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  1. Pot meet kettle. Iowa is famous for this. Their fans view it as gamesmanship; others see it as unsportsmanship. Regardless, it has resulted in the Hawkeyes currently being college wrestling's version of professional wrestling entertainment's VILLIANS. And both sides eat it up. Just wait until St. Louis!
  2. Well; that's apparently settled. Now how about wearing the MAC logo on your singlets? :) Actually, I'm not aware of any of the Mid-American Conference wrestling teams that currently honor the shield. Quick! Somebody call the Betsy Ross Sewing Company. Postscript: I noticed Iowa had B1G on the back of their uniforms. Do all their conference brethren do the same? Do other leagues have teams who wear their logos?
  3. If this indeed was the correct call, then Waters was adopted as an infant and his biological father is Clark Kent.
  4. Regarding the poster's use of the word "interestingly" when comparing MZ/IA versus MZ/MAC teams, I interpreted it to be a factoid. Nothing more and nothing less. Your "could care less" statement, however, implies you personally have disdain for the MAC, a non Power 5 league. You have revealed your stripes. But this is wrestling, not one of the two big sports. League affiliations have less meaning in the others. Take college hockey, for instance. Which of the following conferences, whose geographic extent overlaps, would you rather be in: the Big Ten, NCHC, or WCHA? Before you answer, realize despite all of those games shown on the B1G Network, the NCHC currently has four teams in the top eight (#1 North Dakota, #5 Nebraska-Omaha, #6 Miami (O), and #7 Minnesota Duluth). The WCHA has three in the top eight (#2 Minnesota State, #4 Michigan Tech, and #8 Bowling Green). The Big Ten weighs in with #15 Michigan and #17 Minnesota. This is with only a couple of weeks to go in the regular season. Regarding factoids, here are a couple of more. Mizzou has recruited three years worth of wrestlers who knew they would be competing in the MAC. Doesn't seem to have hurt Coach Smith on the recruiting trail, has it? Speaking of Coach Smith, once the Big XII office gave his team the cold shoulder, he led the charge to join the MAC and is quite respective of the league. Now if I've misconstrued your negative opinion of being a conference member, let us all know. If not, maybe you need to have a conservation with Coach Smith on where the Tigers should move if the Mizzou/MAC affiliation is not renewed in the coming years.
  5. People; it was telecast on the B1G network, college sports' equivalent to MSNBC or FOX News. Aside from this tourney, I only tune in when there's a B1G MAC game being shown. It's hilarious to see them squirm and act flabbergasted each year when the Little Brothers hang with them and annually get their two to three victories.
  6. 125: Cody Karns 133: Troy Heilmann 141: Joey Ward 149: Christian Barber 157: Chris Mears 165: Ethan Ramos 174: John Michael Staudenmayer 184: Scott Marmoll 197: Chip Ness 285: Frank Abbondanza
  7. Now that we have flung around the duals championship, let's peek toward the NCAAs whose AQs will be announced this Thursday. Who in each weight class meets the Gold & Silver standards? Who's left and on the fence to fill out the 19 slots to be filled before the league tourneys? Who has those stats and what say you?
  8. And we appreciate that! (Actually, wasn't it two each? MZ- IL & IA; CU-MN; LU-OSU)
  9. Sometimes in college sports athletes get punished afterward by their respective league upon review of game tapes. Any chance in Hades it happens here?
