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  1. Remember that McD couldn't get past Garret or Delgado either.
  2. Intermat? Openmat? anyone? The best wrestler in the country last minute withdraws from a top competition and nothing?
  3. Haven't been able to log in all week. Just tried opening the sign in button in a new tab and it worked. Thanks to KTG 119
  4. Wrestling Media sources are failures when it comes to things like this. Can anyone even imagine this happening in a major sport? The fans are let down once again.
  5. So Flo didn't deliver what they prose, but you are still happy with them. I'm honestly shocked people are still buying their service. Their streams always fail and that is what you're paying for. It's like subscribing to a newspaper but always getting it a day late. I don't think many would keep that subscription.
  6. The past few years many wrestling stars have signed clothing endorsements and the biggest names have their own signature clothes and shoes. David Taylor is obviously the main guy from this years class to move I to the clothing arena. Anyone heard anything about his plans? I'm in line for a Magic Man shirt.
  7. So you would rather have Morningstar?
  8. It seems pretty clear to me that Iowa's assistant coaches are a big reason for their relative under performance in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for Iowa's dominance in the past is their high level assistant coaches. Schwab and Zadick used to be assistant coaches and now they have Morningstar and Berhow. It should be clear to everyone that there is a gigantic drop off there. Letting Mark Perry leave was a big mistake. They need coaches that can get their athletes to championship levels. Not coaches that can make them low level AAs.
  9. Has he ever talked about wanting to do freestyle? Why do peoe keep bringing this up?
  10. Pretty weird when a so called "finals review" starts with sour grapes about the semis. Anyone else stop reading after the first two sentences?
  11. Where is the data showing the help against concussions. I've never seen any. If they do I think it would be a good idea to move towards this type of head gear across wrestling. But someone would have to prove that because I'm not buying that putting a maxi pad on your forehead leads to any significant reduction.
  12. Both look fat. Should have stayed down a weight.
  13. Get a team trophy for their performance at Big 12s?
  14. As a fan I've never seen a better atmosphere for wrestling than a packed West Gym. There is an energy and a closeness to the action that just isn't matched in bigger arenas. Even a full capacity Carver can't match the atmosphere. I'm so bitter that I can't get a ticket for ISU UNI. Anyone know where I can find one?
  15. Wouldn't have even been close.
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