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  1. That's the problem with our sport. So many rules have the discretion of other actions. Leg fouls should be as Coach J described, plan and simple. I would not call it a leg foul but my opinion is behind it rather than how the action is called.
  2. This should not be a leg foul. Chavez did nothing with his leg to warrant a whistle. He stepped around planted his foot and red's body went over blue's planted leg. TERRIBLE.
  3. How is Mango vs. Betterman not in one of the last matches?
  4. What would really help if the Dave Schultz, NYAC and Sunkist Kids tourneys were all after folkstyle. You would see far more collegiate wrestlers there. The summer days are pretty idle for most collegiate programs because there is really only 2 tournaments to wrestle in. University Nationals and Senior/Junior Nationals.
  5. I see that the 80 kilo weight class only had a round robin. Seeing a middle weight class with such few numbers is not a good sign. Does USA Wrestling have anyone willing to recruit NCAA wrestlers to Greco now that the rules are back to wrestling? Many NCAA wrestlers have been vital to Greco's success... Rulon, Vering, Warren... just to name a few.
  6. Dan is the man... But I didn't put him on my list because of his age. How in the world can you have TC at the top of your list?
  7. My Short List... Ivan Ivanov Ivan Ivanov Jim Gruenwald Ivan Ivanov Brandon Paulson Ivan Ivanov My guess is Lindland will get it, Fraser has been grooming him for this position. Lateral move IMO... Also, my shortlist isn't intended to insult the other two, just my regards of the Bulgarian Bear.
  8. Clarion University: http://www.clariongoldeneagles.com/sche ... =wrestling
  9. Greco has not medaled in 4 years... I think the talent is there, the drive, determination etc... Thoughts, suggestions????
  10. Since no one is talking about our current greco wrestlers I will. Spenser had a great tournament. Losing two very competitive to multiple medal winners. A controversial medal match with some questionable calls. I was very disappointed with the final 20 seconds where the ref let the Armenian false start and close up. Can't wait until Mango Buck gets his medal. Ok your turn go...
  11. Here is Ellis Coleman's tweet this morning. Is Lester out? Ellis Coleman ‏@DaFlyinSquirrel 31m Time to put my game face on make weight and Leave it all on the mat tomorrow #LetsGo
  12. I assume Greco picks aren't out yet?
  13. What years did Stan Dziedzic serve as the President for USA Wrestling?
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