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  1. He was a better actor in this match..
  2. Perhaps they can coax Minkel out of retirement.
  3. I saw the video before this thread and thought the same thing. Vito is really taking one for the team by cutting to 125 and ending up looking like Pyles.
  4. I was just looking at his stats before I came to this topic and saw folks had already posted. Cass and Gable have 3 common opponents, Cassiopi pinned them all in the first period and Gable had a dec, major and a TF of the same 3.
  5. What weight would he be competing at? It would seem 57 or 84 would be his options, unless they plan on moving Zahid up. Can he beat Shields?
  6. The only reason it was 8-2 was Hall went for a desperation shot at the very end.
  7. Bulk doesn't matter. Perhaps the best wrestler ever Buvaiser Saitiev was Skinny as a rail. I think it's pretty obvious that Cael doesn't put emphasis on buiding a goon squad instead relies on technique and finesse.
  8. Thanks for the input, but it would take an act of God before i went to IE. I guess I'll try firefox.
  9. Did they take away the ability to control to play, rewind, pause etc. on their site or is it a browser(Chrome)/flash issue? Also, half the time a video starts playing somewhere on the page which requires scrolling throughout the page to find it. Does this happen to everyone or am I just lucky?
  10. He's wrestled Gable more than once. A couple times in Freestyle and once in Folk I think ended 7-1 Gable.
  11. It is a ridiculous fantasy match because Dan Gable wrestled 45+ years ago and weighed about 100lbs less than Steveson, somewhat less ridiculous would be Gable S. vs Chris Taylor of Iowa State and Dan Gable's teammate. The size disparity is still there but it would be HWT v HWT. In that case I'd likely take Steveson.
  12. What about Jack Davis? He's a pretty descent 125 isn't he?
  13. Manville will likely slot in there sometime in the near future
  14. I think he verballed in 9th grade
  15. Here's the onward state article. https://onwardstate.com/2018/11/06/cael-sanderson-announces-penn-state-wrestlings-probable-lineup-for-kent-state-dual/
  16. Jake Evans is also close to 30 Wrestling an 18 year old kid. The guy is solid.
  17. He lost to Port as a True Freshman, and Port was #1 seed at NCAA's, Port was a 2 time finalist and a 3rd. Not exactly a bad loss.
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