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    I have to agree that Brands does some smart moves. I didn't think of it that way GB, but, you make a great point. Psychologically, telling your 149 & 184 pound starters to not try to win, but, try to avoid a pin, could really hamper their confidence. That is unique strategy, and I like it. I'm in the minority among PSU fans, but, I actually like and respect Brands. His style couldn't be more opposite of Cael's, but, there is definitely room for both to succeed. I agree with you on the "master psychologist" (my words) part, but for a different reason. I think TB believed that BG and GG would do better than Kelly and Lofthouse, last nite. I also think TB is opening the door to give GG a chance to get back in the lineup at 184, after everyone had more or less written GG off. I guess only time will tell.
  2. http://s226.photobucket.com/albums/dd219/rpkd/Iowa%20vs%20Penn%20State%20February%201%202013/
  3. Have to agree (although I am not counting them out yet).....especially when you look at some of the holes in their lineup from earlier this year......have a good feeling about Moore (at 165) and Burak (at 197) stepping up to the plate in March. We should actually get a pretty good picture of where things are by the end of this week. From my standpoint, looks like 5 matches each if you wrestle them on paper....so it should come down to upsets and bonus points. Most critical match is probably 174, Brown vs, Evans.
  4. not sure USC ever had a team to begin with.....just club status going back to pre title IX. Probably more realistic to see Stanford get 9.9 scholarships before seeing the other schools you mentioned bringing back wrestling any time soon.
  5. that's where I would put my $$$ if I were a betting man! :-(
  6. http://s226.photobucket.com/albums/dd219/rpkd/Iowa%20vs%20Oklahoma%20State/
  7. from what I was told through a fairly reliable source is that they weighed in for the Scuffle, and then they sat. That seems like punishment enough!
  8. not exactly sure of why this is "very unprofessional", as it seems as though they were simply having a private conversation. What am I missing here!
  9. Do you realize that their hometown, Mill Hall, is only 35 miles from Penn State? That being said, they aren't the brightest light bulbs in the shed... I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a Martellotti. My boys are not going anywhere. The powers that be (National Champ coaches and Olympic Gold Medalist) have made peace with this and set some strict rules along with a punishment beyond what you see or hear - they are being punished beyond what you know. My boys have their work cut out for them now - trust me... They have to abide or they are done completely and no transfer will be allowed. They love Cael, Cody and Casey and know they let everyone down. But if I could tell everyone here the true story I guarantee they would be astonished as to how this has happened. It has been blown way out of proportion. They were warned previously about this trouble and the female involved. I think now they understand there are consequences to be dealt with. I wish so bad I was back in LBNY and not in this small town..... But there GPA is pretty good lu-alum so I don't know who you are - like most you hide behind an internet name and cower as a coward does when laying blame and insults on two young boys who have done so much community service and help with special olympics, visited sick kids in the hospital and done many clinics for free at youth clubs. Why do so many in our sport hate when we are struggling a great deal on a collegiate level. I can only think but one thing - YOU HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL ABOUT THIS SPORT AND THE GREAT PEOPLE INVOLVED AT ALL LEVELS. Go ahead now and attack back - but I dare you to email your real name and address at altonmortgage@gmail.com Maybe then we can discuss this matter face to face at some wrestling tournament in the future. Neal......I believe the majority of the wrestling community sees this incident as a simple mistake that your sons made.....the type that is often associated with people in their age group. It is also seen as something that some folks have taken the opportunity to blow things way out of proportion on the basis of little or no information. There will always be those that are quick to stir things up, unnecessarily. These are usually the type of folks that are not even worth responding to, and that is why (as much as I appreciate your post), you need not have gone through the effort!
  10. as I said.....back just in time for February 1 match with Iowa!
  11. didn't Clark recently lose to McDonough in SV......I think it looks like he is the real deal!
  12. I think what you are saying makes much more sense to me. The article posted on the Illinois web site, which I just re read indicates that Delgado finished 2nd to Connor Clarke of ISU.
  13. according to web site it was Connor Ckarke of ISU, who isn't even in their starting lineup. Hope someone out there will please clarify.
  14. Oh, I just got through telling someone who I thought it might be based on who I was told that it was, and you can rest assure it was not Royce Alger. FWIW I asked Alger if it was him, and his response leads me to believe that it probably is not!
  15. not sure you are suggesting its Gable, but if you are I don't think so. Still not sure whether its Alger or not (pure speculation on my part), or another thought is Lewboo (also pure speculation).
  16. did Koll slap George to the back of the head????
  17. maybe he just got tired of reading your posts! :-)
  18. I almost forgot.....Mike Mann.....2 finals losses were to Iowa wrestlers who he had never lost to previously (Pete Bush and Ed Banach)
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