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  1. Or run from Ness the last 15 sec
  2. 19-15 going into 285 - it feels so good to beat the Hawkeyes
  3. AND Storley, Schiller, and Nelson could all just as easily win
  4. four regionals. The 4 winners from those 4 regions then combine with the 4 top seeds that are getting byes this weekend (Iowa, MN, Illinois, and Ohio St.). Finals next weekend in MN. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/E ... duals.aspx
  5. I think Blanton and Gonzalez were lucky to AA last year and proved it tonight! #overrated!
  6. You are so right - 2nd at NCAAs means you got real lucky to win 4 matches in a row
  7. Looks like you were wrong 10 seconds into the match
  8. he was pretty solid last year - just hasn't seemed normal since coming back this year
  9. so when are they back? Against Neb or Iowa? Wrestling another tourney next weekend?
  10. Love the announcers - 149 was a "contested bout" - no it was a major decision "Tessari looking for a pin here", as the bout begins.
  11. happened real quick & I thought "no way, did they just award a reversal as they were rolling out of bounds?" Would love to see the replay on it
  12. So you are going to have finalists at 133, 141, 149, 157, and 285? Man lay off the weed
  13. Same thing happened to me, but I sent a polite email to this email address and was able to watch the semis 5 minutes after sending my email. technique.wave@flowrestling.org
  14. First offense I know of, however it appears that it was serious enough for George Mason to kick him off the team
  15. He made R12 as a soph & was 17-1 this year, beating Kilgore & losing 4-5 to Simaz - all while wrestling at George Mason. Perfect opportunity for him - should be a high AA next year with his new coaches. I have been far from perfect in my life, so I don't mind seeing others get a second chance.
  16. Weak? I would not call a team that is ranked at every single weight weak. They are weaker than the last three years, but they are also a lot younger. Ballweg may not AA & Carew is now out for the year, but the rest are really legitimate threats to AA. The thing is with MN, Iowa, OK St., & the other best teams in the nation is that they improve throughout the year. Guys who were ranked 20th at the beginning of the season are magically ranked 10th prior to nationals.
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