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  1. He won't wrestle anymore at least not at the level it takes to win world or olympic medals I think he realizes where the money is.
  2. I think Dake beats JB by a few points gets ahead by 1 or 2 then capitalizes on an agressive JB at the end for a few more
  3. Don't get me started on Flo. I'm a huge wrestling fan and can't justify the 20 bucks keep in mind things I spend 20 dollars a month on -Satelite Radio -Spotify family streaming music -Cat Litter -K cups I think you get the point I don't value what they are selling I just spent 170 aka over a year subscription to flo to watch a rodeo for 1 hour. I'll spend $1000 or more to travel for one tournament.
  4. I don't know Pico but seems as though he has been propped up as the next best thing instead of just allowed to wrestle. Kid is a great wrestler but anything other than world titles his falling short of expectation some set by himself most set by others. A few observations: Pico won 1x HS state title Pico will never win an NCAA title Pico has beaten some tough FS opositition but never medalled in anything of note at the Sr. Level Predictions "based on oberservations not because I wish this on him just because it is so hard to do." Pico will never win an olympic medal or world level FS medal Pico will be an average fighter but never reach more than a non headline fight in a major promotion Predictions that will never happen Nolf and Retherford if they weighed in at their respective weights would both beat Pico. "I only say this because I have real data points in Folkstyle to measure Nolf and Retherford and nothing tangible for Pico."
  5. Kid won't wrestle at Penn State
  6. Nolf wins this one easily in Folk
  7. Crazy to think he should be a Sr. this year in HS.
  8. I think there is no denying Ruth and Taylors success as well as Varner and don't leave out the grand daddy of the them all Cael is still in that room. That being said I think Pico could have developed equally as well in either program I personally don't feel him focusing fully on freestyle will give him greater success but time will tell. As with any young talent the odds are against Pico making a world team and then winning a world title or gold medal or even placing for that matter I wish him the best in his venture but think the college experience has a lot to add to anyones life. In todays world these college kids are wrestling full time freestyle at the OTC and club all year other than their college season anyway.
  9. Lol isn't that the truth I could see him at 184 or 157
  10. Beach is a great way for guys like me to still compete. I'm cutting to 80kg and going to qualify for worlds in 2016 gives me a focus beyond my office at work.
  11. You obviously have some other motive driving comments don't you think the coaches see these two wrestle every single day for the last 2 years. Conaway and Gulibon are both amazing kids who work their ass off I wish they both could start but your constant planting the seed of scandal or favoritism is absurd. Stop acting like you come from some moral high ground. " your comments are based on nothing more than a dislike for psu" you love that a blue chip recruit had 1 close match with a kid who was expected to be the backup. I assure you whoever starts for PSU is the one who earned that spot on the mat and gives PSU the best chance to repeat as National Champions for he 4th time in a row Nothing more Nothing less. "Stop with the constant I feel bad for this guy or its a shame you burnt that angle out long ago brother and your true motive has been evident in almost every post!
  12. On the flip side, I wonder how many would lay down $10,000 on Gulibon in a rematch. I wouldn't. Would you? I absolutly would that is called smart money I will bet you 10k all day at 1:1 on an event that has a greater than 50% chance of happening. I believe Gulibon would be higher than a 50% chance to win a rematch like playing a game of cards you are going to call someone on a flush draw 100 out of 100 times with a made hand when its even money to make the call. Does the flush sometimes hit and you lose absolutely but your fullish to not make the same play the next time.
  13. Taylor has been a joy to watch and added excitement to the sport for years. Congrats to him and wish only the best as he pursues his goals!
  14. Mega WBD Clark PSU- 3 IA-0 Gulibon WBD Ramos PSU-6 IA-0 "Not a typo you heard it here first" Dziewa WBD Retherford PSU 6-IA-3 Alton WBD Kelly PSU-9 IA-3 St. John WBD Alton PSU 9-IA-6 Taylor WBF Moore PSU-15 IA-6 Brown WBD Evans PSU-18-IA-6 Ruth WBMD Lofthouse PSU 22 IA-6 Burak WBD Mcintosh PSU-22 IA-9 Telford WBD Lawson PSU-22 IA-12
  15. You obviously must have missed 4 powerades and 4 Pa state titles and his two matches with Cory Clark I'd call those descent HS tournaments and matches has yet to win a college tournament but has some very solid wins and is only a RS freshman. gulibon will be fine.
  16. I disagree Gulibon had a rough Bing open but was neck and neck with Beckman and has two decisive wins over Conaway in the room. Everyone has a bad day Not saying Grey can't beat Gulibon but don't see him distancing himself.
  17. I agree with this. I wish both of these kids could wrestle as they both work incredibly hard and are great kids. I have to believe after watching many matches of both Connaway and Gulibon that Jimmy has more potential if he wrestles to his ability.
  18. I agree and I'm not saying it with confidence just a prediction.
  19. Because they compete in a different sport. The above mentioned Fight MMA not wrestle.
  20. I'm not saying your wrong I posed this question simply for opinions and appreciate yours however I think its this mind set that leads to the problems we are having promoting wrestling to all but a select few "Purests".
  21. Curious... Why do you think so? He is a good wrestler
  22. Not about taking away opportunity but providing more opportunity for the weight class range that appeals to the masses. Not every sport has to provide opportunity for every individual. Would it be better for the sport? We already are eliminating weight classes internationally would focusing those few weight classes more on weights that entertain people be beneficial?
  23. Like many fans of this sport when the heavy weights are up I go grab some nachos or try to beat the traffic. How many times does the arena begin to clear out as the heavy weight take the mat? No disrespect to any heavyweight I respect what they do immensly. That being said would wrestling be better off if in HS we kept 220 and distributed the extra weight lower, in college we kept 197 or say even created a 210 and internationally did away with 120kg and distributed the extra weight class among more compelling/competitive weights? I think as a spectator the upper weights lack the draw ability and are for lack of a better word "boring" to all but the true purests!
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