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  1. I thought about FSU, but AJ couldn't make 197 this year.
  2. This is part of Flo's reasoning for Penn States recruiting class at #3 What is the reasoning for the Nevills comment in the second paragraph? They’re Here: The late flip of Verkleeren makes it three Top 20 recruits. Nick Lee graduated high school early and has already been in the Nittany Lion room for awhile now and owns a senior level win over Alan Waters. The nice thing about these three recruits (beyond their proven abilities) is that they possess line-up flexibility. Lee could go 33 or 41, and Verkleeren and Berge can probably slot in (in some permutation) for Zain and Nolf. Needs For Next Year: The Lions don’t need much, if anything. In 2017-2018, everyone returns. In 2018-2019 everyone returns except for Zain (and possibly Nick Nevills). Penn State has what appears to be the #1 class coming in next year. It’s perhaps the most complete and utterly dominant recruiting effort ever. That being said, keep an eye on PSU targeting a 197 - perhaps Michael Beard or Gavin Hoffman. Is Willie just starting rumors about Nevills leavig before his senior year when he will be among the favorites to win an NCAA title?.
  3. He would include it if it happened at ODU and the guy was wearing an ODU singlet.
  4. I apologize Mr. Rotundo. My question was about the quality of the video a random guy took of the Presidential assassination in 1963 and compared it to video I found via google of an Olympic Wrestling Match 10 years later. I have searched several matches from the past, including a Gray Simons NCAA Final, that looks like a 1920's silent film. If it was a film of a film, I didn't notice, because I'm not some genius photographer and editor like Tony Rotundo. I had no Idea that famous wrestling photographer Tony Rotundo would be so upset by my post where I was asking the question about quality of video that he would resort to name calling. It appears you are overcompensating which based on your post, I imagine happens a lot. Do you drive a sports car by chance? Lifted Truck?
  5. There is better amateur footage of Kennedy getting capped in 1962 than Gable in the Olympics in 72. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngxZVmtKCCo The 60's wrestling footage is like 1920 silent movies.
  6. What the Siberian Rusky fails to notice is that the Folkstyler was in the finals after beating all of the other European Freestylers, Boris never won a college national title in folk. Dumb is dumb in any language.
  7. Flo has been asking us to verify that we have a legitimate email account by May 1st. Wait until tomorrow. Lets see what happens when they screw this up.
  8. The new rules are stupid if they aren't called consistently. Dake had a legitimate gripe, Burroughs had his hands in his face the whole match, I saw the 2 called all day for much less. Burroughs was flagrant. I like Burroughs and I'm not a fan of Dake, but that match was a gift to JB.
  9. Watch out they have some email scam going now. I know people are going to get screwed over this BS.
  10. The question was asked after NCAA's with Metcalf's response. Andrew Brown @A_Brown2 @zaintrain_psu vs. @BHMetcalf (Iowa days) who wins? Brent Metcalf‏ @BHMetcalfFollowing More Brent Metcalf Retweeted Andrew Brown #IdChooseNeutral
  11. I didn't know if anybody was going to pick that up. heh, well done.
  12. Don't know much, but I know I love this, that may be, all I need to know.
  13. Gillespie and Pico are in different organizations, so they may never meet. Pico is supposed to be good, but he hasn't fought, Gillespie is 10-0 and he's beat some pretty good guys. Northern Colorado AA Justin Gaethje is a free agent, he's held the WSOF belt for several years and is undefeated, and destroys everyone. . It would be nice if the UFC would pick him up.
  14. I think you guys are getting MMA mixed up with boxing. MMA has safeguards that boxing does not, the tapout, the refs use much better discretion, it's not just punches to the head, How many MMA guys have been diagnosed with CTE? From MMA exclusively? Maybe we can compare it to other sports like BMX and moto x which has had guys diagnosed. Do you guys wear a helmet around the house?
  15. Threadkilla


    Yeah, and fun doesn't grind your head in the mat out of bounds all the time, or sound like a monitone clone of your coach and his twin brother. I bet if your coach has cultivated this joyous style, he's got to be a fantastic motivator, he's obviously a good recruiter, Is he a good coach I don't know if it had been resolved yet. He coached an Olympic gold, two resident athletes to Silver medals in the world's and Olympics. Molinaro, a second away from Bronze. I don't know, the jury is out.
  16. That's a good point, he's seen it and done it. Now he's gonna do it at PSU for a couple yearish.
  17. What you fail to say about him bouncing around is that he has been successful every place he has gone. He has a reshirt, Hall still has a redshirt. Cutch has 1 year left, Nickel two years. There are options that could have him in the lineup for 3 or 4 years. He hasn't wavered about his choice to go to PSU.
  18. and Sorenson closed the gap between his shoulder and the Mat to stop the pain.
  19. Sorenson closed the gap alright, You could tell he was hurtin.
  20. There are some amazing, fun to watch wrestlers. Some of these guys are making history and making it look easy. Alot of these guys I speak of have wrestled for PSU lately. I don't get on here to argue, but I can appreciate art and Skill.
  21. I don't think I have watched anybody so damn creative. It's painful watching Kemerer vs Murphy. It;s like the Holy S#i+, Just vanished.
  22. Drew Longo wrestled 157 for the last month for Lehigh. I think they had a couple other options at 157.
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