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  1. Actually, he beat Mike Boykin at Dapper Dan. Like 7-3 or something similarly unremarkable.
  2. So God doesn't understand the dangers of cutting weight?
  3. For what it's worth on the appreciation point, I don't think it was, regardless of what John Smith said. I think it was simply a step out. Had Burroughs up in a single, Jordan whizzered and sprawled, hit a knee in the zone and bounced immediately out while under attack
  4. He did a clinic at Kennett High School in PA a couple weeks ago, and told everybody that he would be competing through 2020. Speaking to him more personally afterwards, he said that falling short of goals was tough and did make him think long and hard about the future, but said that he was going to take a few months off to spend with his family and he'd be back at it. Not saying that he wasn't just saying that to people who just paid him money for a clinic (which I would truly doubt), or that he hasn't simply changed his mind since. But he sure seemed sincere that night.
  5. Almost perfect. The "fail" is that it was CHICKEN Little that was concerned about the sky falling. Not Duckling Little.
  6. Frank should have gotten two on this belly whizzer. It looked like he was asking the coaches to challenge, but they didnn't...
  7. The body issue is a response to the overtly sexual swimsuit issues. It has been running for several years now, and has featured prominent athletes from sports big and small, with all kinds of different bodies, including this year with the NFL's Vince Wilfork, who goes 325+ proudly posing
  8. There were two girls to qualify for the District 1 Central tournament in PA this year, and both won a match. Mary Nichols from Kennett was a senior, so she's done. The other was Amanda Walker from Upper Moreland. Walker lost in consi semis in Greco this past weekend at the USAW Eastern Regional in Stroudsburg, and won her girls freestyle bracket up a weight easily. She's only a sophomore, so has two more chances, and I do believe she can qualify for regionals, but it's going to be awfully tough to get through a PA region, even if she stays 106 for four years.
  9. The only knock on JB used to be his lack of a par terre game. Seeing him develop a lace as deadly as his double is incredible to see and well worth watching. Not a joke at all.
  10. I still had Eirman winning, but 10-8. First period Red 2, 1, 1. Blue: 2 Second period: Red 4 Blue: 2,2,2,2
  11. This is the single best comment on Lee's decision I've read anywhere. Bravo.
  12. Anyone consider the possibility that he is simply still small and not really having to cut anything to make 110?
  13. No, the one time in that finals match he ran it like a wing, it was stopped . All the other times the pressure went across the back, not toward the same shoulder. Perfectly legal.
  14. Pletcher got warned with 1:13 to go in neutral with the score 2-1, never took another step forward, tried repeatedly to drag action out of bounds with Sasso on a single, and never got hit for stalling again. This match really should have been decided in OT.
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