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  1. You forgot Adam Coon. Lowney wrestled at MN 4 years but did not compete in what would have been his last year of eligibility. Hall had one redshirt freshmen year at WI). But the point of my post was, in the past 30 years of wrestling, the USA has only had 17 individuals win medals. And 6 of those competed in the upper two weight classes (which doesn't really feature leg attacks). The USA will not be able to compete with the rest of the World (the years where we have multiple medalists or win the World Championships are anomalies). because culturally we do not assimilate to Greco being our one style as an athlete until much later in life. And the years of multiple medalists and Team World Championships are over, unless the needed change occurs. The rest of the world has upped their game with regards to conditioning, and being able to transition from technique to a brawl utilizing technique if necessary.
  2. I agree... First, our Greco guys up through high school split time with folkstyle (folkstyle on the feet translates better to freestyle, but we all know this), so we fall behind quickly and lack the speed and flow of transitions and feel compared to the rest of the world. Also in line with our late start to full time Greco, it causes our wrestlers to suck in par terre. We also suck in par terre in freestyle for the most part. There is a recipe for winning a Greco medal at the World level. Fight like hell, brawl, in their face, wear guys down... (Hall, Warren, Lindland etc.). But the rest of the world has upped their game with regards to conditioning and the will and ability to brawl... Maybe some of you heard the story of the Cuban wrestler after the tournament telling Lindland it isn't boxing, but wrestling. Lindland got two silver Medals this way, but guys are prepared for it now, and with the current rules they know if they hold position they will get a go on top and can turn us like tops. We also have the blind leading the blind. Team USA should be beating the rest of the world by beating them, and not beating them by wrestling like an American. Americans suck in par terre. Why? Because our best wrestlers get a false sense of their skills, or a false sense of security day in and day out in their training. They train with other guys who generally suck in par terre. USA wrestlers rarely, if ever, have to defend or work for a turn with partners that have world class skills on top and bottom. We don’t have the coaches and partners to learn and develop those skills. People will talk about how tough Ellis Coleman is on top...They always fail to clarify, tough when he is on top of an American. Dennis Hall who won a World Championship, an Olympic Silver and a World Bronze, would bring foreigners over to train with. He would focus on being in the positions where he was getting his ass kicked. Ivan Ivanov was one of these wrestlers that came to the U.S. and worked with Hall. Armenian World Champ Aghasi Manukyan was also brought over by Hall. For those that don't know, when Manukyan won his World Championship, he broke the ribs of all five of the opponents he wrestled with his revers lift... We don't train to beat the world. We train as if we are satisfied beating Americans, and if we beat Americans we think we are doing great. USA Wrestling (the organization) has been moronic in its quest for success in Greco. Lindland does know what it takes for an American brought up on folkstyle to win world medals, but USA Wrestling actually offered the job to Terry Brands... WTF? Terry is a great coach, but he isn't a Greco coach. USA Wrestling felt too many wrestlers with Greco skills matriculate (my inner Hank Stramm talking) to freestyle after college careers. Why shouldn't they? Folkstyle prepares them better for freestyle (maybe) but folkstyle certainly hampers one's Greco development. They felt a coach with college ties might be able to recruit more post college wrestlers to Greco. That wasn't going to cause any great change. Most of those wrestlers have created an even greater uphill climb by wrestling folkstyle in college for 5 years... Who in the past 30 years won a World Medal after wrestling college folkstyle for four or five years? Rulon? The problem won't get fixed until they invest in more foreign coaches, and recently retired foreign stud Greco wrestlers to come over and wrestle with and teach our guys.
  3. Do you even follow wrestling? Brands once suspended a National Runner Up (Joey Slaton) and gave him a laundry list of things he had to do to be reinstated. When an item was not met, Brands did not make an exception. Love him or hate him, Brands is usually pretty tough and demanding. And, DeSanto was not allowed in the parade of All Americans or allowed to accept his award on the podium, in addition to your mentioning he wasn't allowed in the team photos afterwards. All f those things last forever and he was not a part of it. Until we know exactly what was said, the outrage is laughable. People are very quick to jump on the opportunity to criticize Brands and make claims he'll take anyone. "That's what happens if you don't win an NCAA title for a long time." You'll take anyone? How many different teams have won NCAA Titles in the past 25 years? The answer is five 5. So I would hate to see what a team like Arizona State or Iowa State would do, or worse yet, a team that hasn't won a title ever. If your comment is specific to Iowa please name the other examples of bad seeds in the program since Brands got there? While we're at it. You might want to look up Andrew Long. Based on your posts, it is reasonable to assume you don't know who he is. He was a National Runner-up at Iowa State when Cael was there. He had some drinking problems and maybe legal issues and was booted. When Cael went to PSU Long followed him there and finished 3rd at the NCAAs and Cael won his first championship. I am not meaning to bash Cael, but I am pointing out how ridiculous your comments are. Do you think Cael took in Long because he would take anyone that would score points at the NCAAs? Or, because Cael ws hoping to provide an environment where he would have some structure and get on the proper path? That is debatable, especially since it didn't work while they were both at ISU. Sometimes the coaches see the big picture and the longterm opportunity to help young men mature and develop. Perhaps, Brands is hoping to do that with DeSanto, the same way I will assume Cael hoped he could with Long who ended up committing sexual assault and dong time. Obviously there is a big difference in the bahvoir of DeSanto and Long. Lastly, I think Tom mentioning bringing Iowa wrestling back meant bringing Iowa back to prominence. In Iowa City prominence means Championships, not just a string of top 3-5 finishes.
