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  1. its raining right now. But forcast says the rain will stop around 1pm, which is cutting quite close
  2. hes turning into an okie
  3. Hes a comedian. It was funny.
  4. wished he said god instead of jesus christ. im not anti jesus or anything, but saying god would piss less people off.
  5. Hidley pulls an Imar and goes undefeated as a fresh Champ
  6. Spencer Lee will replace tom brands as head coach upon graduating
  7. Fix Damage Index =2083 Suriano Damage Index = 2056 Cray Damage Index = 1200 Nato Damage Mitigation Index(healthy) = 2067 Nato Damage Mitigation Index(current) = 1943 if fix can damage a healthy Nato at 2067, imagine what Suriano would do to a (coming off injury) Nato.
  8. Your mistake was assuming they both would make it to the finals. That was a nice bet, unfortunately it didn't work out for you this time. But with this storyline, we all sort of have a barometer for comparing Suriano, Fix and Lee. And the outcome for each is razor thin, all decided within the last seconds of each match. Personally, that call on Bresser vs Suriano, the stalling or fleeing the mat one, that sort of sucked. Ref should have called stalemate or out of bounds. I think we all wanted overtime in that match.
  9. My apologies. What do you think about his comments? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Google Translated from wrestdag.ru site Dagestan "exports" not only wrestlers, but also coaches. Mairbek Yusupov in March led the national team of Kazakhstan. We asked one of the most successful Dagestan trainers to speak out about the Russian team's performance at the recent World Championships in Paris and tell us how he works abroad. - You as a coach-consultant of the national team of Kazakhstan were at the World Championships, they saw more than those who watched him on Internet broadcasts. What do you think about what you saw? - I read all the interviews after the performance at the championship - and the head coach of the Russian national team Dzambolat Tedeev, and the president of the Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili. Of course, for them this performance of the national team became a shock, and not only for them. And when a journalist asks the head coach questions ... If Dzambolat had been asked the same thing today, he probably would have answered otherwise. He, I think, would not say that these were unprincipled competitions. Mamiashvili, in turn, said: "Of course, now we need to analyze each weight in each kind. If the athlete loses five seconds before the end of the bout, these are nuances, we will finalize them. " Well, listen, exactly the same picture was last year at the Olympics: they lost in the last seconds. Makhov, Geduyev, Boltukaev - all lost in the endings. In France and Uguev, and Kadimagomedov, and Gogayev, and Valiev, and Tsabolov, and Sadulayev, and Hizriev - all in the second period, they did not survive. Hence, this is not an accident, but some error in the preparation. Therefore, it is not necessary to shift the blame to the guys. Where is the work on the bugs? Team in the last year did not perform well at the European Championships. This year the situation has repeated, and not only at the continental championship - failed both at the World Cup and the championship in Paris. Today, the US and Iran occupy leading positions in the struggle, I think. Neither one nor the other does not hide: "Technically, it is difficult for us to compete with Russian fighters. But in the functional sense, in the psychological we are stronger. " So they are working on those aspects in which we have little. Iranians, for example, do not even try to take points in the first period. I saw at the Asian Championships. They just organize a total pressure - they press, they choke, they push. As a result, a technically strong athlete can not stand it physically. Americans have already bypassed us by adults, they have tightened up both in juniors and young men. And these positions, which we are losing, will not be so easy to return. Although Tedeev says that we have a young, renewed team, and we champions Russia drove to Paris. And when was it different - that the champions of the country should not be taken to international competitions? Did not the champions of Russia go to the Olympics? Unless he was injured or something else happened, the champion of Russia always had an absolute priority. Many debutants, says Tedeev, was in the national team in Paris. Uguev is a prize-winner of the European Championship. This is already an experience. Gogaev is the winner of the "world", the champion of Europe. Not a beginner! Tsabolov - world champion, albeit in a different weight. But he is also experienced! The same is with Sadulayev. While the regions were working, there was a result, Mamiashvili did not think about anything. He understood that the regions will still work, and this is water for his mill. Here and sat. The thunder will not come - the man will not cross himself. This crisis did not arise overnight, it creeped long ago. - Could it be that this failure at the World Cup was an accident and the next we take our own? - I admit it. But if simultaneously in none of the three styles - not in the "classic", or in the women's or freestyle wrestling - did not take "gold" - it is a signal, a serious signal. At us problems have begun, and they still will be. - In Russia, two leading schools of free-style wrestling are Dagestan and Ossetian. On this ground, it is not unusual to say that the coach of the Russian national team, Dzambolat Tedeev, in some way infringes on our fighters in favor of his Ossetian fellow countrymen. In the final composition of the team for the World Cup it's difficult to find any imbalance and partiality on the basis of nationality. You as a person who worked in the Russian team before, how do you feel about such suspicions? - This all does not deserve attention. Take the example with Bekbulatov, around which there is a lot of talk just in the context of alleged injustice from the coaches of the national team. If Ilyas did not fight at the Russian Championship, for all that he, no conversations, the best, - well, how to take him to the World Cup? What will other wrestlers say then? Once you make an exception, the wrestlers themselves will begin to speak: but then you made such a decision, why again it's impossible? I know what is it. Therefore, in this regard, I can not blame Tedeev. The coach weighs everything. In Russia, of course, the decision to take is harder. Because in any case they will think: Bekbulatova did not take it, because there are Ossetians ... These are all conversations, guys. I would not take Tedeev either. Huseynov was also blamed for not taking him to the World Cup in his time. I'm witness, there was an agreement: who does not win the European Championship, goes to the tournament in Poland to prove his right to place in the team. Bekbulatov and Gatsalov lost. Gadisov also became the third, but in his weight he and his competitors were not any. Gatsalov refused, and