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  1. Flo was built on the backs of fans submitting videos for FREE. They were a niche version of youtube. They would be nothing without all the free content that started them. They want to be Sharks, but don't want to put the neccessary money into infrastructure. They are too busy acting like 16 year olds. Like MSU158 said, just because they are the only thing around, doesn't give them a free pass to be a horribly run business. I will make this vow, as soon as my company gets to the point where I can start to step away a bit and invest money in starting another venture, I will create a competitor, one built by adults who act like adults. #nobroordirtallowed.
  2. I'll give you a run down- Bader screaming like a moron and somebody saying bro and dirty. Seriously, if someone else steps up, they will crush Flo. Perhaps thats where my next investment goes.
  3. Several years ago, Ian was a sophomore in high school at my alma mater. I had just got back from wrestling at the Schultz and went to work out with Ian. After our work out I told the coaches then he was going to be a world champ if he wanted to. He could have hung with any of the guys I wrestled which included Tyler Graff as a sophomore. He is that good and is an amazing athlete, every bit as guys like Green and Burroughs. The only issue is mental with him. We have all witnessed him just throw it in. I remember seeing Andrassy about rip his head off after giving up and getting pinned by Accordino at NCAA's as a freshman, a year where he could have upset Molinaro and been a finalist.
  4. First, Do we need to revisit all the threads about Flo not being able to handle streaming events and all the issues with them from billing to dead feeds? And that is what you want for the biggest tournament of the year? Second, I have never watched a flow match without the mute on. Their commentary is obnoxious and horribly annoying. I don't even visit flo anymore because they are so annoying. Like someone said, they are immature which appeals to the younger kids. And perhaps that is the demographic they sought out and do not care what the rest of us think. Problem is, kids don't have money.
  5. Not sure why D.Alton keeps getting put up so high. He has yet to truly compete this year. The guy to watch at 157 is Ian Miller. If his head is on straight, he can beat anyone and is as explosive as anyone in the country.
  6. My disappointment in Flo comes from the fact that they were built by fans and people submitting videos for FREE and have seem to have lost their way. The fact that they have annoying people doing all the commentary (except for my boy Zeb from time to time) and that they hired the Pennsylvania know it all to do the rankings have made exceptionally worse.
  7. There is a difference between muscle and strength. Some guys have freaky strength and have strong tendons that give them strength without the bulk. I had a slight build but surprised many people with my strength. I would surmise that Saytiev was the same way.
  8. My issue with Bucksman and the other "experts" who trash and pick apart kids as grown adults (and this only pertains to those who never competed) is that they have no idea how hard any of these kids work, what goes on in their lives on a daily basis, or what goes through their heads. To sit around and trash kids (which is exactly what Lowe does on the forums) is absolutely sickening. What makes it worse is that he never competed, so he has no idea what he is talking about. Great at crunching numbers, some would say savant, but has no clue what it takes to get at the level that the kids he talks about get to. BTW, My kid is 10 years old and only dabbles in wrestling. So my issue does not lie with any rankings or vendettas.
  9. Bucksman (Lowe) is a horrible ambassador for the sport anyways. He shouldn't be allowed to write about wrestling anyways.
  10. Love the idea, but Channing Tatum?! Come on. Please don't ruin this for us!
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