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  1. Threadkilla while your point is noted no one asked for it. And the fact is I don't think nary a person here is friends with either, so we can conjecture, pontificate, and argue amongst ourselves as much as we would like. Thanks for playing now back to that bridge, troll. Awww, don't get your panties in a bunch Cinderella. Acadia calling me a troll. heh Elitist pontificating blowhard. buahhh
  2. Common misconception that it's Mr. Alger. I know for a fact it isn't. Understood, But he definitely has the redneck vocabulary and writing style.
  3. JB, I think you had some pictures taken with the person who posts as KMF. He commandeered your twitter account once I think. The writing style is uncanny.
  4. The sad part about this thread is that the wrestlers have mutual respect and admiration for one another. I know Dake and Taylor talk pretty regularly and I believe they did at least one clinic together this summer. It gets old reading posts from several of you so called wrestling fans. Taylor and Dake are destined to go down as two of the absolute best in NCAA and possibly US wrestling history. Think about it when you're all puffed up and high fiving your wife because of your fantastic post on the forum. Your endless dick measuring contests mean absolutely nothing other than the fact that most of ya are compensating for something.
  5. Tell Pete, aka the Cobra the forum has been a much better place since he and all of his other screen names (adolf oliverbush, suzie something etc.) have been banished.
  6. Keith Ferraro is a great guy and a good coach. He is the son of the Late Lenny Ferraro who was the head coach at Brookville HS and was building them into a dynasty at the time a heart attack took him at 46. Lenny created the Brookville Duals one of the premier Dual tournaments in PA. Keith is a sharp guy and a gentlemen, being from the area he should do well recruiting some of the northern PA kids.
  7. What a completely moronic post! Dake's "coaching" is fantastic? Taylor's is great? Chance Marsteller is awesome? Maybe we should see what happens when they finish college (or high school).Metcalf was the leader in the Iowa room from the moment he arrived in fall 2006. There is little doubt but that his presence, leadership, and support made others like Keddy and Morningstar better--maybe better than they thought they could be. His leadership doesn't stop in the locker room; he was a multiple NCAA academic all-american and a spiritual leader who conducted bible study sessions. He will eventually become an excellent and demanding coach. What an Idiotic post. BTW an Idiot has a lower IQ than a moron. heh I think I was asking a legit question crybaby carp. I said I wasn't bashing Metcalf and wrote of my respect for the kid. However, I hadn't heard anything about his coaching EVER. Not Once. I also have never heard Flo or Intermat or any of the other publications use platitudes to describe the COACHING of Metcalf like they have Dake and others. For Instance; Go to flow and find the video interview from the past couple weeks of Dake where coaches, athletes and the interviewer were raving about his coaching abilities. You answered my question but you were a real D!#$H3bag about it.
  8. Pardon my ignorance but I don't see any Metcalf hate on this thread, just a couple guys pumping big man love for Metcalf that have their panties stuck in their crack. I have much respect for Metcalf, fighting through adversity with the loss of his brother to become the face of NCAA wrestling for 3 years and representing the US on the international level for the last several years. That said, can he coach? Has he coached? I'm sure he did camps in the off season, but have never heard anything about his coaching style or results. conversely, I have heard people rave about the coaching abilities of a couple of our current studs, namely Kyle Dake who has coaches, wrestlers and media commenting that he is a fantastic coach. David Taylor has been recognized as a great coach as well. I have also heard that Chance Marsteller is an awesome coach, running practices as a HS freshman. I'm not bashing Metcalf, I just haven't heard anything about his coaching. He doesn't seem to have the charisma and be as approachable as the other guys I mentioned.
  9. Blanc finished his undergrad degree while at Lock Haven.
  10. Blanc finished his undergrad degree while at Lock Haven.
  11. I have 3 All Session passes in the Penn State section available at face value. email me at wrestlingeek@yahoo.com
  12. That's not Carradine, It's Putin.
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