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  1. Thanks for the input, but it would take an act of God before i went to IE. I guess I'll try firefox.
  2. Did they take away the ability to control to play, rewind, pause etc. on their site or is it a browser(Chrome)/flash issue? Also, half the time a video starts playing somewhere on the page which requires scrolling throughout the page to find it. Does this happen to everyone or am I just lucky?
  3. He's wrestled Gable more than once. A couple times in Freestyle and once in Folk I think ended 7-1 Gable.
  4. It is a ridiculous fantasy match because Dan Gable wrestled 45+ years ago and weighed about 100lbs less than Steveson, somewhat less ridiculous would be Gable S. vs Chris Taylor of Iowa State and Dan Gable's teammate. The size disparity is still there but it would be HWT v HWT. In that case I'd likely take Steveson.
  5. What about Jack Davis? He's a pretty descent 125 isn't he?
  6. Manville will likely slot in there sometime in the near future
  7. I think he verballed in 9th grade
  8. Here's the onward state article. https://onwardstate.com/2018/11/06/cael-sanderson-announces-penn-state-wrestlings-probable-lineup-for-kent-state-dual/
  9. Jake Evans is also close to 30 Wrestling an 18 year old kid. The guy is solid.
  10. He lost to Port as a True Freshman, and Port was #1 seed at NCAA's, Port was a 2 time finalist and a 3rd. Not exactly a bad loss.
  11. Sadulaev said you could sit on it.
  12. Look this one word post got me 29,500posts the all time leader on themat but 29,423 without substance.
  13. The 2017 World cup is calling. And DT is not a poser, He's beaten the second coming of whats his face in Iran and his #2 in Karimi and Sharifov and that that other guy itov who won bronze and the guy from Georgia Dato. So don't be a dork like Hammerlock
  14. Please do not get me wrong, as well as an adequate plumber he has shown to be quite capable on the international circuit. I wish him well.
  15. Who does Habat wrestle for? Slovenia? I think he took 1/4 of the old mats from Edinboro and had to do the plumbing himself. Apparently the weight cut isn't a problem.
  16. Where will Dauren Kurugliev end up?, he is a beast. I was not luckly enought to watch Euro's this year. I thought he was among the best.
  17. I hope we finally get to see this kid compete this year. He destroys everyone. I would love to see him wrestle Zain or Yianni. He thumped Godcalf, I think .
  18. Cael has produced 9 All Americans from 125-141 in his tenure at PSU. That's not bad considering that has been the weak weights at PSU.
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