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  1. Varner does nothing for 5:55 and then pulls that out. Impressive, but frustrating. Ramos, Metcalf, & Tervel look good. Rest - not so much
  2. They are doing about as expected. Ohio St. really showed up. Wanted more out of 165 and 149. Should have been in the finals at 141, but Pfarr is a pleasant surprise at 184. Lizak could score us some points if he gets in. Schiller needs to figure out Morgan Mc
  3. What would explain his actions after his match vs. MN then? Seems like a pattern to me
  4. I think Byers might disagree with you
  5. MN stalls their way to a 14-3 lead
  6. yep - HS looked like had no energy, was sick, injured, etc. I really wish there was a Tommy Cam so I could be entertained by his reactions to the action
  7. Don Gable & Thomas Gilem - love the announcers
  8. new rule - if the score is 0-0 at the end of the first - an automatic double stall warning is issued. Perhaps this would prevent fleeing the last :30 of every match
  9. right - all luck you do know he has beaten Brown before?
  10. That ref cost Beitz the match...I'll explain later. Right - its the ref's fault
  11. McMullan could possibly defeat him, because he did defeat him - comprendo? Or are you too dense to admit defeat?
  12. Crown him already. Have you seen Killer Kingsley's Cradle? Pena was lucky a stalemate was called. 12 pins this year, 11 in the first period, guessing most with the cradle. That being said, I think Jordan is a phenom already
  13. he did? he went for the mixer on multiple occasions. he was in real trouble against paul young and used some junk and funk to get out of a lot of hairy situations. i haven't seen the match, but i've heard that he was in danger of losing last night against tommy churchard. Churchard is a coach now, he wrestling one of the Welch twins
  14. I would be in for a fantasy league
  15. Askren is very entertaining Forgive me if I get a detail wrong, but I was at national duals January 2007. In the first round, after pinning AA Herrington in the first period, Askren claps his hands, rubs them together, and points at Penn coach Zeke Jones. 2nd round he has to borrow Pell's singlet, who just got done wrestling, because he misplaced his. 3rd round, against OK St. he had another pin. After the pin, he pretended he had a lasso, and skipped around the mat while looking at the OK St bench. It was very funny, although I am sure OK St. did not think so. 4th round he bumped up to 184 and beat Kish. The place was erupting during the match. Love him or hate him, he gives us something to talk about. I choose the former. If you liked pins or funk, which most of us do - he definitely supplied both. The smack talk is just icing on the cake for me.
  16. Speaking of 285 - how is Telford doing?
  17. Apparently McD threw his medal away https://twitter.com/SamLouwagie/status/310876575904182272
  18. about 5 minutes ago both got pins
  19. Right, jo just isn't that good, molinaro is less than mediocre, and ness is crappy
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