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  1. I have to point out that Clark and Gilman were also in that class.
  2. It seems to me that folks were saying that before the past season even began.
  3. This is on target. The comparisons that make sense are those where we compare (after recruiting) how wrestlers progress in their development. Right now Cael looks real good; Brands, OK; Ryan. OK; others, not so good because they do not get the studs. Somebody needs to track the premium wrestlers from their recruitment through their careers to evaluate this.​
  4. It was in Auburn Hills, which is definitely not Detroit.
  5. I had no idea that VA Tech had a such an outstanding creative fiction program.
  6. carp


    "Highly recommended" if you have 40 minutes of your life to waste.
  7. But we do know the context of that arrangement, because parents of three of the wrestlers were there and subsequently attested to the assurances given their sons. It is easy to say Brands should "get over it." but I can tell you that some of the wrestlers, who lost a year of varsity competition, have not quite gotten oven it.
  8. Not comparable situations. Mocco left while the coach who recruited him--Zalesky --was still head coach at Iowa. You also forget that there were two promises made to Mocco. One, and logically, the first, was that Mocco could take an Olympic redshirt--as it turned out, after two years of competition. But he didn't make the Olympic team, and it was only then that he chose to take up the second option, to transfer.
  9. VA Tech released no one, including Billy Murphy, whose LOI was invalid.
  10. Just watched it. The last time, without a doubt.
  11. Meyer-Brunson match will not count in seeding as it was not in a BIG dual.
  12. So this gets rehashed once again with more fantasy from Blacksburg. I won't attempt to set the record straight except to say Brands did not lie to anyone at VA Tech. The lying was to the recruits, by the VA Tech officials, in the presence of the recruits' parents​.
  13. Stupid statement. If you knew Yagla, you'd know it couldn't be him.
  14. Nevills loses to Medbery. Kingsland winns the contest.
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