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  1. OK; it's a rule. But a totally unnecessary one. Just as unnecessary as the two insults hurled at me for asking a legitimate question and for providing an alternative to a second random draw. It can be demonstrated through the principles of logic a second random draw is not needed. The replacement wrestler is filling a spot that WAS ALREADY selected randomly for wrestler "A". Look at it this way; if he would have been in the original draw instead of wrestler "A", he would have taken the SAME LINE as "A". The problem is thinking that randomness must be temporal when in fact in this case it is not. The draws aren't TRULY random anyway. Only the first wrestler's name is chosen randomly. The next wrestler has no opportunity to fill the line occupied by the one previously drawn. By the time you get to the last unseeded wrestler, his slot is ALREADY DETERMINED due to the other 15 slots being already filled. A TRUE random draw would be to allow all 16 unseeded wrestlers to be selected to any of the 16 lines. Redraws then would occur for wrestlers occupying the duplicate lines until all 16 lines are filled. In the grand scheme of wrestling procedures, it's not a big deal. The old way of picking wrestlers based upon how their leagues fared the prior year; now that was a big deal. But I do take offense to the unwarranted insults in this thread. POSTSCRIPT: luAlum and KCMO2 do a good job later in this thread of explaining the computerized process used to randomly slot unseeded wrestlers.
  2. No; I am not kidding. Aren't all of the draws random draws? If so, I see no need for a second RANDOM draw. Simply keep all but one of the unseeded wrestlers on the same line, except for number 17 who goes to the #16 seed's line. The new guy in the show gets number 17's line. Please post the rationale for needing a redraw.
  3. Why even bother having a redraw?
  4. 10 (2) North Carolina State Oklahoma State 9 (7) Central Michigan Iowa Minnesota Ohio State Penn State Stanford Wisconsin 8 (2) Missouri Oklahoma 7 (9) Edinboro Illinois Lehigh Michigan Nebraska Northern Iowa Princeton Rutgers Virginia Tech 6 (1) Cornell 5 (11) Arizona State CSU Bakersfield Campbell North Carolina North Dakota State Northern Illinois Old Dominion Oregon State Penn South Dakota State Wyoming 4 (13) Appalachian State Bucknell Drexel Indiana Lock Haven Maryland Northern Colorado Northwestern Pittsburgh Rider Army Navy Virginia 3 (12) American Buffalo Duke Eastern Michigan Gardner-Webb Harvard Iowa State Michigan State Ohio Purdue SIUE Chattanooga 2 (7) Binghamton Cal Poly Clarion Columbia George Mason Kent State Utah Valley 1 (5) Boise State Brown The Citadel Cleveland State West Virginia None (7) Bloomsburg Davidson Franklin & Marshall Hofstra Sacred Heart Air Force VMI Source: LutherAce Obscure Trivia: 18 of the wrestlers are coached by a Borrelli.
  5. Percent of each League's Wrestlers 65% Big Ten: 91 55% ACC: 33 50% MAC: 45 45% Pac-12: 27 43% Big 12: 43 (Former WWC schools earned 21 of these) 33% EIWA: 52 29% EWL: 20 24% SoCon: 19
  6. I guess wearing the Big XII insignias makes it "worth it" to the Western affiliates. Nevertheless, there is no good reason these teams can't wrestle each other on a annual basis and have a dual champion each year. You wouldn't even need to have nine separate dates to do it, either. Simply throw in some tri or quad meets to reduce travel costs and still have dates available for non-league events.
