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    krippler reacted to jdalu75 in Where's BIG10 brackets?   
    Remember the good old days when you found out what the seeds were (maybe) five weeks later when Amateur Wrestling News arrived in the mailbox?
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    krippler reacted to Katie in Stevan Micic officially out due to injury and timing   
    According to Michigan’s website, Micic earned a bachelor’s degree in 2019, and is currently working on a master’s degree. 
    When you add in all the traveling and international experience he’s gotten, it sounds like a pretty epic seven-year ride. 
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    krippler reacted to Sheerstress in College wrestlers getting married   
    Some knew their spouse from childhood, and seemed to know that was the person for them.  That doesn't appear to have changed over the past few decades (e.g. Mark Churella, Lincoln McIlravy, Alex Marinelli), and doesn't appear to have had a negative impact on their college wrestling careers.

    Getting married in college in general has its pros and cons, but I would think that then having kids in college, especially when having as big a commitment as wrestling, would make things far more difficult and stressful.
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    krippler reacted to Fletcher in College wrestlers getting married   
    Team Bar Lizards here
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    krippler reacted to Drake_Mallard in Barraclough, Terrell ...PSU...So impressed   
    What I said is more fact than opinion. Teske just wasnt having success under Cael and immediately turned it around when he left. 
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    krippler reacted to ionel in Tom Brands tests positive   
    If you've been in the wrestling room every single day without a mask and you have been going thru testing every week, is it really going to matter if masking or not during the 1.5hr dual while around the same guys you've been in the room with every day?
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    krippler reacted to ionel in Tom Brands tests positive   
    Let's hope not, last year was pretty bad at the end.  :(
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    krippler reacted to Gantry in Ferrari Predictions   
    Dirty moves, trash talk, toxic social media behavior, after that UNI match he was jawing so much after the match and the other wrestler was trying to leave the mat that John Smith had to come out and pull him off the mat.  Not being snarky here but I'm legit wondering what your threshold is before you consider him a jerk? 
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    krippler reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Separated at birth?   
    Kaleb Young looks a bit like a chocolatier we all know...

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    krippler reacted to Tofurky in Separated at birth?   
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    krippler reacted to BadgerMon in Separated at birth?   
    Erland would sing the National Anthem before tournaments started. 
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    krippler reacted to MNRodent in Separated at birth?   
    Sergio Romo and Mike Zadick.
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    krippler reacted to MNRodent in Separated at birth?   
    Not exactly current....
    Mike Evans and Daniel Day-Lewis
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    krippler reacted to GockeS in Separated at birth?   
    i just started watching Game of Thrones 
    i swear i have seen a pic of terry with hair like lannister(tyrion)
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    krippler reacted to fullnelson in Vermont is the first state to cancel the season!   
    Young people, in particular, student athletes, are paying the price for a virus that would affect fewer of them than the flu, yet the fear mandate has duped a lot of people. More than twice as many flu deaths have been attributed to persons under the age of 20, as have Covid cases. Blame it on the fear mongers. IMHO
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    krippler reacted to Mphillips in So Burroughs Missed weight vs martinez?   
    Folks spend their days looking to be, "outraged."
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    krippler reacted to grappler6 in Willie Trials   
    The trial Flo vs Willie/Rokfin is going on this week. Stalemates did a breakdown of the first couple days so far. starts back up 10am central tomorrow.
    Day 1&2 recap

    Day 3 recap

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    krippler reacted to leshismore in Did Nomad Really Get Fired?   
    I miss Marty sometimes.
    Sort of like a demolition derby.
    Entertaining at times... but you really are never going to take it as serious.
    And FRL was the best when Willie was on, in a sort of ticked off mood... and Nomad would disagree for no reason. Those were the days my friend. There was the right amount of tension and a lot of great wrestling talk.
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    krippler reacted to AnklePicker in Flo's "Metcalf"   
    Disagree, at the end of his career Metcalf got a bit dickier and dickier. Pushing guys out of bounds, pushing their heads down. That was partially why it was so awesome when Caldwell humbled him in the finals that year.  
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    krippler reacted to lu1979 in Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 1980s   
    They are ranking strictly on a point system based on placement @ NCAAs - this leaves John Smith at 44 points based on his 2/1/1 finishes.  My problem with how they do this is that they don't consider some guys whole career if that career spans different decades.  I think that is kind of ridiculous.  Daryl Burley finished 1/2/2/1 from 1979 to 1983 which would be 56 points and put him at # 2 on this list.  But due to fact that his 1st title was in 1979 they completely ignore it.  Therefore anyone whose careers span various decades are effectively eliminated from being on these lists.   
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    krippler reacted to Eagle26 in BTS...   
    Colon and Gross was a pretty exciting match!
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    krippler reacted to Wrestlingfan69 in Minneapolis things to do?   
    The only entertainment in Minnesota is the local IKEA store.....
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    krippler reacted to MedicineMan in A new era at Iowa?   
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    krippler reacted to Lipdrag in Big 10 Finals Thread.   
    Is anyone else getting sick of the referees talking so much?  I want them to shut up and just ref.  I don't think anything is added to the wrestlers or the bout by hearing "keep working", "center, guys", "work with that", etc. etc.  High school referees can do it without the chatter.  Are they mic'ed up or is this just bleed through to the open microphones of the announcers?
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    krippler got a reaction from jackwebster in B1G Semifinal thoughts   
    You guys sound like a bunch of high school parents yelling at a tournament. "Make him wrestle", "What's the guy on top doing?". Sure the opponent is stalling but you have to rely on the ref to call that. You don't really win too many matches on stalling points. If your offense is prolific enough, the stalling of the opponent should be pretty noticeable. Will the ref call it? Not really best to wait until the last 30 seconds of the match to start up your offense
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