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  1. You guys sound like a bunch of high school parents yelling at a tournament. "Make him wrestle", "What's the guy on top doing?". Sure the opponent is stalling but you have to rely on the ref to call that. You don't really win too many matches on stalling points. If your offense is prolific enough, the stalling of the opponent should be pretty noticeable. Will the ref call it? Not really best to wait until the last 30 seconds of the match to start up your offense

  2. How far down are we saying Striggow's right scapula goes down his back?  Because it felt like not a pin.  But still, Bo is the man.

    Not a pin. I’m sure it would’ve been 10 seconds later, however At no point were both scapula down for one second

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  3. I can’t remember if it was askren or Hendricks who said they went on wrestling forums all the time to read about all of the negative comments their behavior drew. 

    Askren just made me laugh. At National Duals He pinned Herrington from Penn and celebrated I think with an alligator clap towards Zeke Jones. He then quickly pinned someone from OK St and galloped around the ring with his pretend horse and lasso looking at John Smith the whole time. Funniest thing I have ever seen in wrestling

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  4. I don't Desanto deserves this (yet) for 2019.  His antics LAST season, absolutely... and to me, he WAS the biggest heel for 2018.  Now... this is a new season... and with a new season, comes different approaches and behaviors.  Gotta go with Babyface Steveson.  

    So the 5 things he did at the end of the match Sunday are normal behavior in your mind?

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  5. 4 minutes ago, BigTimeFan said:

    Gable wins 8-2 vs Derek White who went 25-4. He scored a takedown and back points at the start of the first and besides riding time and escapes that was it. Gable looked strong and athletic as well as a little cautious. As if he didn't want to take too m any chances. Any thoughts ? How significant is the win?

    Kind of what I expected. I wish he would have gotten at least 1 more takedown. White looks to be very strong, though so hard to get past his defense. I'm sure Gable will open it up on others 

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