  10. So it begins. Now that Mizzou has won a duals national championship (polls and on the mat), they aren't representative of the MAC. Maybe they have Power 5 facilities in the major sports, but how much better are their wrestling facilities vesus teams such as Northern Iowa, Central Michigan, Ohio & Kent State? Many MAC fans are glad to have the Tigers wrestling in our conference. It adds prestiege and along with UNI and ODU raises the stature of the league. Some of our fans aren't so happy, mainly because of the indignant manner some (not all) Mizzou fans behave toward fellow conference members. For the record MU did not rest half of its starters in their MAC duals. It was two to three. In several match-ups Mizzou's opponent also rested starters. For instance, Mikey England didn't face CMU's Jordan Wohlfert in the dual, but lost to the Chippewa a couple weeks ago in the Edinboro Open. Another fallacy is the notion of Mizzou's record is mainly to do to being in an "inferior" MAC. Hello? The Tigers are undefeated and just won the National Duals. Additionally, this is the first year they won the conference regular season in the league. Northern Iowa won last year and the year before Central Michigan defeated Mizzou (in non-conference) while going undefeated in league play. Not to mention Mizzou won the Big 12 tourney championship in their final year. There are no chumps in that league. And lest you forget, it wasn't too many years ago CMU finished number two in the national duals polls. Top to bottom, the MAC is arguably the second best league in the country, although in some years it may be interchangeable with the EIWA and the ACC. That is all.
  11. I do not know what ODU did. But I do know this is only the second time in over ten years I've heard Coach Borrelli gripe to the press following a meet. That's what I know and I believe the coach when he says they've been "punked out". Meanwhile, this thread clearly struck a nerve with you. I can only assume (since you didn't say) that you're an ODU fan. Well, the rivalry's now on between Monarchs and the Chippewas and it began on February 15, 2015.
  12. Are you taunting or simply being uncivil? The original post was meant to be an open question, but since you want more details, here you go: http://www.themorningsun.com/sports/20150215/central-michigan-wrestling-falls-to-old-dominion-on-senior-day
  13. I watched the event on my pc, so unfortunately didn't see/hear what happened. Go to the sources I described above for the head coach's quotes and such.
  14. Discus is a field event in Track. Besides, there are bench technicals in hoops and penalties assessed on the gridiron. Should wrestling be exempt from such nonsense? Postscript: The thread was started due to shenanigans at the recent ODU-CMU match, which made it to the official team web site, plus the student and community on-line newspapers.
  15. Does it add to the excitement or should it be considered unsportsmanlike conduct? Discuss.
  16. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/15/us/ncaa-athlete-meals/ Hopefully this won't result in wrestlers developing a binge eating disorder. :shock:
  17. CMU Possible Lineup 125 Keener 133 Keselring 141 Horan 149 Hefferman 157 Smith 165 Becker 174 Ottinger 184 Brucki 197 Lewis 285 Ishmael (?)
  18. So will they be the Big12-ACC or the ACC-Big12? Or how about the "Big $$$ Schools looking to Squash who's left other than the Big Can't Count Past Ten"?
  19. My screen shot is more than 300 pixels high, so go to http://csnbbs.com/thread-682902.html and scroll down to view the matrix.
  20. Mmmm, Del Rancho! http://www.delranchonorman.com/. Here is a list of locations: http://www.yellowpages.com/oklahoma-city-ok/del-rancho-restaurants. Note: Yellow pages is wrong about it being a "mexican restaurant"; it's chicken-fried steak sandwiches!
  21. KSU's Wheeler is out, so I presume that means one more at-large has opened up for 184.
  22. Just east of Chesapeake Arena is the Bricktown entertainment district. Here's a guide: http://bricktownokc.com/ Here are some suggestions for those who love Microbrew: TapWerks (121 E Sheridan): 212 Taps & 100 Bottled Beers. Try 'em all and you will never make it to the Arena. Bricktown Brewery (1 N Oklahoma): The state's first legal brewpub. It was great when there was no other choice, but now I find their products somewhat bland. But since you're in the neighborhood, you may as well stop for a pint. JJ's Alley (212 E Sheridan): I haven't been there in years, so I don't know if they have expanded their selection to include PBR in addition to Bud or if you need a gas mask to breathe through all of the cigarette smoke. However the sheer narrowness of the place (I think Kevin Durant can touch both walls simultaneously) makes it worth visiting. McNellie's (10th & Walker; just north of downtown): Not too many places in OKC remind one of the isles across the pond. This one should suffice. 350+ beers. Republic Gastropub (5830 N Classen; a few miles away): Who knew there was a "hip" place in the Sooner State? This is it. "2,000 bottles of beer on the wall. 2,000 different bottles of beer. Knock one down, err, you will be in trouble if you do!"
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