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  1. 8 hours ago, NJDan said:

    "But Haselrig’s unprecedented run of success at the top level prompted the NCAA to create the so-called “Haselrig Rule,” which bars small-school champions from moving on to the Division I tournament. That means his six titles will likely never be matched."

    This seems like a crazy reaction. I would think a D2 guy winning the D1 tournament would make the powers that be keep allowing D2 winners to compete at the D1 tournament. 

    BTW, is he the only D2 guy to win at D1?


    1973 Clarion would have placed 4th in D1 but D2 points didn't count, in  team scoring. Clarion had 3 champs in Rohn, Schalles and Bill Nelson.        RIP Champ.

  2. 4 minutes ago, TripNSweep said:

    If you mean Tanner Hall he graduated high school at 18/19, went to the OTC for a year, then went on a mission for 2 years.  So when he came to wrestle at ASU he was 22/23.  Then he took a redshirt in college so he is 27 now I think.  There's a valid reason for that happening.  No handwritten documents or gaps needing to be explained what he was doing.  

    That's not possible with the high school years you have,  but I think he is about 27


  3. 2 minutes ago, Idaho said:

    So he’s right there with several guys - Cassar, Hall, Utah Valley. Not a big deal. PSU has had a few guys like this. 

    I thiink Cassar was 18 when he enrolled,  had a horrific Injury at worlds.was out for essentially 3 years,  I don't think he was on campus for one of those, then competed for 3 years.   I think hall was 20 when he came to PSU,  pretty sure he is 24 now.        

  4. 5 minutes ago, Husker_Du said:

    Yes, i got blasted for it. But I didn't even say he was too old. i said everyone was buzzing in the arena asking the question. there was just about a damn line of coaches going up to the head table questioning it.

    as it turns out - and in the process of getting accepted to college - he had to use his transcripts from Cuba as they wouldn't accept those from just his 1 year in AZ.

    he graduated from HS in 2017 or 2018. I forget which. 

    i never mentioned it or said 'i told you so' (1) b/c i never said it to begin with!  2) b/c I like Anthony and  don't care to see anyone bash him and 3) as posted above, he's in college now and it doesn't really matter.

    I say it here and now only because it's like the worst secret ever. there was like 20 college coaches at ironman with pictures of his cuban transcripts on their phones. 

    So how old is he?,   apparently 20 or more college coaches know.   Not that it's a big deal, as you said he's enrolled in college.  Seems like a good kid.   If it's not a secret why not share?   

  5. I tried to look it up yesterday and saw that Willie Saylor got lambasted for asking the same question.    Echemendia posted a group of videos on twitter asking if his style had changed.  The first video he was wrestling in the 2014 Cuba Cadet championships,   based on the rule book that would make him 15 or 16  at the time and 21 or 22 now.   I'm just curious.  I know some of the kids that go on LDS missions are early 20's when first enrolling.  

  6. I can't remember Zain ever getting decked on any level.     And he always gets a terrible draw at worlds.   He had Batirov,  Rashidov, Bajrand and the Cuban and he lost all of those matches at the wire,  and he beats people up so bad they are ruined for the next match.  The Venezuelan had to be a fluke.,   perhaps we do need someone else to try to qualify the weight.    But it's not like he is losing to bad competition.  

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