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    Lee Kemp

    Had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Kemp last evening in the hotel restaurant right after the WTT. Seems like a very classy individual.
  2. RPKD


    So true.....its like comparing a verb to an adverb! :-)
  3. well you read my mind. However, 2 things.....heard that Terry just moved in to a new house. Secondly if I recall there could be some issues between him and the leadership of USA Wrestling, which is one of the reasons he left in the first place. Just my thoughts.
  4. Perhaps that's the reason why you never would have done such a thing in the first place. Just shows what a sorry state of affairs we have in this country!! :-(
  5. Perhaps that's the reason why you never would have done such a thing in the first place. Just shows what a sorry state of affairs we have in this country!! :-(
  6. have to wonder whether Retherford is considering moving up to 149.....would think his chances are bettwe against Kindig/Tsirtsis/Hunter Steiver than Logan Steiber. JMO!
  7. http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles ... m=facebook
  8. Not speaking on his behalf......but I would not be surprised if his answer to your question is "Gable"!
  9. Lewboo, Perhaps you can share the story about your workouts with Tom Brands. Specifically about all the times you took him down and when he finally took you down once, you decided to take a rest....along with his response (and yours of course).
  10. RPKD


    you made a very sound decision! :-)
  11. > Britt....maybe the reason is simply that J Robinson knows how to promote his events better than the NWCA knows how to promote theirs!!!!!!!
  12. A couple of good showings does not amount to emergence. Penn State is still the favorite to win NCAAs. According to Tom Brands at last evening's press conference "Penn State is in another league"
  13. Didn't the referee say "no takedown" after Schute shot on Louden and they went out of bounds. Next scene shows Louden taking the down position as if a takedown had been awarded.
  14. Enjoy - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090270/quotes
  15. not entirely sure I heard this accuratelu...... "Schute.....he's a monster.....his old man has to use a live wire to keep him from f**king the fireplace"
  16. as an alumni of CW Post....this one is extra special for me......and kudos to the new president for making this happen.
  17. ...or LIU Post, formerly C.W. Post College on Long Island will be bringing back wrestling as an NCAA Division 2 program beginning with the 2014-2015 season. Coach will be Joe Patrovich, whose 2 sons previously wrestled for Hofstra. C.W. Post dropped its Division 2 program about 26 years ago. Kudos to the new president who was instrumental in bringing back the program.
  18. FWIW.....Just saw Snyder and Manning last evening in a Budapest restaurant sitting at the next table with Zeke and Roselli. My friend and I were told that Angel had replaced Obe, but no mention was made about Burroughs not wrestling. AS I said.......fwiw!!!!!!
  19. I just hope that the decision is not related to any health issues.....because that is the first thing I thought of when I read about his decision to retire.
  20. Maybe Jason Bryant and AWN can buy out your site....would probably be a good synergy! :-)
  21. all I can say is.....what a hypocrite! Does it really matter where the funding for education and athletics comes from? Crow is simply running scared that other non public schools will use the same financial model.
  22. Nice (And yes, I read you) well I obviously don't get it then.....since the 2001 Worlds were unfortunately moved from MSG and later held in 2003. So, somebody please explain???
  23. heard it was seized by the department of health......ruanchiest head gear I ever saw.
  24. a cancelled check bearing Gable's signature.
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