the repechages and finals have to come for the weigh-in. This weigh-in will last 15 minutes. https://uww.org/sites/default/files/2021-02/wrestling_rules_0.pdf
  11. It's not a USAW rule. It's a UWW rule that USAW adopts just like USAW follows the UWW rule that a takedown is worth 2 points. That being said, UWW events say weigh-ins last 30 minutes on day 1. If there's a day 2 they last 15 minutes. They also say that if an athlete does not attend or fails the weigh-in (make weight during those 30 minutes or 15) they are eliminated from the competition and ranked last, without rank. As far as I can tell, they only have to weigh-in in a singlet that meets the UWW singlet regulations as I don't see it saying it has to be their own or has to be what they wear 2 hours later to compete. So let me recap something I said a couple days ago. J'den didn't make weight during the time he was supposed to and that time is a very specific period of time. If you want to see the rule changed, I'd suggest you hop on a flight to Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland and go knock on the UWW doors.
  12. I'm guessing that the first time you show up 13 seconds to anything in basic training you probably quickly learn to never freaking do that again. "But drill sergeant, it was only 13 seconds, don't be so uptight with all these rules"
  13. If an arbitrator hears this and determines that due to some great injustice or violation of procedures he should get a wrestle-off I will absolutely watch. And if he were to end up on the USA Olympic team I will absolutely cheer for him in Tokyo, just like I will cheer for every other American that steps on the mat with a USA singlet on. This isn't about perspective. I'm not trying to win an argument. I'm having a conversation, somewhat of a debate and mostly for my own entertainment purposes. Conversation between people of differing viewpoints or opinions. Things are not always black and white, sometimes they are both black and white and sometimes they're gray. The rules regarding weigh-ins are what they are so that there is not gray. USAW gets hammered on by so many people for so many things that they shouldn't get hammered for. Some things they deserve to get hammered for as well. Sorry but based on any facts put out there by you or anybody else right now, I don't think USAW did anything wrong here. But if it gets to an arbitrator, they will determine that, not me. And they'll do it with more information than you or I have so I'll trust their decision. The information they do have will be that he didn't make weight and will definitely be a consideration in their decision making process.
  14. "With clear instructions, you do not have to take personal responsibility for your actions." So that's your basis for all this then. Got it. Because J'den had clear instructions and rules he doesn't have to take personal responsibility for his actions. Again, got it. I'm not sure what surprises me more. That this whole fiasco happened or that I'm sitting here replying to your wrongness.
  15. I'm not blindly following anything. If it was such a bad rule, why has it really not changed in a material way pretty much in the history of ever? There has always been a weigh-in time. You've always had to make weight by or during a specific time period. Many alternatives have been looked at and discussed but the reason it hasn't change and probably never will is that quite frankly it is the best way to conduct it when you look at objectively. I'm guessing you've never ran an event/tournament. I have. Granted, not the Olympic Team Trials but things like Junior level state championships which were qualifiers for duals and national teams. Giving 1 person an exception or exemption on-site that deviates from rules/procedures is not very advisable. All it does is create a $hitstorm. Favoritism whether real or perceived is bad. But hey, the one thing you're almost right about is the last 7 words of your 2 possibilities. Because right now there really isn't anything to do anything about. Because he didn't make weight. Please note, being down to weight at a time outside of when weigh-ins are is not making weight.
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