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  1. Good win by Bleise, 7-6. With that said, I believe Coach Borelli made a tactical error. He had Oliver start neutral in the third rather than instructing him to have him try to keep the NIU wrestler down for at least 15 seconds to gain riding time. Oliver eventually had a takedown to end the match. That riding time point would have come in handy!
  2. Anyone from Mizzou have knowledge as to why the MU wrestling team doesn't appear to be wearing MAC insignias? Every MAC school, including affiliate members ODU and UNI, have them on their uniforms this year.
  3. Update: CMU - UM contest has been moved up one day. 02/02/17 Central Michigan vs. Michigan Mount Pleasant, Mich. 7:00 p.m. TV: ESPN3
  4. 1st Coaches Poll 125: 13. Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa 15. Shakur Laney, Ohio 17. Noah Gonser, Eastern Michigan 18. Barlow McGhee, Missouri 27. Brent Fleetwood, Central Michigan 32. Kyle Akins, Buffalo 133: 10. Josh Alber, Northern Iowa 13. John Erneste, Missouri 16. Cameron Kelly, Ohio 18. Bryan Lantry, Buffalo 23. Anthony Tutolo, Kent State 24. Corey Keener, Central Michigan 31. Shayne Wireman, Eastern Michigan 141: 10. Jaydin Eierman, Missouri 27. Noah Forrider, Ohio 33. Kyle Springer, Eastern Michigan 149: 4. Lavion Mayes, Missouri 6. Justin Oliver, Central Michigan 8. Max Thomsen, Northern Iowa 13. Steve Bleise, Northern Illinois 27. Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan 29. Colt Cotten, Buffalo 32. Michael Hayes, Old Dominion 157: 6. Joey Lavallee, Missouri 7. Colin Heffernan, Central Michigan 30. Casey Sparkman, Kent State 31. Caden McWhirter, Northern Illinois 165: 6. Daniel Lewis, Missouri 10. Bryce Steiert, Northern Iowa 15. Seldon Wright, Old Dominion 174: 10. Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa 20. Christian Brucki, Central Michigan 25. Trace Engelkes, Northern Illinois 27. Jairod James, Kent State 184: 8. Jack Dechow, Old Dominion 14. Drew Foster, Northern Iowa 15. Jordan Ellingwood, Central Michigan 29. Brett Perry, Buffalo 197: 1. J'den Cox, Missouri 10. Kevin Beazley, Old Dominion 11. Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois 20. Austin Severn, Central Michigan 22. James Benjamin, Buffalo 33. Bailey Faust, Ohio 285: 17. Gage Hutchison, Eastern Michigan 28. Jake Gunning, Buffalo
  5. #6 Oliver has lost only four matches this year. Each loss has been to a guy ranked above him and each time he has been owned. With that said, if Oliver can AA again, I'll be pleased. Plus he will have two more years to try to break his ceiling. On a related note, what's the full chant of the Mizzou fans? The second line is "We own you." What's the first line?
  6. Once someone finds the URL for this info, please post it in this thread. Thanks!
  7. Brucki is currently rated #15 by WrestleStat, so he's not exactly a slouch.
  8. Chippewas are dominant in this tourney held at the CMU-East Lansing wrestling satellite campus. 125 Fleetwood (seeded 1st): Champion 133 Keener (seeded 3rd): Runnerup 141 Smith (seeded 2nd): 3rd 149 Oliver (seeded 1st): Champion 157 Hefferman (seeded 1st): Champion 165 Parks (seeded 4th): 3rd 174 Brucki (seeded 3rd): Champion 185 Ellingwood (seeded 1st): Champion 197 Severn (seeded 2nd): Champion 285 Smercek (seeded 1st): 3rd
  9. According to SDSU's web site, this match was a Big XII dual. That means the Jackrabbits are in sole posession of 1st place in the league. Iowa State? Currently last. Who would have thunk it?
  10. Mayes just finished in third place. Seeded 3rd; finished 3rd. As for the argument he wrestled "no one", two other MAC guys in this weight class also became All-Americans: DePalma (KSU) 5th and Oliver (CMU) 7th.
