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    cwillaert got a reaction from grappler6 in Pssstt... Did anyone notice...   
    Prediction: Gross vs Lizak in NCAA finals. 
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    cwillaert got a reaction from steamboat_charlie v2 in 125kg Discussion   
    It is a great draw. As for the no reason he should not make the finals part...no reason except the fact that it's the World Championships and pretty much anything can happen. There's a heck of a lot that goes into what a guy does this tournament and a little bit of luck is absolutely part of it. 
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    cwillaert got a reaction from Housebuye in 86kg Discussion   
    I'm perfectly fine with the draw itself and do think Taylor will win. That being said, I do find it rather silly that the defending World Champion who was also the Olympic Champion the year before does not get seeded. I know they have their criteria for this but let's be honest, if you are the defending World Champ you at least should be seeded somewhere and if you have done it 2 years in a row I'd be seeding you 1 regardless of what happened in between. You're the king until they knock you off.  
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    cwillaert reacted to bnwtwg in Has Jordan Oliver Completed His Suspension Yet So He Can Compete In The U.S. Open?   
    So just some napkin logic here:
    A) Typical suspension is two years long
    B) Was given a one-year suspension
    C) Will miss two years of WTT
    D) By following the present state of calendar affairs, if he was given a standard two-year suspension then he would likely miss three WTT depending on exact date of tourney (2017, 2018,2019)
    E) A standard two-year (de facto three year) suspension could potentially be litigated in the athlete's favor/ against USAW-USADA and would set a precedent
    F) USAW-USADA most likely did joint internal due dilligence with their legal teams and boards, and arrived at the sentence handed down
    Jordan Oliver was by all common sense standards given a typical two year suspension and is given the ability to begin wrestling competitively in any tourney EXCEPT US Open, WTT, and Worlds. Makes sense to me as a layman.
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    cwillaert reacted to Gantry in US Open pre-seeds   
    Yep, NCAA champs auto qualify for Trials.
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    cwillaert reacted to wrestlingnerd in dake is a BEAST   
    That's what you think. But what J'Den himself states is that he cut to about 197, and then shed the remaining water in a day. There's also the fact that he was recruited to Mizzou as a heavyweight prospect and cut (apparently a fair amount) over the summer to lean out for 197 (let alone 189). I believe it was Ben Askren who stated in his show that J'Den walks around comfortably at around 225 if he wasn't cutting for the sport.
    Dake used to walk around at 172 lbs while wrestling 165 just a few years ago, and after eating 4,000+ calories a day for six straight months and lifting like a maniac, got to 185 after a full breakfast. 
    One man has tremendous size potential to fill out 189. The other man is already there, or very, very close. That offsets the fact that one man has three more years of freestyle than the other. The point is simply this: To say that either, at ages 25 and 20-21, is close to their peak potential is simply wrong.
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