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  1. Anyone know when the first rankings are due to be announced?
  2. Actually it was Aliens 1,000,000,003 Iowa 6 because Jabba the Hutt failed to make weight.
  3. The Big Ten is now the Big Ten-Four (good buddy)!
  4. Calumet had the Blues Brothers and the band as their scheduled backups. They passed the skin checks but unfortunately failed the breathalyzers.
  5. I am certain it won't hold up much longer, but it's nice to see in duals it is currently: MAC 3 Big Ten 0.
  6. CMU fans are thrilled with the victory, but not so appreciative with the arrogance displayed by one of the Michigan assistant coaches' quotes regarding the match. (Scroll down toward the bottom of the linked page.)
  7. I am posting these results from what is being reported on CMU's twitter site. Some eyebrow raisers that beg rechecking tomorrow at cmuchippewas.com 125 Cullinan D Roth 6-1 133 Horan D Sentes 6-1 141 Mattingly D Hodgkins 2-0 149 Corby D Kielbasa 2-0 157 Smith D Martin 2-1 165 Ottinger D Cooley 2-1 171 Bill D Alm 6-3 184 Bennett D Kelliher 8-1 197 Lewis D Alder 6-5 285 Trice D Murray 10-3 It will be interesting who winds up taking the mat in next week's home opener versus Michigan.
  8. Hey Santos, PM me if you haven't yet secured a room for Des Moines. I'm looking to split either a double or a suite.
  9. Hey D42, you gonna come up to the Broom Closet this year for the opening season tussle in front of an expected 5,000+ fans?
  10. Here's the Berry Tramel blog concerning Big XII wrestling teams changing leagues.
  11. RSFr Hodgkins was highly regarded out of high school. Has he yet to adjust to college competition or perhaps been hobbling? Or has Mattingly worked his tail off to remain a starter for his senior year? Perhaps we will have an answer during the intersquad meet on Tuesday, October 30.
  12. A knowledgeable person on the CMU board stated this isn't over, but would not elaborate. Anyone here "in the know"?
  13. In light of the controversy over the Individual Tourney vs. Duals Tourney, I thought I'd repost a trial balloon I put on this board a few years ago. The document proposes a two-weekend event, whereby every school has full participation. It also proposes a point system change that more closely follows how duals are scored. It's a radical notion, but one I believe in some incarnation would benefit the collegiate sport. I invite you to read, reflect, and comment upon it. You can find the document at: http://www.mymaps.com/misc/AllInclusiveTourney.pdf Regards, Greg
  14. So you believe up-and-comer Zach Horan will redshirt rather than wrestling "up" to 141? I'm excited about the Chippewa team and individual goals this year. It has the potential of being the best ever season for CMU wrestling.
  15. Like many slang terms, the meaning of "Okie" depends upon who is saying it, who is hearing it, and the context in which it is being said and heard.
  16. Chippewa fans are anticipating a great wrestling season. Unless we get hit with an injury bug and/or other problems, we fully expect to be in the Top 10 and are quite hopeful to earn one of the team trophies at the NCAAs. 2XAA Sentes, 2XAA Trice, 3XAA Bennett are back, along with a slew of hopefuls who gained valuable experience last season.
  17. Meanwhile, has anyone heard what Missouri wrestling is going to do conference-wise for 2012-2013?
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