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  1. Are you saying that the Russian and or Iranian Wrestling Teams have been colluding with a couple College wrestling teams in the US?
  2. anybody else having an issue with Flo video's bouncing and flickering. I don't see it anywhere else just Flo.
  3. Those are some excellent excuses. I seem to remember he sounded pretty confident on twitter.
  4. The true potential argument should be irrelevant. It's more subjective UWW BS. How about a timeframe to improve? 10 or 15 seconds perhaps. Some guys are given time to work and others are whistled back to their feet immediately. Zain is pretty damn close even at this level, with better time management he's in the mix. I think he can beat anybody that was in this tournament, Ramonov and Bekbulatov perhaps a different story.
  5. I have agreed with Hammerlock less than one time in 10 years on this board, until now. I think Zain is a special talent and I think he has as good a shot as anyone at winning this tournament. Especially with Bekbulatov not representing Russia.
  6. He also lost to Gatsalov years ago and Sharifov and Saritov in 2011 Worlds.
  7. BIG and LI Marty?? hall of famers? Wow. Big was an anti American troll named Eugene somethingChenko and Marty was just a troll. The Mods finally permanently banned Big and Marty left to pursue a media gig that shocked everyone. JTTS was funny, JT1 did his research but got spun up easily and probably had to breathe into a paper bag alot. Nobody really sticks out as a Forum Superstar.
  8. Anything is possible after his doping suspension is up.
  9. Yer stupid. Funny, but stupid.
  10. How do we know that Sadulaev is going up then?
  11. He works for a wrestling publication. Wrestling is his job. If he doesn't know RBY verballed to PSU. He is bad at his Job.
  12. In the Intermat story about Michael Beard's verbal to PSU Josh Lowe omitted RBY as a 2018 PSU recruit when all others in the PSU recruiting class were mentioned, when asked about it on twitter. (below) is how be answered. RBY has since been added. Craig‏ @CraigGrobstich 2h 2 hours ago Replying to @JoshMLowe @InterMat Isn't RBY part of this 2018 class??? Reply: Josh Lowe‏ @JoshMLowe 2h 2 hours ago that's an open-ended question at this point. It's loaded enough w/o him though. Reply ___________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Penn State has about a dozen world class training partners for Beard. Most of the guys in the Hawkeye room can sing ding dong the witch is dead just like the original.
  14. So by saying "Perry Recruits", about Delgado and IMar could you be suggesting that Perry can't coach, but can recruit? Not a totally crazy argument.
  15. Casey Cunningham and Cody Sanderson have both proven they can coach, obviously, "since Cael can only recruit". They would both be top Head coaching prospects.
  16. Keith Ferraro Head Coach of Clarion was not an elite Wrestler in HS or College. He was a D9 champ 3 times in PA, but I don't remember if he ever made it to states. He also was on the Wrestling Team at Lock Haven. Keith's father is the Legendary Lenny Ferraro who passed away suddenly when Keith was in HS. Lenny was posthumously inducted into the PA Wresting Hall of Fame. Keith proved himself as a recruiter of local PA talent and was interim Head Coach when Troy letters was forced out.
  17. Or they could have just posted a picture of the Fraternity.
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