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  1. Sadulaev said you could sit on it.
  2. Look this one word post got me 29,500posts the all time leader on themat but 29,423 without substance.
  3. The 2017 World cup is calling. And DT is not a poser, He's beaten the second coming of whats his face in Iran and his #2 in Karimi and Sharifov and that that other guy itov who won bronze and the guy from Georgia Dato. So don't be a dork like Hammerlock
  4. Please do not get me wrong, as well as an adequate plumber he has shown to be quite capable on the international circuit. I wish him well.
  5. Who does Habat wrestle for? Slovenia? I think he took 1/4 of the old mats from Edinboro and had to do the plumbing himself. Apparently the weight cut isn't a problem.
  6. Where will Dauren Kurugliev end up?, he is a beast. I was not luckly enought to watch Euro's this year. I thought he was among the best.
  7. I hope we finally get to see this kid compete this year. He destroys everyone. I would love to see him wrestle Zain or Yianni. He thumped Godcalf, I think .
  8. Cael has produced 9 All Americans from 125-141 in his tenure at PSU. That's not bad considering that has been the weak weights at PSU.
  9. I kill threads. and a prostitute on occasion.
  10. Cox last to the same Georgean Dato MARSAGISHVILI in the 2016 World Cup, Then Dato was one of the guys DT beat at last years World cup
  11. Mat Talk with Andy Hamilton and David Mirikitani on Track and T-Row and Funky are great. FRL is like watching 7 year olds sream at each other for an hour.
  12. Who employed the goon squad to make sure the wrestlers head straight to Quiff Kessenich? Then push them toward the Interview room when they want to celebrate with their parents. NCAA or ESPN.
  13. With positiveinfinity and a pin chain anything is possible.
  14. You're right, they may not need Nick's points. But a freshman AA none the less.
  15. Quint, leave Gabe Dean alone, his brother is wrestling.
  16. Did you see his interview with Cruz right after the match. Case in point.
  17. Ratings may be down with the addition of the color man Billy Baldwin and the intrusive interviews of Quint Kessenich.
  18. Kuhn finished 11th, there were 10 auto qualifiers for 125 in the B10.
  19. and he wrestled that first match with the Flu. He could have got the Illinois kid sick.
  20. Apparently they count the loss to Bryce Meredith. They still count even though it was at 141.
  21. Word is that Nolf is going to MFF Penn State Sports Network reporter Jeff Byers is reporting that Jason Nolf will not wrestle tonight. Precautionary reasons, the staff told him. He will medically forfeit to Michigan's Alec Pantaleo.
  22. Coon is a beast and I think he'll beat Snyder again at Nationals. Coon isn't the average HWT and he outweighs Snyder by 60lbs. His resume. - 2016 U.S. Open champion - 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials runner-up - 2014 Junior World Bronze medalist (Freestyle & Greco-Roman) - 2011 Cadet World champion - 2015 NCAA runner-up - 2016 NCAA Third Place
  23. Clarion's head coach is Keith Ferraro who also wrestled at Brookville. Keith has been pretty successful getting solid local kids from Brookville and other D9 and D10 schools.
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