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  1. I wonder when the league will announce the seedings for the MACC? It will also be curious if the pigtails will be randomized or standardized. I prefer the latter, as such: championship 1st round 1 vs 9, 2 vs 8, 3 vs 7, 4 vs 5-6 pigtail winner. wrestlebacks 1st round 4/5 loser vs consi pigtail winner of 9/1 loser-8/2 loser 3/7 loser vs 5-6 pigtail loser
  2. Needs a least one minor tweak. Such as, "The faster you run, the more points you lose!"
  3. What did all of Robinson's kids letter in? Do any of them work with the "Men in Black" organization?
  4. Which punishment would be more severe? KSU's Wheeler being suspended for another match or Wheeler being told he MUST go out and wrestle at Mizzou with the possibility of "The Antlers" making a special appearance? :P
  5. Two unranked MAC teams defeat ranked teams from Big XII and B1G.
  6. Interesting that Kent State won in spite of Wheeler's indiscretion. That's a quality win over the Cyclones!
  7. A year or so Coach Cody suggested OU go to the MAC for wrestling. After the recent Sooner results at home against UNI and MU, "If you can't beat 'em join 'em!" Believe me, the MAC will welcome OU with open arms (or a takedown or whatever).
  8. Watching that match, it appeared Jensen didn't know the "bicycle move". When the opponent is continually "catching and releasing" you, you need to get on the bike and flee the mat. Sure, it costs you a point, but at least you get some time to catch your composure and have a truly neutral restart.
  9. The seeding meetings wouldn't have to take much longer if a ranking system rather than the committee were used to determine seeds 17 - 33.
  10. This seems to me to be very archaic and leads to several #13 to #16 wrestlers having either a "good" or "bad" draw in their first round matches. As far that goes, every weight class should be fully seeded #1 through #33. It shouldn't be too difficult, even considering wrestlers from the same leagues can't meet until a certain round. There's this new-fangled gadget call a computer and persons who actually can write something called a program (or application, if you're with the times) that can automate it all. Comments?
  11. While riding a unicorn. With this guy setting up shop beneath the practice facility.
  12. CMU appears to be quite vulnerable in the upper weights for the first time in over a decade. Unfortunately for Chippewa fans, it may lead to a rather pedestrian duals record this season.
  13. Follow the results here: http://n1.trackwrestling2.com/tw/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&loadBalanced=true&sport=wrestling&TIM=1383499637862&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=856.
  14. Has he resurfaced anywhere or has he decided to no longer compete in wrestling?
  15. How about one finger versus two finger salutes?
  16. Looks to be ultra competitive this year. http://www.mac-sports.com/tabid/969/Article/277180/Ohio-Bobcats-Selected-As-Preseason-MAC-Wrestling-Favorites.aspx
  17. For those of you interested in such things. http://wrestlingreport.com/college/rank/DPI_team_rank.htm
  18. OkieChippewa


    For the record, last season 50% (40/80) of all of the MAC wrestlers qualified for nationals.
  19. Central Michigan's possible lineup 125 Corey Keener (FR) 133 Joe Roth (SR) 141 Zach Horan (SO) 149 Scott Mattingly (SR) 157 Lucas Smith (SO) 165 Nick Becker (FR)/Hunter Rollins (FR) 174 Mike Ottinger (JR) 184 Craig Kelliher (SR) 197 Dalton Ishmael (FR) 285 Mike Murray (SR) update 10/10: looks like Roth is moving on up to 133 this year.
  20. No, not that one; the other one. http://www.flowrestling.org/article/22376-Ryan-Cunningham-Returns-To-CMU
  21. Next year CMU appears to have a solid lineup from 125-184, with each wrestler having the potential to AQ. Instant help is sorely needed at 197 and 285, however.
  22. Those wrestlers at The Citadel beg this tongue-in-cheek question: "Does the Deep South have any Mongolian Barbeque joints?"
  23. Obviously, you didn't appreciate the levity. You also obviously missed out on the "Separated at Birth/Lookalikes" thread in which SOMEONE ELSE first made the humorous comparison, WITH PHOTOS. If for some legitimate reason you were insulted, then I apologize. If you think I insulted Bennett, then I suggest you re-read the entire post.
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