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  1. Both Ed & Lou Banach won gold in '84. Given their Olympic success and multiple national titles at Iowa they have the best overall resume's of any NY'ers I can think of.
  2. About six weeks from now, when folkstyle competition starts back, it always feels like a readjustment. A big downshift. A loss of momentum. Like when you are driving 75 on the highway and turn off onto a town and now have to stop for traffic lights, signs and pedestrians.
  3. Nearly every coach I've heard stresses maintaining inside head position when you've got an underhook. It's one of those unquestioned orthodoxies. The Iranians seem to prefer the head on the opposite side. Not only are they successful with pushing for the step out point from here, they work some great shots off this position. Taghavi and others hit a great double from there.
  4. I've always admired the way Gadisov controls the ties and gets to his shots. Snyder shut that down with working the head and constant snapping. Easy to say, hard to do. Gadisov just didn't have a real solution. Besides his great defense, Snyder's ability to instantly re-attack is one of those assets which keeps him dangerous at every moment. He beat the Iranian and the Russian. Can't ask for a more decisive statement than that.
  5. The USA Greco field at 98kg just got a lot deeper for the next decade.
  6. Kumar's ability to battle back from a deficit is impressive. Has a gas tank for sure.
  7. Alyosha, that is a great story. Thank you.
  8. Freestyle, absolutely. Go to the 1:00 mark. One of Sergei's go-to moves, often off the 2-on-1. Here it is off single defense like in the Gadson match. Sergei Beloglazov URS vs Dariusz Grzywinski POL Olympic 1988 Seoul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CObhlgr7sMk
  9. It didn't help the odds of Manville being our Olympic GR rep in 2016.
  10. His "one side then the other" pick combo is really clicking. Training for Varner probably helped as well.
  11. Generally the officials in Greco are more lenient about offensive leg fouls than defensive. This seem particularly true internationally. There was a thread on here a couple of years ago regarding a similar scoring situation. In that case it was what appeared to be an inside trip that one wrestler was using on a regular basis.
  12. You bring up an interesting parallel here. The Iranians take the world cup team format very seriously, while the Russians don't, and choose to send a developmental squad each year.
  13. I just don't understand the mentality of those who want to protect the right to flee the mat. The officials - as a group - appear to be incredibly stubborn about penalizing it. These obligatory stalling situations (5 second return rule, etc) may have the unintended effect of discouraging officials from calling regular stalling as frequently.
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