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  1. wdanforth

    Conel - Kent State

    Howland Invitational is a small tournament near Warren Ohio. Conel was coached in high school by Kevin Welch, an All-American from Edinboro. I did see him at his high school's sectional tournament last year supporting Ashtabula Lakeside wrestlers. Kyle has always been good at upper body locks.
  2. wdanforth

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    Thanks. Just found it on Twitter myself.
  3. wdanforth

    The 2018 Yarygin (Jan 26-28)

    Help is there a on deck bout board somewhere? Found brackets at the UWW site.
  4. wdanforth

    Event Streams

    It is like trackwrestling.com doesn't exist. Nice way to start the season. Track is MIA.
  5. wdanforth

    Junior World Freestyle Aug 1 -2

    This link works for video if you are not in USA (not from USA IP address). Tech savy people will know what to do. https://livestream.com/accounts/5297069/events/7628416
  6. wdanforth

    Big 12 updates anyone?

    I went to this link: https://www.foxsportsgo.com/program/169752 I do not have any special sports package with my cable company. The site had me pick my cable company and log in to my cable account to verify I was a cable customer, Now I have a clock counting down 2 hour and 4 minutes.
  7. wdanforth

    Flowrestling makes a (deceitful) statement

    Subscription FloWrestling Billed Yearly 74.99 Not sure why I only have to pay 74.99/year. That is what I paid.
  8. wdanforth

    Flowrestling makes a (deceitful) statement

    Michelle (Customer Support) Feb 21, 16:42 CST I have applied two months of credit to your xxx@yyy.com account. When your yearly subscription auto renews you will only be billed for 10 months of service. We appreciate your support, thank you! You only realize any credit to your account if/when your yearly subscription auto renews. 10/12 * 74.99 = $62.49 What are the odds that will be my charge? They are not very high.
  9. wdanforth

    World Cup - Day 1

    Next match should be around 1 AM Eastern Time
  10. wdanforth

    World Cup - Day 1

    Mat 1 http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?TIM=1487224148200&twSessionId=uvteykydsahkwpk&eventStreamId=123521011&passcode= Mat 2 http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?TIM=1487223387232&twSessionId=uvteykydsahkwpk&eventStreamId=123522011&passcode= Track Dashboard http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/teamtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&loadBalanced=true&sport=wrestling&TIM=1487224400228&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=588
  11. wdanforth

    getting NCAA tickets on ebay vs. at the door

    There are always tickets being sold outside the venue. Prices fall right before first whistle of the session. They are selling a perishable commodity that is useless after the session. Look to buy from a fan not a scalper. The fans are selling extras. They will take something instead of nothing and they want to get inside to see the show. Your likely to be not so lucky dealing with the ticket broker.
  12. wdanforth

    Weigh in Procedures Survey State by State

    Ohio Rules http://www.ohsaa.org/sports/rglts/WR.pdf
  13. wdanforth

    2015 Walsh Ironman Tournament--> Predictions?

    Looks like seeds are close to being finished. http://www.walshironman.com/view_details.php?selWeightClass=1 At 106 watch out for unseeded Shane Hanson-Ashworth and Jacob Decatur. They are dangerous floaters in the bracket. Friday will be fun.
  14. wdanforth


    From an aging eyes point of view. Please give me a way to increase the font size of the brackets. I know how to zoom (Ctrl+) but then bracket screen doesn't always have scroll bars. Even on their main Arena page I get no scroll bars with Chrome or Edge. Can not see the entire schedule. http://www.flowrestling.org/arena/ Try the link for yourself. Please tell me if you can scroll and see entire schedule.