  4. Obviously guys like Karelin and Taymazov come to mind, but we know they were juicing... I think it is without a doubt Chris Campbell.
  5. Based on previous comments, which I agree with, we will have to see how Colton Schultz does with his transitioning from college to greco every spring... Being a hwt the transition may not be a great as a lightweight, but there is still a transition that takes some time getting your feet back under you etc. when you make the change from style to style.
  6. It wasn't the Bulls winning 6/8 that was good/bad for basketball, what was good for basketball, was Michael Jordan. The popularity of the NBA skyrocketed in the USA and abroad because of Jordan. Similar to baseball during Babe Ruth. The Bulls winning 6/8 due to Jordan only cemented his legacy and popularity. I don't think a dynasty is ever bad for sports. Usually it is the have nots/sour grapes doing the complaining. Cliche of the day: If you don't like it, stop them by beating them...
  7. I think you will see Koontz and Koontz at 125 and 133 with Heinselman and Decatur redshirting. And yes, Echemendia looks huge...
  8. Rumor has it, Koontz and the other Koontz were doing nothing but wrestling Greco through mid November, since the other one has an Olympic redshir and was preparing for U23 and other tournaments. The transition to folk style from several months of greco probably takes some time and adjustment. If Koontz had the CKLV he did with only 2-3 weeks to transition, and he beat Kramer by 2 in OT, compared to Decatur winning by two, I wonder at the end of the season who actually develops or is better? Koontz probably isn't having a tough cut seeing as he has already gone up a weight class from where he started. I think any greco guy (a true Greco guy--not an Imar, or a Joe Colon) that can protect his legs, will continue to catch people off guard or put them in positions where they are uncomfortable. Plus, I hope to see a big throw. Styles make matches sometimes too.
  9. Not sure the weight cut etc. is a valid excuse for Decatur gassing. He has a reputation of taking injury time when in tough matches to catch his breath etc. Also, the weigh in Saturday and Monday was a disadvantage to him, but he better get used to it. Ohio State now has several Friday and Sunday duals coming up on the schedule. Not sure if burning Decatur’s redshirt was necessary or will make a difference. Only time will tell. But Koontz beat Kramer in at CKLV 7-5 in OT. That is just one match vs common opponent, but not much of an upgrade as of now.
  10. NBC Sports owns Trackwrestling so the brackets would be on the Trackwrestling site with the opportunity to watch online for a fee if the tv broadcast is limited.
  11. Sorry, Greco was my main reason for that post. I just dont understand how the gap widens so significantly as we increase in age.... Why does the gap (in Greco) widen as we get older in age? Because our youth wrestlers start (Folkstyle/Freestyle/Greco) at a very young age compared to the rest of the world (when to start, how young is too young, what should be emphasized is another topic), and have a lot of experience with wrestling in general by the time they are teens, so they are competitive on a world stage simply because they have a lot more years of wrestling and competing. The gap appears and widens as the rest of the world gains more total years of experience and as they only wrestle their one chosen style. Our Greco kids wrestle at least two and usually three three styles through high school and beyond. A 12 year old kid kid that starts wrestling Greco, and only Greco in Armenia for example, catches up quickly and then surpasses us and widens the gap as they move through and out of their teens.
  12. This fallacy that anyone can just switch over to Greco and find success is a joke. Rau beat Downey in freestyle 18 months ago... easier for an American due to our wrestling folkstyle to cross over from Greco to freestyle than to cross over to Greco... I wish the guy all the best, but I don't expect him to be much competition for Ellis Coleman, Jamel Johnson, Hayden Tuma, Ray Bunker etc. Dan Dennis tried Greco at the Open...
  13. No, he doesn't, and he wasn't entered. When he does lose, he usually looks as if he has been paid to throw the match as well....
  14. Ben Provisor won Pan Am Freestyle, but took 3rd or 4th in Greco. Provisor had not wrestled folk style or freestyle for 7-8 years.... just saying. The issue is we are 10 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to focusing on Greco. We as a national team keep trying to catch them from a technical standpoint when that is impossible... The USA wrestlers eventually may learn the technique, but the unconscious feel and innate ability to move, adjust, and transition is not there due to being so far behind in the number of years training in it. We have to develop strengths where we can actually be stronger instead of trying to beat them at their game. Gable (yes it was freestyle) knew how to beat them by having far better conditioning and wrestling with a non-stop in your face style of constant pressure and attacking their position to set up scoring. Work on developing and improving in our areas of weakness that are exploited by them (par tere bottom) to minimize the gap, and wrestle our matches our way. We all know how to shoot, so more level changes, pulls etc. to high dives, slide by... etc. and start to f-ing brawl. Hire recently “retired” top level guys as our assistant coaches.
  15. Best guy by far based on what? His 1 point margin of victory wins against two of their other 125# in wrestle offs? If he is their best guy (he is), by far, there would be no question regarding pulling his redshirt.
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