  7. Nine MAC wrestlers earned at-large berths to the NCAAs, making it a solid 50% (45 out of 90) of the league's wrestlers going to the Big Show. Central Michigan (9) Missouri (8) Northern Iowa (7) Northern Illinois (5) Old Dominion (5) Buffalo (3) Eastern Michigan (3) Ohio (3) Kent State (2)
  8. Lots of exciting finals matches!! FINAL TEAM STANDINGS 1 Missouri 154.5 (6 champs; 8 AQs) 2 Northern Iowa 106.5 (1 champ; 7 AQs) 3 Central Michigan 103.5 (6 AQs) 4 Old Dominion 94.0 (1 champ; 4 AQs) 5 Northern Ilinois 92.0 (5 AQs) 6 Buffalo 80.5 (1 champ; 3 AQs) 7 Eastern Michigan 64.0 (1 AQ) 8 Ohio 62.5 (1 champ; 1 AQ) 9 Kent State 55 (1 AQ) 36 AQs plus any at-larges TBD by NCAA Wrestling Committee
  9. Consi-semis and 7th place matches are over. Here are the standings going into the 1st/3rd/5th place matches, which start at 2PM CST on ESPN3 1 Missouri 122.5 2 Northern Iowa 99.5 3 Central Michigan 94.5 4 Northern Illinois 89.0 5 Old Dominion 86.0 6 Buffalo 76.5 7 Eastern Michigan 63.0 8 Ohio 58.5 9 Kent State 53.0
  10. Consi Quarterfinals 125 Akins UB over Fleetwood CMU 3-2 and McGhee MZ over Simpson ODU 15-4 M 133 Madrigal ODU over Kelly OU 15-3 M and Keener CMU over Jeffrey NIU 7-2 141 Smith CMU over Estevez UB 7-0 and Springer EMU over Driscoll KSU 6-5 149 Hayes ODU over Rooney KSU F and Barber EMU over Cotten UB 9-4 157 Early ODU over McWhirter NIU 8-0 and Cummings OU over Moore UNI MEDFF 165 Parks CMU over Marry EMU 7-4 and Bast KSU over Rill UB 6-3 174 McBryde UB over Sphon KSU 7-2 and Davis EMU over Arshughyan OU F 184 Perry UB over Mast KSU 2-1 OT and Gorman NIU over McGee OU F 197 Severn CMU over Hillman EMU 2-1 TB2 D and Holschlag UNI over Rose UB 3-2 285 Schmercek CMU over Gossett NIU 4-1 D and Hilliard ODU over Everard UNI INJD
  11. Session Two 125 Semis Laney OU over Gonser EMU 4-3 D Peters UNI over Hudkins NIU 4-2 D Consi #1 Fleetwood CMU over Simpson KSU 16-1TF 133 Semis Lantry UB over Alber UNI 3-2 D (Alber with takedown, but tenths of a second too late) Erneste MZ over Tutolo KSU F Consi #1 Madrigal ODU Perry EMU 6-2 D 141 Semis Eierman MZ over Budock ODU 7-2 D Forridor OU over Velasquez NIU 6-0 D 149 Semis Mayes MZ over Bleise NIU 5-2 D Thomsen UNI over Oliver CMU 6-3 D 157 Semis Lavallee MZ over Sparkman KSU 14-1 M Heffernam CMU over Carson EMU 7-3 D 165 Semis Lewis MZ over McMrMurtry NIU F Steiert UNI over Wright ODU 10-4 D 174 Semis Lujan UNI over Wisman MZ D Engelkes NIU over Brucki CMU 11-0OT D 184 Semis Foster UNI over Lemanowicz MZ 5-2 D Dechow ODU over Ellingwood CMU 3-2 D 197 Semis Cox MZ Suglio KSU Beazley ODU over Scott NIU 4-2 285 Gunning UB over Parker OU 9-1 M Hutchison EMU over Myers MZ 5-2 2OT
  12. 1. Mizz (64); 2. UNI (52); 3. NIU (51.5); 4. CMU (42.5); 5. EMU (36.5)...cont'd
  13. Chippewas can kiss goodbye any chance of a MACC championship. Goes 4-6 in the quarters with five guys who may be better suited to audition for "Dancing with the Stars". It's gonna take a lot of mental fortitude to keep their 8 AQs to themselves rather than passing some of them on to their MAC brethren.