Ilyas did not go to Poland either. And now how: we do not take Gatsalov, but will Bekbulatov go? Both stayed at home. That's how it was. And if they took Bekbulatov, and Gatsalov was not taken, they would say: Huseynov is a nationalist. It's easy to talk, it's difficult to make a decision. Do you think Tedeev does not think that they will say about him? In this matter, I am entirely on his side. At the World Cup went to those who deserved. Although they say that we have in stock Makhov, Ramonov, Geduyev. Why do not they train then? Makhov was in our reserve in that Olympic cycle too. But you have to train! For example, for Kyl Snyder, who won from Sadulayev, the World Cup was the seventh (!) Start after the Olympics in Rio. And for Abdulrachid - only the second ... No matter how great you are, the struggle does not forgive: you do not train - you lose. - After the World Cup, some sports functionaries and some fans expressed their opinion that it would be better for Sadulayev to "dry out" and return to the previous weight category - up to 86 kg. Coach Abdulrashid Shamil Omarov believes that nothing to change his ward is not going to, will fight in weight to 97 kg and try to rehabilitate for the defeat of Snyder. Do you think that it is better for Sadulayev? - There are no athletes who did not lose. All the great ones were losing. And Saytiev, and the same Snyder, who after the triumph in Rio gave Alborov and Odikadze. And Sadulayev lost. There is no tragedy here. I would not advise Abdulrachid to return to 86 kg. Now the rules change. From next year we will be weighed every morning before the fights. I know what it is, fought by these rules. Sometimes, we went to weighing, not to eat, to "get" into the weight, and then had to immediately, again without breakfast, go out on the carpet, since the fights came out first by lot. Fought hungry and lost. Sadulayev is technically and psychologically stronger than Snyder. He just needs to seriously prepare. He also in the internal duel all time ahead of the American on points. Just it was not enough for the last seconds - summed up "funktsionalka." Let today Abdulrachid not underweight, tomorrow it may turn out that this is just his weight. Therefore, I do not think that Sadulayev will return to 86 kg. It is clear the desire to "return" it there - to have a guaranteed "gold" to have. But Sadulayev is a young guy, he is still growing physically. And every weight sgong - stress for the body. - For the national team of Dagestan the year was going well. At the "Yarygin" tournament showed the best result in the history of the team, they took half of all "gold" in the national championship, taking the first team place. And at the world championships in the Russian national team, Dagestan wrestlers suddenly lost their gold medals. How could it happen that there were no problems with the functional readiness in other competitions, but did they happen at the World Championship? - For internal competitions they were prepared by others - Dagestani - by coaches. On international - others. With what I can not agree: if Sazhid Sazhidov, the head coach of the national team of the republic, works with these guys, why he is not involved in the training of wrestlers, including his wards, to international competitions? He knows his children better, he works with them for 6-7 years already. Yes, the personal trainers of wrestlers go with the team, but they do not decide anything: they are not advised on the individual moments associated with their wards, and the training process is controlled by other people. Senior coaches of national teams of other regions are in the Russian team, but ours is not. A conclusion arises: because of some kind of personal dislike. When I worked in the coaching staff of the Russian team, there were disagreements with other coaches, but these were working, professional conflicts. - You are currently working with the national team of Kazakhstan. How is it going? - September 15 will be exactly six months, as I am there. Took me very well, the conditions created magnificent. Everything that we, the coaching staff, I asked for the development of the struggle, was provided - a separate room in the center of Alma-Ata was rented, opened a wrestling academy like the Hamidov school in Khasavyurt - with a hotel, a hall, a stadium, a canteen. It is evident that they want to develop the struggle there. Previously, Kazakhstan had occasional successes, wrestlers became champions of Asia. In the same year there was not one medal, but several, and all the merits. At the Islamic Games in Baku, the guys were well defended - they took the third place in the team event. The progress is noticeable, I'm not ashamed for the fight that the Kazakhstan team showed at the World Championships. They took a bronze medal and one fifth place. They took the eighth place in the overall standings, for the first time in the last decade they won the right to compete in the World Cup, ahead of the Iranians, who will not take part in it, and they have always won the last few years in these competitions. Before the World Cup for the first time at the gathering we came Kyrgyz, Belarusians. In addition, at the invitation of our coaching council and completely at the expense of Kazakhstan, eight technical, specially selected Dagestan fighters brought us to the gathering to help with the training. As a result, these guys themselves received satisfaction from the fact that they arrived, worked, we are satisfied with the work they have done, and the team's wrestlers are satisfied that they have learned the experience. In the plans - a two-week gathering in Khasavyurt with the subsequent participation on October 14-15 in the tournament of Umakhanov's memory. From there, from Khasavyurt, in the middle of the gathering, on October 7-8, we will go to Grozny to the "Kadyrov" tournament, where team competitions in the cup format "wall to wall". So it is very convenient and useful for us to work out this segment in Khasavyurt. - Many teams that do not have their top fighters, do not hesitate to invite strong foreign players. How is Kazakhstan in this sense? - Of course, it would be much easier for me if we could invite strong foreign fighters to the national team. They could train local wrestlers, training them with legionnaires. But at this stage the federation has a course only for its pupils. - Your invitation to Kazakhstan was due to the failures of the national team of this country? - Probably not without it. At the Olympics in Rio, the team failed. This obviously played a role. I had several job offers. One of them in the financial sense was even more tempting than from Kazakhstan. But I made my choice. In addition to me there are three Kazakh specialists in the coaching staff. Of course, personal trainers of the national team also help us. We alone would not have done anything. Very good mutual understanding between the coaches, and with the federation, and in general with the people involved in the struggle in Kazakhstan.
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