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  1. Yes, if I recall correctly one of his parents was from there and the family meet the residency requirements from a home they continued to own there. That gave him the in to start the process of gaining eligibility to represent them.



    Please do not get me wrong,  as well as an adequate plumber he has shown to be quite capable on the international circuit.  I wish him well.  

  2. Because the truth is you need a real recruit to be able to develop. The notion that these college coaches are some sort of miracle workers where they can take some random decent high school wrestler and turn them into studs in a couple of years is just stupid. Kids are more D1 ready coming out if HS than ever before. McDonough, Gilman, Clark and Ramos were not 1-3 guys coming out of HS.


    But placing 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 1st in 5 of the last 6 years at 133 is pretty darn impressive.


    The biggest head scratcher is why PSU after 10 years under Cael just has not produced consistency at 125-141 like they have from 149-197. Cunningham deserves much of the credit for the bigger guys, even though guys like Retherford, Nolf, Nickal, Hall, Joseph, Taylor and Ruth were all superstars coming out of HS.


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    Cael has produced 9 All Americans from 125-141 in his tenure at PSU.  That's not bad considering that has been the weak weights at PSU. 

  3. if a medical issue out of B10 qualifiers this might then go to Kuhn who finished 10th (3rd in the mini 2nd chance bracket).  Might be why PSU fans would be interested in this issue.  


    Kuhn finished 11th, there were 10 auto qualifiers for 125 in the B10.  

  4. In the irony of Nick Suriano defaulting out of the Big Ten tourney, In a bracket on a collision course with NaTo. Didn’t Nate take a ton of flack on here for not wrestling Nick first weekend back from injury and here’s Suriano doing the exact same thing, right off a 9-2 win for the kid from Illinois. Jus sayin.....



    and he wrestled that first match with the Flu.  He could have got the Illinois kid sick.   


    Interesting also that Suriano finishes 6th in the b10 yet has an official record of 21-0

    Nick Suriano Rutgers 21-0

    Yet Gross wins the B12, plus wins every match wrestled at 133 and has a loss on his official record

    Seth Gross South Dakota St. 24-1




    Apparently they count the loss to Bryce Meredith.  They still count even though it was at 141.

  6. Coon is a beast and I think he'll beat Snyder again at Nationals.   Coon isn't the average HWT and he outweighs Snyder by 60lbs. 


    His resume.  


    - 2016 U.S. Open champion


    - 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials runner-up


    - 2014 Junior World Bronze medalist (Freestyle & Greco-Roman)


    - 2011 Cadet World champion


    - 2015 NCAA  runner-up


    - 2016 NCAA Third Place

  7. Thought this was interesting.  Lineup included four wrestlers from the local high school.   Sixe wrestlers from the high school are on the Clarion roster.





    ​Any other high schools that have (or had) a large representation at any one D1 program?



    Clarion's head coach is Keith Ferraro who also wrestled at Brookville.  Keith has been pretty successful getting solid local kids from Brookville and other D9 and D10 schools.   

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