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  1. I think this sums it up. I am a Virginia guy, but happened to be at a PA club practice with my son the day it was announced that Cael was coming to Penn State. All of the parents and wrestlers were overjoyed; one of the other parents there said “why would any kid from Pennsylvania consider leaving to wrestle at another school?” With recruiting like that in arguably the toughest wrestling environment in America how can you not build a first rate team?

  2. Do swimmers want to shake the really skimpy swimming shorts, or runners theirs, how about the basketball players with what in my day we called a "skort" they look ridiculous! Baseball players wear skin tight pants for no apparent reason, and football players wear capri pants; if all of that is true (and it is), why would changing the singlet bring more to the sport.


    It is an excuse for not wanting to participate in the toughest sport known to man. If we changed the singlet, they could complain about the headgear next; it wouldn't matter.

  3. How about last year's top 10 list...


    I'm a VT fan so biased, but we were 11 last year, broke into the top 10 (10th) this year. The schedule, recruits, facility, and commitment seem to all be where they need to be. I expect we will improve again next year and can't wait to be on someone's top 10 right from the start. BTW thanks for the mention Gonzo!

  4. I thought it was great. The airport was a breeze, the people were gracious & happy, but the restaurants around the venue were overwhelmed pretty quickly. Parking was easy to get and all of the seats in the arena looked like they had a pretty good view. It was a little crazy when the lights went down, but this is wrestling, it didn't stop a thing.

  5. I'm a Hawk fan from Virginia (go figure), and here is my highly underqualified take.


    Iowa is always tough, yea Mike Evans didn't AA last year, I think he gets it done this year. I think there are a lot of positives that many don't see. McDonough, Ramos, St. John, Evans, Lofthouse, Telford... Iowa has some horses that will be pissed off and ready to run as an underdog at essentially a home event for the NCAA National tournament. Remember in 2010 (I think) they had lost a bunch of seniors the previous year in the line up, no one gave them a chance and they won the title. I won't argue that this team has it's work cut out for them, but I'm betting on this dark horse to bring it home. One way or another it will be fun to watch it unfold in Iowa; I hope to see a bunch of you there.

  6. I'll bet I'm older than most of you here, and I'm OK with a fist bump as long as it is respectful. Tradition calls for a hand shake, and later in life having a solid hand shake will be important, but I have seen hugs and fist bumps from opponents who respect each other and I'm OK with all of it. I'll bet most ref's will bring them back unless they shake though.

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