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  1. SHP, my position is for the past several years, the Big XII didn't have to play by the same rules as everyone else. In retrospect, I forgot THE GOLDEN RULE. He who has the gold, makes the rules. Or in this case, he who has the gold gets to skirt the rules. Postscript: For those who believe the Big XII did lose out, then it's a good thing, as I'm hearing this will be the final year of having a nonsense league of four members.
  2. Sorry, but I'm shedding crocodile tears. Some how, some way, every Big XII wrestler was eligible to be in the at-large pool despite not participating in a qualifier. This is a sham, especially since they were invited to wrestle in the Western Regional but declined to do so. Now we're seeing a host of "bubble" guys from that conference of four taking away spots from wrestlers who in many cases just missed out on an auto bid in their qualifiers. Frankly, I have no clue what NCAA wresling was thinking. The Big XII actually wound up gaining AN ADVANTAGE by not being in a qualifier. Truthfully, I see absolutely no reason for them to even think about having a merger in the future. They gathered more than their fair share of individuals going to the championships this time around by sticking to their status quo. Why would next year be any different?
  3. Jenson screwed the pooch by finishing 6th in the MACC and went 0-2 this year against CMU's LeCount, who also wound up on the wrong side of the bubble.
  4. I'm more miffed that Harding was picked over him. No one can say the selection committee is doing the Chippewas any favors, despite one MAC member and two CMU alumni being on it.
  5. MMos: Do you actually mean the committee is basically minimizing what happened in the conference tourneys? Keselring finished two spots above at-large selectee McGuire in the MACC.
  6. It already looks like the Big 4 outta 12 is getting some free passes. For example, Keseling finishes runner-up in the MACC, while the OSU guy (who Tyler pounded during the regular season) finishes third in whatever excuse for non-qualifying tourney they had. I'm steamed!
  7. J: You win the bet. But I'm only giving you one of the shoe's off my feet. T: Thanks. I've always needed a soul (sic).
  8. Looks like Track Wrestling has derailed.
  9. Saturday, March 7 ESPN3 Mid-American Conference Championships, at Missouri, starting at 3:00 PM (2:00 PM) Standard Time Sunday, March 8: ESPN3 Mid-American Conference Championships, at Missouri, starting at 1:00 PM (12:00 PM) Daylight Savings Time
  10. Except this year it doesn't get to the magic 29, even when you add in spots "semi-reserved" for BIg XII wrestlers.
  11. I believe I've cracked the code. Here are the MAC wrestlers that did not AQ but were ranked in both the Coaches and RPI listings. 125 Jeske 31/26 133 Keselring 28/33; Synan 26/31 141 Small 23/30 157 Zeerip 27/31 174 Ellingwood 22/32 Now what do they all have in common? Every wrestler was ranked below 29th in one of the rankings. I believe the committee did not award an AQ to any wrestler who failed to meet a 29/29 threshold. If this is the case, it should be somewhere in an official document. Any insiders know where that document could be downloaded?
  12. Yes; it's probably bad news for the Big XII wrestlers ranked toward the bottom of the 33. Those ranked higher, however, can play twiddly winks while everyone else has to grapple at their AQ tourneys. Also, there must be something going on besides the Big XII. For instance, there are only 25 AQs at 125. Even if spots were being "reserved" for all four Big XII wrestlers at that weight class, it only addes up to 28 rather than the cut-off of 29. Mmm...
  13. I thought the thresholds are supposed to be calibrated to have 29 AQs for each weight class. They were last year. Can someone explain what's going on here? I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the absence of a qualifying tournament for the four Big XII schools.
  14. Philosophically, you are absolutely correct. You are also correct with regard to how they finish in the NCCA Championships. However, some kind of rubric (methodology) is still needed to seed (rank) the wrestlers for the brackets. Unless you subscribe to a blind draw. Even then, a rubric is still required to aid the selection committee in an attempt to objectively determine the AQs (both pre and post league tourneys). While many selections may be "no-brainers", it's no easy matter when you get to those wrestlers that are "on the bubble".
  15. A similar result happened with my duals rankings at WrestlingReport.com. There are several of possible reasons: 1) the rankings of individual wrestlers don't reflect their present level of performance; 2) sometimes an individual wrestler, though higher rated,doesn't fare well against the style/strategy of a lower ranked grappler; 3) a wrestlers rating is skewed a bit by winning or losing due to a defensive pin; 4) performance relative to injuries; etc. etc.
  16. Oh goody. That means I get to pay for two night's lodging. Hopefully Columbia has enough quality brewpubs to compensate.
  17. Hopefully their relatively new coach can get it turned around, on and off that mat. There is no reason UB can't attain respectability in wrestling. Fudge: Actually, there won't be any byes at the MACC. UB's absence simply means there won't be any pigtails. Yay!!!
  18. Q: How do you drive a Hawkeye fan nuts? A: Ask him to use the transitive property to figure out how Iowa > Missouri. By the way, where is Mudflap? I'd like to read his unique take upon his thoughts of the National Duals.
  19. Here's SHP's Feb 9th rankings of all wrestlers, from which you can gleen some good info. SHP should be updating this soon, right SHP?
  20. Only any male who has ever lived. Some women, too.
  21. Here is today's (2/24/15) Coaches' Poll of the top 4 wrestlers for each weight class. Barring injuries, these should hold up for the seedings. The only thing left to do in the pre-tourney meeting in Columbia will be to seed wrestlers 5-9.
  22. No way could he keep a straight face. That's when the parrot comes in handy.
  23. Well, that explains why the B1G doesn't have 80 All-Americans each year. Just think; if the NCAA allowed backups in the tourney, they would have even more! (DWS)
  24. Actually, in hoops and on the gridiron, rather than using blue & green, each school's colors are used for displaying the MAC logo. .
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