  11. Since no replay was asked for on that Miller move, I-Mar must not have been taken down according to the rules. But everyone at my home watching the match (who was watching the sport for the first time) had their mouths gaping wide open when they saw him lift him up and put him on his back. Then they were astounded to found out it was worth zero points. I said it was because Miller didn't have control. To which one person replied, "Isn't putting a guy on his back a demonstration of control?" All I could say is "sometimes wrestling sucks, especially when your name is Ian Miller, who lost an NCAA match the prior year due to a scoring error".
  12. Didn't the addition of the WR schools occur during the summer when most of the teams' regular season schedules were already set? I'd have to believe starting next year all of the schools will have a round-robin schedule. As CB noted, some weekends may consist of tri-duals in order to reduce expenses for this far-flung league.
  13. The proper spelling is milquetoast. Since you said is was OK to trash talk, I'll contribute just one zinger. "Chippewas fans were ecstatic when Jordan Ellingwood took down "Slick Willie" Miklus in the MACCs. It was sweet revenge for Jordan after being pinned by the "Flu from Mizzou" in Mount Pleasant during the dual meet earlier in the season. It was just as delicious for CMU fans, as "Michelob" blew kisses to the crowd while prancing around McGuirk Arena after his epic victory." That's all I've got. Particularly since for Central Michigan it's been since 2013 when they last defeated the Tigers.
  14. The MAC had four AQs up for grabs at 125. As the wreslers worked their way through the bracket, ODU's Jeske finishes fourth and Ohio's Laney fifth. This dictates the MAC coaches meet to decide whether a true-fourth needed to be wrestled. It turns out Laney defeated Jeske in the first round. What to do? What to do? A) Since Laney beat Jeske earlier, Laney should be awarded fourth. B) Since Laney beat Jeske earlier but Jeske finished higher, a rematch is in order. C) A true-fourth is only warranted if the wrestlers had not already met. Jeske gets fourth. D) Both Laney and Jeske lost to CMU's Fleetwood, but Jeske didn't have to face him until the match for third place. Go to solution A or B. E) Invoke the "Trump" rule. Jeske likes The Donald. Laney is going with Kasich. Jeske wins. The coaches met and decided to award JESKE the AQ without the wrestle-off. For reference, you can view the bracket results here.
  15. Central MIchigan: seven AQs for the league. Anywhere from six to nine Chippewas should be headed to the Big Apple.
  16. Let's see; the announcement is supposed to be today (2/25), yet there is not a peep on the web site of the NCAA.
  17. Semantics. Tell me one single coach that would not take the six points knowing full well the outcome of the dual was on the line, as CMU's last two wrestlers were heavy favorites to win.
  18. Until now. This Sunday, Edinboro was leading Central Michigan, 15-12 with three matches to go. CMU had to forfeit the next bout, which was about to give the Scots a nearly insurmountable 21-12 lead. To the surprise of nearly every sports fan in the world, Edinboro Tim Flynn chose to not send his wrestler out to get his arm raised for six points, which kept the score at 15-12. The Chippewas went on to win the competition 20-15, but would have lost 21-20 in any other universe. As a CMU fan, I'm appreciative that we won, but I'm infinitely more impressed with Tim Flynn's incredible integrity. Tim Flynn for "Sportsman of the Year"!
  19. I believe in most cases the top teams perform similarly regardless of the scoring system. It's the many teams that round out the top 25 in NCAA tourney scoring whose team performance often is not well matched by the final standings. One likely improvement would be a change in the tourney scoring system, whereby the range of points awarded at each weight class isn't as great. Basically, how about mimicking the 0 to 6 pts possible in a dual? Except the possible scores could be in 1/2-point or even 1/4-point intervals (rather than 0, 3, 4, 5, or 6 as the only possible values). That way a champion wrestler doesn't get 7 to 8 times the team points as a grappler making it to the round of 12 (as an example). One way to devise the specifics of a new point system would be use different version and analyze how teams would finish using data from previous NCAA championships.
  20. The Mizzou/CMU match is scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN3.
  21. MSU did have three takedowns, plus gave up one less team point. Baby steps.
  22. 17 pounds? I guess over the holidays he ate the whole turducken.
  23. RE: Michigan and MSU should own Michigan wrestling... There are two other in-state schools that beg to differ. ...and this will help the big ten grow. Help the Big Ten grow? The league is already like Gulliver was to the Lilliputians (i.e., the rest of college wrestling). Any bigger and all of its schools can be residents of Brobdingnag.
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