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  1. I'm not sure that's true. Tom's middle name is Nelson (his full name is actually Thomas Nelson Brands II) so I believe it's a family name. See here: http://hof.hawkeyesports.com/inductees/thomas-nelson-brands-ii/ That doesn't mean they don't respect and appreciate their former coach, of course.
  2. Are you charging people to view the livestreams for your kids' mats (I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with your or your situation so I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about here.) Because if people are paying money to view a livestream, it's the responsibility of the people taking the money to make sure the customers are getting what they pay for. Maybe they should take some of that subscription money and invest it in paying for better camera operators, or a training video for mat camera operators, or something. But to just say, "It's not on them; they're not there; it's not their fault" is ludicrous.
  3. Penn State's sellout crowds are still smaller than Iowa's average attendance for a dual, which is more than 8,000.
  4. Was he not the starter when he beat Edwin Cooper at Grapple on the Gridiron last November?
  5. I don't believe in any way, shape, or form that the photo feature was an attempt to make the wrestlers or wrestling look bad. I think it was an attempt to showcase fierce athletes in the heat of competition, or as close to it as a photographer can get, moments after a match. The only negatives in that article or those photos are the ones you are imposing on them from your own preconceived biases or neuroses.
  6. So just to sum up, the one thing that is ruining wrestling is cauliflower ear. Unless it's cutting weight. Or it might be singlets. But whichever one it is, that's definitely the reason wrestling is declining.
  7. From USA Wrestling: Northwestern names Matt St orniolo head wrestling coach
  8. I'm pretty sure you can still see everything now at ESPN3. Although it's not broken down into individual matches but rather just the mat feeds, so maybe that's what you meant? I agree that would be nice to have, but that particular lack is not enough for me to want Flo over ESPN. I did think Flo did a decent job of promoting even though they weren't providing the streaming.
  9. I'm going to guess that ESPN would love to have all cable providers offer the multi-screen option but cable providers without rock-solid infrastructure may consider it too much of a bandwidth hog. That's just a guess because there's no logical reason why ESPN would want to cripple its product. Actually, there is one possible reason now that I think about it: They may charge cable providers more for providing that option. Extra cost in addition to higher bandwidth demands could both make cable providers take a pass.
  10. Do you really think they WANT to lay an egg? Really?
  11. The MMR vaccine wears off unless a booster shot is given. There have been significant outbreaks of the mumps at all three Iowa state universities this academic year. At Iowa last fall it was so severe Student Health was doing mass vaccinations of students in the student union. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, the biggest outbreaks have been in Johnson County (home of Univ of Iowa) and Black Hawk County (home of UNI). Mumps Update, March 15, 2016
  12. You're right, Illinois didn't "pull out" and I shouldn't have worded it that way. I should have stuck with my original characterization, which was more accurate.
  13. Did I say it was? Of course it's not the Midlands fault. I was responding specifically to Jason's comment that Illinois pulling out at the last minute was not unusual, because Iowa and Minnesota had done the same thing not so long ago. That is not true, and I said so. I also said I agreed with everything else Jason posted, which I'm pretty sure means I think Midlands is a great tournament and that constantly comparing it to the Scuffle and whining about what it is or isn't is stupid. If anything I posted led you to believe that I was bashing Midlands, all I can say is you misunderstood and I apologize for not being more clear, I guess.
  14. I pretty much entirely agree with you on all of this, Jason, except for the bolded comment. Iowa did decline to participate in Midlands a few years ago but they said they weren't going from the beginning, and it was never on their schedule. Iowa has never (to my knowledge) said they were going to Midlands, had it on their schedule, and then backed out at the last minute and only sent backups. That's what Illinois did this year.
  15. Brent Metcalf posted a series of pics on his Instagram account over the past few weeks showing him participating in a bunch of different sports as a kid. The caption on the first one was "I often get asked by young wrestling parents, "when is the right time for my kid to Specialize in wrestling only." My answer. Probably never. College, if they get there. Growing up I played just about every sport I could from one season to the next. Some stuck, some didn't. Follow me this week as I reveal some classic photos of me and all the different sports I did." Here's the link to Brent's Instagram feed if you'd like to see them.
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