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  1. I actually think Alaska is better.
  2. That would be the great wrestling state of South Carolina.
  3. Roddy White was a two-time state champion in HS. ]
  4. Yes. Let's immediately redo the most boring match in history and screw with everyone's eligibility.
  5. He kicked the former surgeon generals buttocks Unofficial: tech. fall C. Everett Koop (Unattached), 27-6
  6. You would probably sound like a dork as well if immediately after winning yourself and your team a National Title you have uberdork Quint Kessenich jamming a mike in your face after one of the most emotional moments of your life. For the record I found it kinda dorky as well, but ESPN could let a kid celebrate with family for 5 minutes then interview a kid.
  7. I use Chromecast. It works fine. Or if you have a smart TV or Roku etc you can download the flowrestling app and watch it
  8. Cassar picking up the 280 lb Jennings to his shoulder a couple times was pretty impressive.
  9. No it wasn't solid, I was being facetious, he was hanging on for dear life. I think they missed another locked hands call. Nolf was taking him down at will.
  10. Deakon had a solid ride even though he gave up 2 stall points and a locked hands for the ride out.
  11. He said he's gonna show everyone he is #2 at this weight. He'll show ya when he loses to Fix.
  12. I didn't see him doing it against Coon or even when he beat Bradley.
  13. I didn't see an ounce of arrogance or bad sportsmanship in that match against the Uzbek. Even when he was ahead, because even though he has beaten the guy before he knew he was in for a battle.
  14. It makes no difference to my point. Did you notice I used two football references? Good or poor Sportsmanship can be found pretty much everywhere. Folk, Free, Football, Soccer, Badminton a poor sport is a poor sport. Metcalf was a poor sport always trying to humiliate his opponent. Gable is the same way, he can choose to win with class or be an a**
  15. Wrestling is a global sport with several different Religions, provincial makeup's and several cultures to conform to. Good and bad sportsmanship can be found anywhere. If a wrestler is intent on acting like a tool some people are going to love it and others are going to hate it. Gable clowning on the RU kid was a pathetic display. Barry Sanders after scoring a every touchdown would toss the ball to the ref. while, most other players took the opportunity to choreograph dances, show excitement, or taunt the other team. Vince Lombardi once said “when you get into the endzone, act like you’ve been there before”. The takeaway is in the value of consistent humility.
  16. He was a better actor in this match..
  17. Perhaps they can coax Minkel out of retirement.
  18. I saw the video before this thread and thought the same thing. Vito is really taking one for the team by cutting to 125 and ending up looking like Pyles.
  19. I was just looking at his stats before I came to this topic and saw folks had already posted. Cass and Gable have 3 common opponents, Cassiopi pinned them all in the first period and Gable had a dec, major and a TF of the same 3.
  20. What weight would he be competing at? It would seem 57 or 84 would be his options, unless they plan on moving Zahid up. Can he beat Shields?
  21. The only reason it was 8-2 was Hall went for a desperation shot at the very end.
  22. Bulk doesn't matter. Perhaps the best wrestler ever Buvaiser Saitiev was Skinny as a rail. I think it's pretty obvious that Cael doesn't put emphasis on buiding a goon squad instead relies on technique and finesse.
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