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  1. Why didn't you say so in the first place? It wasn't on page one, where a person would expect the topic to be. Especially the day before the event. You saw I posted and decided to be dismissive again, like before. Still can't figure out how to sew on a MAC logo?
  2. You sure can be a jerk. Go back to cleaning the toilets at your radio station.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a source of information for Mat Assignments of each bout number? It would be great to know for those of us viewing the championships via WatchESPN. They will be having EIGHT channels, one for each mat. Thanks in advance.
  4. The MAC "mopped up: on At-Larges, with nine. Brings them to a total of 34 for the tourney. Totals: 9 Missouri (Biggest surprise at 125 McGhee. Not sure what he did to get in.) AtL: 2 7 Central Michigan (a bit down) AtL: 3 5 Eastern Michigan (moving up) AtL: 1 4 Old Dominion (a tiny bit down) AtL : 2 4 Kent State (kinda down) AtL: 0 2 Northern Illinois (transfers to the Big Ten have severely hurt them) AtL: 0 2 Buffalo (Bulls were supposed to be an "up-and-comer". What's going on in the snow belt?) AtL : 1 1 Ohio U. (What the??? Bobcats have not been this down in forever) AtL: 0
  5. Nowhere did I advocate leaving someone home. I simply said you lose an AQ. You're still eligible for an AT-LARGE. With that, you do have a point with your particular example. So there would be a caveat. If you MFF to a spot in your league tourney that isn't below the number of AQs for your conference, you don't lose the AQ. I'm referring to those instances where a wrestler MFF's to a spot BELOW the number of AQs for the league at that weight class. For example, let's say Kemerer and Short both MFF'ed to tie for last place. Should the 7th and 8th place finishers still get the AQs, simply because they were fortunate enough to have two of the better wrestlers default out? I don't believe they should. Once again, it doesn't mean they don't earn an AT-LARGE. They just have to be deemed good enough not to take away a bid that would have otherwise been awarded to a wrestler from another league that would have been deemed better.
  6. Here is one thing the NCAA Wrestling Committee needs to do. If a wrestler who AQ'd for a league medically forfeits out of a conference tourney, that AQ should be also be forfeited. It doesn't mean the league won't earn an at-large. But it also means the league isn't automatically GIFTED an AQ, when a wrestler from another league may be more deserving.
  7. Well, at the moment there's a murderer loose in Mount Pleasant. This is serious business. Cut the conference some slack.
  8. It's a shame NIU hasn't been able to keep their top guys from transferring. CMU also got hit bad by that bug, when a pair of past qualifiers decided to leave (at 125 & 133; ugh!) Corey Keener is starting at Penn State and Brent Fleetwood is redshirting at North Dakota State. ODU also lost one of the better wrestlers, who decided to grad transfer to Michigan. This wrestling season, at any rate, Big Ten teams filled in some holes at the expense of quality starters that left MAC schools.
  9. CMU: 5 to 8 In (barring injury) 141 Smith; 149 Oliver; 174 Brucki; 184 Ellingwood In (barring MACC meltdown and slew of other conference upsets) 157 Heffernan; 285 Stencel On Da Bubble: 165 Parks ; 197 Atienza Must Win a MAC Qualifier: 125 Hildebrandt; 133 Simon/Perez
  10. I'll let the board figure out for whom I root. "I'll take OC for 99 cents, Alex."
  11. I don't mean how many coaches are doing a poor job. Seriously, how many schools would fire a wrestling coach as long as he is graduating kids and has no scandals? What schools is wrestling paramount to their "Brand"?
  12. When Miller picked up IMar and put him on his back for ZERO points, I figure some curious non-wrestling fans watching that match changed the channel.
  13. I've had a problem with sans logo for a few years now. I'll confess, with the beatdown the Chippewas took, it made me chapped and prompted me to submit a post (aided by a few IPAs).
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