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  1. denny

    Penn state line up

    Down from 220 to 197. Yes that can be a tough way to go. Got to have lots of discipline. Some folks around who can help, such as mat partners. A cheering section ? : ) Although 23 pounds over several months is certainly doable.
  2. denny

    B1G Finals

    RE the Coon vs Snyder thing -and- the last time these two wrestled ....... I think that Snyder looked tired. Really worn out. Perhaps due to all of the travel, the workin' out, plus all of that actual competition. That has to put some drag on the guy. I got Snyder over Coon this time around.
  3. denny

    Russell Brunson?

    Well yeah. Just google him and Whaaa LA right before your very eyes. All of the info that you want/need RE Russell Brunson
  4. denny

    Brackets for Big Ten

    I do not see session 1 or session ll listed at all. Perhaps womens tidily winks will be shown ? But on SUN (as mentioned) BTN will carry the semi and the finals. The Big 12 finals on the BTN ? Hmmm that don't look right !
  5. denny

    Brackets for Big Ten

    Yeah, I have it here on BTN. All afternoon on Sun March 4
  6. denny

    PAC 12s!

    Wondering if our ole friend Mr Dyscalculia is rearing his ugly head.........again ?
  7. denny

    PAC 12s!

    Last year the # 6 team (V T) scored 63 and a half... methinks And Minny was just one point behind VT ? I am just sayin' that the Devils have the potential for breaking open. More so than is predicted by some of my well informed, yet highly respected (?) fellow posters.
  8. denny

    PAC 12s!

    That may get the team in on, and closer, to the 60's ?
  9. denny

    PAC 12s!

    Figure in any B Ps ? Also....I give Hall a chance at placing 6-8 (full knowing that HWT is tough as nails this yr). Same for A V who is capable of getting on some semblance of 'a run' of his own.
  10. denny

    PAC 12s!

    Really ? How so ? Would you think about top 5 ? If they all wrestle to their potential , I am thinking possible top 4.... or 5 in the team race. As the professor might put it "BPs will make the difference.".
  11. denny

    PAC 12s!

    Are we thinking that this is enough fire power (for ASU) to finish in top 4 ?
  12. denny

    Coon beating Snyder vs Owings beating Gable

    Snyder needs a rest before the Big 10 tourney. That is, before he makes that attempt at a 285 lb dead weight/dead lift
  13. denny

    Coon beating Snyder vs Owings beating Gable

    "what's the bigger upset"? No, no, no, no ! No ya don't ! That would be like comparing an apple to a boulder. Jeez that Owings/Gable bout sent ripples throughout the college wrestling landscape for a few years, at least. Maybe ya had to have been there ? Not sure.
  14. denny

    Huge NCAA Wrestling Announcement

    And just what is the history of the "handing out trophies" In Feb. ? And who the heck are "They" ?
  15. denny

    What a sport!

    Yeah You bet In fact, as I sign off, I intend to go on down to our man-cave ! Watch PSU vs tOSU . . . . . .. Again . Watch MICH vs tOSU.