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  1. Choose Top Leg Camp is designed to teach you take throw legs as a series. You will learn to stay in better position, over 20 ways to score and pin, and how to transition through situations. This camp is run by an experienced instructor who has been running this camp since 2004 and helping hundreds of wrestlers win at the state and national level. Camps will be at McLean, Front Royal, and Manassas in the upcoming weeks. You can also qualify for a huge team discount by hosting a camp at your place. Watch free videos, register online, and learn more at ChooseTop.com
  2. Register today for the Front Royal Rumble scheduled for September 23rd. Over 40 All State wrestlers are already registered. This is a Super 32 Early Entry Tournament that has sold out the last two years. Registration, past results, and more information can be found at the link below. http://www.skylinewrestling.org/tourn/s32
  3. There are hundreds of open weights listed for the NHSCA Duals this month. Teams are looking to fill weight classes with quality wrestlers. Here are the lists of open weights: http://www.findawrestler.com/sched_list.php?dt=1495684800 http://www.findawrestler.com/sched_list.php?dt=1495771200 http://www.findawrestler.com/sched_list.php?dt=1495857600
  4. The NWCA Weigh Management Program in use by most states to insure wrestlers do not lose weight at an unhealthy pace has set 1.5% of your weight as the most you are allowed to lose in a week. This free tool helps you determine what you have to weigh in at prior to your first weigh-in at a lower weight class. What Can I Weigh: http://whatcaniweigh.com/
  5. Lots of open weights are being added daily for the NHSCA National Duals in all age groups. Check out the current list of open weights. May 27th: http://www.findawrestler.com/sched_list?dt=1464321600 May 28th: http://www.findawrestler.com/sched_list?dt=1464408000
  6. Hi everyone. Just a quick update. In the last month, 436 open spots and 321 free agents have been registered. If you are looking for a wrestler or an open weight check out FindaWrestler.com
  7. FindaWrestler.com is now the official open weight match-up tool for the NHSCA National Duals and the AAU National Scholastic Duals. Teams and wrestlers are posting for these events and others every day. Find your team or fill your team now. As a dad, I would love for my kids to have the opportunity to compete in many of the dual tournaments going on throughout the year but paying attention to all of the different online sources to find a perfect match is daunting. As a coach, it is frustrating to attend a tournament with forfeits due to injuries and illness the week of the event. Replacing those wrestlers caused a seemingly endless cycle of forum posting, email, and phone contacts. Read more (with screenshots)... here https://goo.gl/g6AEcA
  8. If you plan to host or attend any off-season dual tournament please READ THIS overview of benefits FindaWrestler.com would provide to help your tournament. It also is a great place to fill your open weights or help your off-season wrestlers find a team. www.FindaWrestler.com
  9. Hundreds of wrestlers are looking for teams this weekend at events like I-64 duals and Columbus Day duals. There are a few more dual events like that coming up this fall. I created an open weight directory to help teams fill open weights and to help wrestlers find dual teams to join. It is free to register and only takes a few minutes to join. Check it out at www.FindaWrestler.com and register for free today!
  10. A schedule of dual tournaments is listed on the homepage at www.findawrestler.com The purpose of this site is to provide a place for free agent wrestlers and teams looking to fill open weights a place to match up. You can register for free and there are hundreds of teams and wrestlers already using this service. Check it out and sign up today.
  11. Are you attending fall duals with open weights in your lineup? Are you looking for a team that needs a wrestler at your weight class? Check out www.findawrestler.com. I'm a coach in Virginia and I created a website to connect free agents with open weights on dual teams. Wrestlers and Teams can register for free. Check it out and register today! -Matt
  12. Have you checked out findawrestler.com lately? Wrestlers are filling open weights for Disney Duals, Northeast Youth Duals, and other similar events. There is also a schedule in the home page. Take a look and register your wrestler or team for free today at www.findawrestler.com.
  13. Be Prepared Get Used to the Environment Don't Fear Losing Just Wrestle read more here: http://bit.ly/1PP7m0p
  14. I created a site to help connect dual teams and free agents for wrestling tournaments. I'm a coach in Virginia at Skyline High School and with the Front Royal Raptors. I built this for us. This site just got started and there are already hundreds of open weights and hundreds of wrestlers looking for a spot on a dual team. FindaWrestler.com is being used all over the country and for all age groups. Register now for free and get started. www.findawrestler.com
  15. I created a site to help connect dual teams and free agents for wrestling tournaments. I'm a coach in Virginia at Skyline High School and with the State Champion Front Royal Raptors. I built this tool for us. Register now and get started. www.findawrestler.com Matt Keel www.facebook.com/coachkeel
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