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  1. Was hoping the DI in St. Louis would bring more attention to the DII Championships. So far on this. other sites, St. Louis media etc. there is very little coverage. Tourney starts tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Maybe a land slide of articles are in the works.
  2. The NCAA has a free video stream of the event at www.ncaa.com (scroll down to Division II wrestling): Friday, March 13 – www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/2015/03/13 Saturday, March 14 – www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/2015/03/14 Live brackets and results can be found at TrackWrestling's website: www.trackwrestling.com/…/predefi…/VerifyPassword.jsp… The NCAA Pre-Tournament bracket: NCAA Division II National Championship brackets in PDF
  3. Buying all session tickets online for DII nationals on ticketmaster is agrravating beyond belief. The NCAA ticket links and the ticket master links are missing, take you in a circle right back where you started or when you finally get to a spot to pick a seat they say there are none left when it is obvious on their map that there is. What a circus. Guess there will be plenty at the door. and after one more try I get this... NCAA Div II Wrestling Championships Tickets and Event Dates We currently do not have any tickets on-sale for NCAA Div II Wrestling Championships.
  4. Tourney info and also volunteer info. http://maryvillesaints.com/news/2015/3/4/WREST_0304153042.aspx?path=wrestling http://stlsports.org/special-event/dii-wrestling/volunteer/
  5. Brackets for all divisions are up. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/E ... duals.aspx
  6. http://livecoverage.flowrestling.org/ac ... ogin?id=93 Looks like flo will have at least one day of coverage from national duals (multi divisional)
  7. Thanks and I found out the page I was on is not the official one for NWCA so that might explain the lack of responses there. Thanks again.
  8. I find one page that is called NWCA staff on facebook. Numerous questions and posts by others but no response from the site administrator. Do they have another page somewhere perhaps named something else? With all the hype we receive from them about media exposure etc. it seems like they would have more of a presence on facebook. For example, I can find next to nothing about the multi-divisional duals, which is typically the case for that event. Maybe this year Des Monies will have an arena with "internet capability" so they can stream some matches. Can always wish.
  9. Good luck getting any response at all from their "Tech Support" department. I had our School Tech guys look at why I could not load our videos back off from the flo site they have since at the end of December they are deleting them. I had our tech guy at our school send them all the information about the problem. I have since followed up three more times over the past month. I get an automated message reply but nothing after that. I tried emailing, using their support system and even replied to one of the email blasts they send, but nothing. We have years of video on there that I guess we will lose by the end of December because I guess they do not respond.
  10. Thanks for letting them know which is more than I did. Figures that the NCAA would think they know more about wrestling than the people at Oklahoma lol.
  11. Here is the headline on the wrestling page of the NCAA Website... "Oklahoma records four falls and four technical fouls in 50-0 victory." Good God.
  12. As a note it would be nice if they would update the DII rankings on this site. Might be more divisions missing for that matter.
  13. If anyone knows of any teams planning to stream matches from this event, please post that info here. Flo was there last year but with the all star classic I don't think they have anyone going out this year.
  14. Here are the teams listed so far. Thought I'd start a thread for discussion. 1. Air Force Academy AFA 0.0 2. Arizona State ASU 0.0 3. Boise State BSU 0.0 4. BYU-Idaho BYUI 0.0 5. Colby Community College CCC 0.0 6. Colorado Mesa Mesa 0.0 7. Colorado School of Mines Mine 0.0 8. Colorado State CSU 0.0 9. CSU-Pueblo CSUP 0.0 10. CU-Boulder CU 0.0 11. Grand Canyon University GC 0.0 12. Great Falls UGF 0.0 13. Hastings College HAS 0.0 14. Mat Masters Wrestling Club MMWC 0.0 15. Matpac Wrestling Club MTPC 0.0 16. Montana St - Northern MSN 0.0 17. Nebraska-Kearney UNK 0.0 18. Northern Colorado UNC 0.0 19. Northwest Wyoming CC NW 0.0 20. OTC OTC 0.0 21. Unattached UNA 0.0 22. University of Idaho IDA 0.0 23. USAF Prep AFP 0.0 24. Utah State USU 0.0 25. Utah Valley University UVU 0.0 26. Weber State WS 0.0 27. Western State Colorado University WSCU 0.0 28. Western Wyoming WWCC 0.0 29. Wyoming
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