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  1. Threadkilla

    Cassar's Rise

  2. Threadkilla

    Who is the heel of your team and why?

    Louden Swain
  3. Threadkilla

    Who is the heel of your team and why?

    Bubba Jenkins
  4. Threadkilla

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    OK, Locking hands, Brown v Wilps.
  5. Threadkilla

    Lee Threads (combined)

    He's Spartacus.
  6. Threadkilla

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Headgear pull.
  7. Threadkilla

    Bad scramblers

    Dumb. Next topic.
  8. Threadkilla

    Weird saying this, but Spencer Lee isn't even the best

    Does this mean that Brands can't coach?
  9. Threadkilla

    PSU third period conditioning

    Are you saying Cael can coach?
  10. Threadkilla

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    Last year's D3 champ Heavyweight is 29 I think. Jake Evans I believe is his name.
  11. Threadkilla

    Mrs. Casey Cunningham

    When even Penn States assistant coaches wife could kick your aZZ, you may have a problem.
  12. Threadkilla

    Nolf is winning the hodge race IMO

    Tigerfan speaks truth.
  13. Threadkilla

    Vincenzo Joseph so far = Kyle Dake?

    Imar also got pinned by Nolf, So he lost to another all time great.
  14. Threadkilla

    Shortest heavyweight?

  15. Threadkilla

    RBY possibly just tore his ACL

    Yeah, let's pile on a kid that was obviously hurt during the match. He was about 1/3 speed. He chose to finish the match. I'd like to see the best competition at Nat''s and I think a healthy RBY makes it more interesting.