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  1. Don’t forget Rare Earth! Cannot remember what the drummers name was....
  2. I thought Burroughs is a spokesperson against cat juggling in Kreblakistan?!?
  3. The Japanese wrestlers were all lit up and they do a good job of feeding off of each other. They were looking tough.
  4. The way I look at it, I paid for a ticket, I hate climbing those steps, so I’m gonna watch some wrestlin’! I was surprised that there weren’t more people there.
  5. There are tons of people drinking beer and not sitting in the seats. They’re serving booze at Carver! Indeed it is a glorious day!
  6. Haven’t heard his brake down on the Cleveland meat. A little too much of “Grandpas cough syrup” and got hisself locked up? Anybody no the lowdown?!?
  7. Not that Bobby needs more trophies in his "Classy" trophy case, but this is most deserving of being in there.
  8. Now this is funny! Did you have your hands on your hips when you said this?
  9. Damnit! This guy is good! Thanks TBar. I have seen the light and will be changing my ways.
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