  14. Quarterfinals getting ready to start on ESPN3- I'll try to periodically post the results. 125 Laney OU over Simpson ODU 10-4 D Gonzer EMU over McGhee MIZ 6-4 D Peters UNI over Akins UB F Hudkins NIU over Fleetwood CMU 4-2 D 133 Alber UNI over Jeffrey NIU 6-2 D Lantry UB over Keener CMU 6-1 D Tutolo KSU over Kelly OU 5-2 D Erneste MIZ over Madrigal ODU 1-0 D 141 Eierman MIZ over Driscoll KSU 16-2 M Budock ODU over Springer EMU 6-5 D Velasquez NIU over Smith CMU 2-1 D Forrider OU over Estevez UB 8-0 M 149 Mayes MIZ over Rooney KSU 13-4 M Bleise NIU over Hayes ODU 9-7 OT D Thomsen UNI over Barber EMU 3-0 D Oliver CMU over Cotten UB 18-2 T 157 Lavallee MIZ over Moore UNI 11-5 D Sparkman KSU over Cummings OU 3-1OT D Carson EMU over McWhirter NIU 2-1 D Heffernan CMU over Early ODU 4-1 D 165 Lewis MIZ over Parks CMU F McMurtry NIU over Marry EMU 5-3 D Wright ODU over Rill UB 3-1OT D Steirert UNI over Best KSU 14-3 M 174 Lujan UNI over Davis EMU F Wisman MIZ over Arshughyan OU 11-3 M Engelkes NIU over Spohn KSU 16-0 T Brucki CMU over Agee ODU 11-4 D 184 Foster UNI over Mast KSU 11-3 M Lemanowicz MIZ over Perry UB 9-7 D Ellingwood CMU over Gorman NIU 10-1 M Dechow over ODU MacCallum EMU 15-3 M 197 Cox MIZ over Hillman EMU F Sugio KSU over Severn CMU 5-3 D Scott NIU over Holschlag UNI 4-3 D Beazley ODU over Rose UB F 285 Parker OU over Gossett NIU 3-2 D Gunning UB over Smerchek CMU 2-1 D Hutchinson EMU over Everard UNI 4-1OT D Myers MIZ 3 over Nye KSU 3-2 D
  15. Pigtails complete 125 ODU F KSU 133 NIU D EMU 141 KSU D UNI 149 KSU D OU 157 UNI D UB 165 CMU D OU 174 EMU D UB 184 KSU T OU 197 EMU T OU 285 NIU D ODU
  16. Pig-tails have proceeded. Quarterfinals to start around noon Central time.
  17. Yep; when you have wrestlebacks in a nine-team tourney, it would be taxing to have the meet in one day (except for the wrestlers who make the championship round).
  18. The MAC earned three slots at 285. Interestingly, they were earned by wrestlers seeded 4, 5 and 6 in the upcoming league tourney. This is a wide open weight class that just might determine which team wins this weekend's MACC.
  19. DUAL RECORD in MAC with my predicted seeds for MAC Tourney 1) Mayes (MU) 7-1 (lost to Thomsen); also defeated Thomsen in Southern Scuffle 2) Thomsen (UNI) 7-1 (lost to Oliver); also lost to Mayes in Southern Scuffle 3) Oliver (CMU) 6-2 (lost to Mayes and Bleise); also defeated Bleise in MSU Open 4) Bleise (NIU) 6-2 (lost to Mayes and Thomsen); also lost to Oliver in MSU Open It's gonna be good!
  20. There's also something called the upcoming league tourney championships that will likely play a significant role for many of the ultimate seedings at the NCAAs.
  21. Did UNI and Missouri decline to be the MAC rep? I suppose the regularly scheduled match between CMU vs. Wisconsin serves as the surrogate.
  22. The ban has been lifted! http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1486314840827&twSessionId=euekrxgvnrmmims&postId=128270094
  23. With the Federal Court's reversal of the travel ban (upheld last night by the Federal Court of Appeals), hopefully Iran will reciprocate so the American wrestlers will be allowed to compete.
  24. CENTERAL MICHIGAN 19, MICHIGAN 18 125: Brent Fleetwood (CMU) dec. Conner Youtsey, 4-0 133: Stevan Micic (UM) major dec. Corey Keener, 16-6 141: Mason Smith (CMU) major dec. Sal Profaci, 8-0 149: Justin Oliver (CMU) dec. Malik Amine, 8-2 157: Brian Murphy (UM) dec. Colin Heffernan, 4-2, SV-1 165: Logan Massa (UM) tech. fall Logan Parks, 21-6, 5:28 174: Myles Amine (UM) dec. CJ Brucki, 8-2 184: Jordan Ellingwood (CMU) pinned Aaron Calderon, 1:02 197: Jackson Striggow (UM) dec. Austin Severn, 3-1 HWT: Newton Smerchek (CMU) dec. Ayoola Olapo, 1-0
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