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  1. Our teams are better because we went to the RTC sytstem. Resident athletes that get housing, board and world class coaching , many of them with families. Teams of the past were without the resources of today. I remember 15-20 years ago we couldn't get near the medal stand. The rule changes helped alot too. It's not a coincidence we have so many studs today. The US is going to continue to produce world champions and medalists with the RTC systems.
  2. As a PSU fan I have to say DT's post match celebration was over the top. I used to love watching Barry Sanders every time he would score he'd underhand the ball to the ref and head to the sideline. There is grace in humility.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. He was a beast for years, but can't put ittogether when it counts.
  4. I think Mongolia proved that at the Olympics.
  5. I think if you have a front row seat everyday you may be able to get an idea of who is regularly getting the better of the other guy.
  6. Ed couldn't beat DT when he outweighed him by 10lbs or more at PSU. I heard it from guys that were in the room.
  7. I love that the Walmart there has a hitching post. I've been wondering why the Amish don't have to clean up the horse poo. If I parked my dog there I would have to clean it up.
  8. Adam Busiello verballed to PSU as a 7th grader.
  9. Who is the newb?. lol. I been here for 14 years. Had themat change my email address and lost 5 thousand posts. I been here long time. through posters JTTS. BIG, Lewbo, Stovepipe and a time when Flo said they would never charge.
  10. Zain has done as well as anybody we've had a 65-66Kg since Bill Zadick. I can't think of anybody even medaling at 65kg for years.
  11. Did Zain hurt your feelings? Does your Bum hurt? You receive an F for this post. Try harder
  12. 1973 Clarion would have placed 4th in D1 but D2 points didn't count, in team scoring. Clarion had 3 champs in Rohn, Schalles and Bill Nelson. RIP Champ.
  13. Yes, In his own words he is the same age as Reineri Andreu who is 22.
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